Norway Socialist Left’s moral tradeoff for bombing Libya: Use armed force against Israel

This is cross posted by Prof. M. McGonagall at the blog: Norway, Israel, and the Jews

The SV [Norway Socialist Left Party] annual convention goes to vote. The deranged junior partner in the current government coalition will among other proposals vote on a motion to use armed force against Israel should it attack Gaza.

The motion is the blood money required to pay off SV card-carrying members who find it hard to accept that they have taken the nation to war, again.

Last time it did so was back in 1999, when the party backed the NATO bombing of Serbia. As a result, we got ourselves involved in a war crimes probe because of  high number of civilian casualties and bombing illegal targets.

Therefore, the only way it can be palatable to bomb Libya for these morally deranged people is if Israel can be bombed too.

Here is the less than lucid reasoning behind the motion:

– The credibility of the world community in its confrontation with the Gadafi regime is undermined when there is no reaction against other states in the region who commit injustices against civil population. The greater world community must therefore also react against Israeli air attacks on the Gaza strip.

Wow, a declaration of war from the governments very junior partner!

And not to mention that thus Israel has become the only country in the world who will be denied the right to defend itself in the face of constant terrorism, rocket attacks against its own population. With a stroke of the pen, the entire body of  international Law must be changed to accommodate for this perverse view, and taken to its logical conclusion, Norway would be unable to defend itself from attacks. Or maybe, we ought to bomb ourselves for bombing the Libyans?

But at least now we don’t have to deal with the lies and hypocrisy of this lunatic fringe group, at least they have come clean and admit that they hate the guts of every living Jew to the extent that they would gladly help to blow the country to pieces.

Roll over Ahmadinejad, even your antics look comical in comparison.

I wonder if this kind of extreme agitation and war mongering is even legal?

Please somebody, come and help us, we are in the hands of very evil people.

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  1. Isnt it about time that all Jewish and Israeli companies and institutions started to boycott Norway. This extremely unimportant nobody of a country has the gall to pick on Israel at every possible opportunity. I´m sure it would hurt them more than Israel if nobody bought their products. Just a bunch of jumped up nazis hiding in scandinavia far enough away from any trouble. Makes my blood boil.

  2. Remember everyone, it’s THE LEFT, PROGRESSIVE people who support ISLAMOFASCISM.

    When has there ever been an “ANTI-WAR” march to denounce al qada, hamass, hezbullah, the islamofascist regime of iran???

    Would it be COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY to do so Ms. Insanity??????????????

  3. A dangerous situation is brewing in Norway – see Alan Dershowitz’s piece in the WSJ today. Remember this is from the country that brokered the Oslo accords. Others may well go down this route.

  4. I believe Norway still isn’t a member of the EU. Perhaps there are some slightly saner people there.

  5. Predictable.

    Soros, Samantha Powers and R2P.

    Israel remains the main target of the Arab Spring’s bouleversement.

  6. Some background info about anti-semitism in Norway

    Norwegian politician: Shoah never happened

    Norwegian anti-Semitism does not come from the grassroots but from the leadership – politicians, organization leaders, church leaders, and senior journalists. It does not come from Muslims but from the European-Christian society.

    On 7 January 2004, the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen printed an editorial cartoon that depicted a stereotypical religious Jew rewriting the ten commandments to include “thou shalt murder, kill, liquidate, execute”

    On November 27, 2008 the satirical comedian Otto Jespersen said during a comedy routine on national television that
    “I would like to take the opportunity to remember all the billions of fleas and lice that lost their lives in German gas chambers, without having done anything wrong other than settling on persons of Jewish background.”

    A Norwegian Jew who himself lost 50 family members during the Holocaust has filed a complaint against Jespersen. A number of fellow comedians and his TV station have backed the controversial performer. Jespersen also presented a satirical monologue on anti-Semitism that ended with, “Finally, I would like to wish all Norwegian Jews a Merry Christmas – no, what am I saying! You don’t celebrate Christmas, do you!? It was you who crucified Jesus”, on December 4.

    One of their most popular and worl-renowned writer Jostein Gaardner:

    In August 2006, author Jostein Gaarder created a controversy in Norway after publishing an op-ed “God’s chosen people” in the Aftenposten, one of the country’s major newspapers, in which he compared Israel to Taliban regime in Afghanistan, and declared that Israel has lost its right to exist.

  7. Well, since it is RATHER unlikely that the US, France or Britain will bomb Israel, I would love to see the Norwegians go up against the IAF (assuming they can get planes within striking distance of Israel).

    I think since 1973 the IAF has had no really good chance to show what it can do.

    Bring it on, Norway!!

    A little background.

    Most Norwegians did not support the Nazis, but the name “Quisling” has become a by-word for treachery and collaboration. Its a shame to see this group reviving that legacy under the guise of a moral necessity.


    Of the Norwegians who supported the Nasjonal Samling party, relatively few were active collaborators. Most notorious among these was Henry Oliver Rinnan, the leader of the Sonderabteilung Lola (locally known as Rinnanbanden or “the Rinnan group”), a group of informants who infiltrated the Norwegian resistance, hence managing to capture and murder many of its members.

    Furthermore, about 15,000 Norwegians volunteered for combat duty on the Nazi side; of the 6,000 sent into action as part of the Germanic SS, most were sent to the Eastern front.

    At the beginning of the [Nazi] occupation, there were at least 2,173 Jews in Norway. At least 775 of these were arrested, detained, and/or deported. 742 were murdered in concentration camps, 23 died as a result of extrajudicial execution, murder, and suicide during the war; bringing the total of Jewish Norwegian dead to at least 765, comprising 230 complete households. In addition to the few who survived concentration camps, some also survived by fleeing the country, mostly to Sweden, but some also to the United Kingdom.

  8. Marxists, adherents of a world-encompassing imperialist ideology with more than 100,000,000 deaths to its name, condemn Israel. No better a sign could a Zionist ask for that his is the right side.

    Let us not be preached at by a political party that has turned a once safe and prosperous country to a Lebanon-on-the-fjords.

  9. Ariadne – apols for delay in response. Dershowitz’s piece is entitled: Norway to Jews: You’re Not Welcome Here.
    he talks of the biased approach to speakers by the faculties of Norwegian Universities who regularly invite pro-Palestinian speakers (such as Walt) but bar pro-Israel speakers. Nevertheless he spoke to student groups. This led him to the realisation that the boycotts that these universities are trying to enact actually relate to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land since 1948 – ie that they are in effect calling for the destruction of Israel.
    He also mentions a certain professor at Trondheim who talks about the Jews’ tribal mentality, which is self-satisfied / centred etc.
    All-in-all a damning indictment.