British, Muslim, and pro-Israel!

H/T Melanie Phillips

We recently posted on the creation of an important new organization in the UK, British Muslims for Israel (BMI) – a project of Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy- and its courageous director, Hasan Afzal.

As Phillips astutely noted:

“[BMI] was set up  to counter the dangerous notion which is gaining ground that Israel should cease to exist at all; that Muslims get a better deal if they live in Israel rather than  Saudi Arabia; and even that he [Afzal] would happily volunteer to be involved in Israeli hasbara – or public relations — in the face of the ‘sophisticated internet campaign to delegitimise Israel’.

If they go on in this vein, not only will these Muslims show they are very much more enlightened, decent and rational than so many others in the British intelligentsia – they will be doing rather better at hasbara and show rather more courage in openly saying what so desperately needs to be said than the Jewish community itself.

Here is Afzal’s recent interview on Israeli television (Channel 10).

(Though it begins in Hebrew for the first 30 seconds, the interview is in English)

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  1. It’s great. Let’s hope all the British Sufis join him.

    They have a wonderful model in Sheikh Palazzi.

  2. I think most muslims do not question the right of Israel to exist. Although that is what the people like Melanie Philips would like us all to think. The reality is that most muslims (and others for that matter) would like to see a just resolution to oppression and occupation lasting over 40 years.

  3. “mostly harmless”

    Most Muslims, as far as the British ones are concerned, have been brainwashed by the bought PR of Muslims in the Balkans and the huge propaganda success of the Arab fantasia.

    Not to mention the screaming antisemitic “clerics” so well presented by MEMRI.

    Sad to see the West become a Society of Lost Knowledge.

  4. MH,

    “The reality is that most muslims (and others for that matter) would like to see a just resolution to oppression and occupation lasting over 40 years.”

    I see eye to eye with you on that one.
    I would also guess that Melanie Philips agrees with you.

    The problem is how do one define justice.
    The Israelis have their court rooms which many Arabs who live in Israel or Palestinians refuse to acknowledge.
    where does that place them?
    Are they wrong or are they right?
    do the arab leaders’ stubbern refusal to accept Israel for over 61 years is right or wrong?
    Does the Israeli fear of losing the land they dreamt of for 2 melania right or wrong?

  5. I think the interviewer was correct in asking Mr. Afzal about his personal safety. I also applaud Mr. Afzal in presenting a calm, optimistic and confident demeanor. However, I suspect that privately he has to be very concerned for his well-being.

  6. As someone who has seriously studied the Islamic religion and been totally appalled by what I have learned, Hasan Afzal and the British Muslims for Israel are like a breath of clean fresh air. Well done, Hasan and friends. However, I would be most interested to learn what their views are concerning the Quran’s call for Islam’s world domination, the killing or submission of Infidels, the beating of wives and the raping of slave women and the wives and daughters of the men they killed and captured in battle. What are their views concerning the violent life of Muhammad and his marrying the six iear old Aisha, sharia Law, apostasy, homosexuals, gender equality, The Organisation of the Islamic Conference etc, etc, etc.