CiF post by Shimon Peres elicits enormous volume of vicious anti-Israel hatred by Guardian readers

A good barometer of the degree to which Guardian readers’ hatred for Israel is, characteristic of most bigotries, immutable, and not tied to specific Israeli policies nor tied to the behavior of particular Israeli politicians is the reaction to the CiF commentary by the Israeli leader perhaps most associated with the desire for peace and reconciliation, President Shimon Peres.

In a commentary titled “We in Israel welcome the Arab spring“, Peres’s plea that the Arab world turn their back on decades of tyranny and turn instead to a more tolerant, liberal, and democratic culture, was met with a staggering amount hostility and hatred by Guardian readers.

The military use of white phosphorous, as a smoke screen, is legal and has been used by NATO forces during recent campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet the word is part of the arsenal of anti-Israel agitprop with the implicit suggestion that Israel’s use of the weapon was illegal. Note how causally the commenter employs the term to impute malice – as if its use in Israel’s war against Hamas during Cast Lead was the reason why there’s a “psychological divide” between Israelis and Palestinians. (361 Recommends)

The ideological arsenal of the anti-Israel Guardian Left often includes the absurd argument that Israel’s economic prowess is merely the result of U.S. Aid, ignoring that the aid is a tiny percentage of Israel’s overall budget (Egypt receives far more aid as a percentage of GNP) and that all such military aid Israel receives from the U.S. must be used to purchase weaponry from U.S. defense contractors – an amount that actually represents a tiny fraction of Israel’s overall budget.  (261 Recommends)

Israel has been guilty of not compromising (presumably with the Arab world) since its very founding. (189 Recommends)

Israel’s very founding was a “land grab”. (283 Recommends)

Israel murders Palestinian children (242 Recommends)

Israel is an illegitimate “colonial outpost”. (208 Recommends)

Female IDF soldiers point there automatic weapons in the fact of Palestinian children just for fun. (323 Recommends)

Israeli is an oppressive, apartheid state, and agent of the U.S. (277 Recommends)

Israel “ethnically cleans” Arabs. Israel should no longer exist. (119 Recommends)

Israel’s economic success is merely driven by weapons of destruction.

Israel is an apartheid state.

Israel should return to “1947” borders, and allow “right of return” (euphemism for the end of Israel).

Israel is a state based on ethnic cleansing, and is not a democracy. (47 Recommends)

Israel has no right to exist, and is merely an apartheid Kafkaesque regime. (68 Recommends)

Israel has no moral right to exist. (66 Recommends)

Suicide bombing against citizens of the oppressive Israeli state is justified.

Israel is not a democracy and has no right to exist. (29 Recommends)

Israel has bombed orphanages. (54 Recommends)

Israel has attempted to bomb Palestinians back to the “stone age”. Settler are fascists. (34 Recommends)

Shimon Peres has committed “crimes against humanity”. Israel moral legitimacy is tainted by the blood of Arab children. (30 Recommends)

Israel is an apartheid, racist state, which ethnically cleansed Palestinians. (45 Recommends)

Israel kills innocent Palestinian children. (36 Recommends)

Israelis (including Peres) are fascists. (20 Recommends)

Israel’s creation was an act of terrorism and ethnic cleansing. (51 Recommends)

Quotes Illan Pappe in claiming that Israel ethnically cleansed 250,000 Palestinians while the British were still there, before the the 1948 war. (71 Recommends)

Israel is doomed for destruction due to their colonial project. (36 Recommends)

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  1. It’s projection. These are the faults of the British army in Afghanistan and Iraq. But never will the guardian host an article portraying their own military in such fashion. The rapes, (yes gang rapes), massacres, actually killing children.

    The IDF is the most “moral army” claim is absolutely true when stacked up against its critics. The British have always been the most Jew-hating country in Europe and it will never change. They expelled their Jews 4 centuries before Spain.

    Fuck Britain. They are the true apartheid state. They actively bomb nations thousands of miles away. They created the Palestinians and left Israel to do with the mess.

    Fuck Britain Fuck Britain Fuck Britain.

  2. The lies presented as fact by CiFascists are another nail in the coffin of Der Guardian.

    CiFascists seem to forget who bombed London buses and the underground on 7/7/05

    or who murdered policewoman Yvonne Ridley

    or who bombed Pan Am 103

    or who tried to set off a bomb hidden in his sneakers while on an in-flight plane, not long after the 9/11 sneak attack

    or who threatens the UK with massacres

    or who proudly side with islamofascists who have hijacked Lebanon – gorgeous georgie gallowsway

    Der Guardian is a modern day fascist rag which draws other fascists to it like flies to shit.

  3. I think they didn´t forget those events, but are so afraid of islamic terror that they think proving themselves staunch antisemites, they´ll be spared. It is called pre-emptive dhimmitude. Of course, it also let them vent their truly anti-semitism disguised as anti-Israelism.

    Cowards to the bone, that´s what they are.

  4. SerJew and others. I wonder who are the pro-Islamofascist commenters at Der Guardian.

    Are they:
    1) Native Brits of a fascist national socialist, bnp orientation
    2) Native Brits of a socialist socialist orientation
    3) “Asians” of an islamofascist al qada, hezbullah, fifth columnist, 7/7/05 attack orientation
    4) Devout jackasses of indeterminate heritage

    No matter, Israel can be judged by its enemies, can be proud of those who hate it.

    Sadly for islamofascist, and Socialist filth, the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2 or of Khybar.

  5. Maybe a combination of the four options, but I´d bet basically on 2 and 3. They are the end product of LSE-type pseudo-academic indoctrination, a weird mix of fear, arrogance, hypermoral masturbation, unbridled narcissism,
    lazy ignorance, hyprocrisy, intellectual shallowness and dishonesty, traits very clearly displayed by that Sanitary.

  6. Actually, peterthehungarian (and others who disapprove of Peres having written a piece at the Guardian) I think he was right in doing it. The best weapon that Jews have ever had is living. Living passionately, living assertively. Peres is saying to the Guardian and to all other organs of hatred, of denial, “Here I am, here we are, here we will be. There is nothing about you and your kind that will deter us from our destiny.”

  7. Terry

    In general I agree with you but writing in the Guardian or allowing it to publish anything from Peres gives legitimacy to the hatemongering Guardian whose agenda is to incite openly against Israel’s existence.
    And reading the article I couldn’t find any assertiveness.

  8. J. Ruskin:
    “Female IDF soldiers point there automatic weapons in the fact of Palestinian children just for fun. (323 Recommends)”

    Didn’t Ruskin (aka Moeran) once accuse the IDF of sexually abusing Palestinian children ? This sounds like another one of his many libelous accusations.

    However on this issue Ruskin actually makes a valid point. I recall meeting prior to the first Intifada an Israeli-born American who came back to Israel to volunteer for the IDF. He decided to return to the USA after his unit was stationed for several weeks in the Hebron area. According to him it was the “sport” of most of the young soldiers there to humiliate the local Arabs, particularly fathers in front of their children. He was a very a-political person who was so shocked by what he saw that it quickly convinced him to terminate what he had planned for many years.

    This is not surprising because any random encounter with Israeli teenagers will reveal a certain percentage whose attitudes towards Arabs in general leave no doubt that they will continue this tradition.

    This behaviour exists because the soldiers know that they will never be disciplined in the event that the Palestinians dare to complain, the same way that the laws are not enforced where settlers are involved (according to govt reports).

  9. Peres walked into an ambush that was set up for him by the Guardian,he walked Blindly right into it.

    The Guardian knew that their goons would smell blood as soon as Peres was set up.

    What is the Israeli government going to do about this,the Israeli President has been insulted,defamed,and treated in a shameful and disgusting manner.

    Will the Israeli government ignore this or do something.

    Time to pull the finger out.

  10. THANKS MindOfCrap!!!

    BIG Thumbs Up to the IDF!

    Now if those leftist a-holes were in Afghanistan they would have been beheaded for being Infidels by your pals MindOfCrap because the world knows how ‘multicultural’ and “progressive” islamofascists are.

  11. The shitty treatment that Peres got at the hands of the Guardian is worth at lest ten Fatwas.

  12. Gadzooks! That’s some loooong list!

    Was it a Saturday night this article was on? Could explain the large volume of frustrated numbskulls of various Middle-Eastren (and English) descent sitting at home with nothing better to do then spew their ineptitude towards the most convenient target by banging their heads on the keyboard.

    Instead these brave men can be of service for Queen and country in Afghanistan! Live targets needed for cannon calibaration. Sign here here and here. Godspeed, good ridance.

  13. What I like about Avigdor Leiberman is that the guy calls a spade a spade,not a digging implement.

  14. There is an interesting statement in the Peres article:
    That is why successive Israeli governments have given their full support to the efforts of Palestinians in the West Bank to build their own economy, their own institutions, and their own security forces.
    This may be true after Oslo, but prior to Oslo successive Israeli govts did everything to stifle the economic development of the WB and Gaza,leaving the Palestinians no alternative but to seek employment within the Green Line. Peres conveniently forgets that in this period of 26 years (1967-93) he was a minister or PM for about 18 yrs.

  15. “the difficulty is something that not sufficient people are talking intelligently about. ”

    I am not a citizen of racist Britain thank god. yes there are many brits who don’t subscribe to the arab-bought propaganda backed by petrodollars that have flooded so-called “prestigious universities” which church out the majority of your young intellectuals and professors. they act as bullies, no sock puppets forever pays the most.

    in europe, the continent has been corrupted by oil. this is why they invade libya, not under humanitarian groups, but because they want a government that sends them oil appropriately. europe never intervened in any other genocide in africa, why is this? no oil.

    look at how the 50 muslim states are portrayed in the media. shown as infants, passive victims to israel’s independence.

    israel is still held hostage over wars fought 6 decades. the hypocrisy is obscene, britain has made millions homeless in many wars, including the war in iraq and afghanistan. these real refugees receive pennies compared to the palestinians, but their plight is mostly ignored except when it can be blamed on israel.

    after all, if britain were to look in the mirror, they wouldn’t be able to attack israel for they would be condemned as hypcroties every time.

    if human rights are universal, and britain is held to the same standards as israel (not the case ever), then britain – not israel – should be denied the right to exist.

    any brit who disputes this is fooling themselves. britain is an apartheid state. it supports apartheid states. it talks about supporting israel’s security whilst arming apartheid arab states.

    fuck britain i say. fuck the whole country.

  16. Abban Aziz

    “fuck britain i say. fuck the whole country.”

    Not everyone in Britain are Guardianians. The great silent majority are far from. Most don’t care. Its a small vocal minority that does all the noise, as in Israel. The Guardian though are feeding the monster, making it bigger.

  17. MindOfCrap, As you can see from the excerpted CiF comments in the post, CiF is indeed a hatefest and CiFWatch does indeed document the hate in Der Guardians CiFascist.

  18. MindOfCrap, Another one of your talking points collapses.

    Head of U.N. Panel Regrets Saying Israel Intentionally Killed Gazans

    Published: April 2, 2011
    JERUSALEM — The leader of a United Nations panel that investigated Israel’s invasion of Gaza two years ago has retracted the central and most explosive assertion of its report — that Israel intentionally killed Palestinian civilians there.”

    Happy NAKBA MindOfCrap!

  19. You are all.. *we* are all wasting our time with words. The notion that hatred can be fought with words is a myth. The notion that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ is wishful thinking. I have always known that the time would come when we would have to take up arms against enemies of Israel. Sadly, that time is upon us.

  20. Right on, Yitchak – lead the charge ! That’s the Zionist way – shoot first and talk later. I’m sure that you will be safely out of the way when you send others to do your dirsty work.

  21. “MindTheCrap”

    You have an identical twin:

    — exactly the same anti-Zionist agenda

    — exactly the same love for Haaretz

    — exactly the same writing style (even your formatting is in many cases identical)

    — exactly the same obsessional behaviour

    Joe Millis

  22. Joshua:

    What ? the Jewish traitors have even infiltrated the JC ? Is nothing immune from the tentacles of the anti-Zionist conspiracy.

  23. Hi MTC

    Your pro-Israeli pals of J-street in action

    The George Soros-funded “pro-Israel” group inexplicably mobilized its machinery to oppose a bipartisan letter that merely called on President Obama to pressure the Palestinian Authority to end its longstanding practice of inciting its people to commit terrorism against the Jewish state.

  24. “Is nothing immune from the tentacles of the anti-Zionist conspiracy.”

    Not while there are Jewish kapos roaming around in Israel and elsewhere. It is lucky for us that they are but a tiny lunatic fringe within the Jewish nation.

    And yes, of course it is the same person. The Mussolini look suits you perfectly.

    “Ever hear of irony, satire, humour ?”

    They should only be attempted once you have successfully completed your formal education.

  25. BlinderThanC**p,

    “…but prior to Oslo successive Israeli govts did everything to stifle the economic development of the WB and Gaza…”

    As the indigenous people of Palestine, we Jews do not owe the Arab settlers in our midst anything but their relocation.

  26. MTC:

    “…Right on, Yitchak – lead the charge ! That’s the Zionist way – shoot first and talk later…”

    Comeon buddy.
    The Zionist way was to escape and avoid confuntation.
    We escaped the places we were not welcome anymore for no fault of our own.
    We could have battled it out but we chose to move.
    Alas, we can move no further.

    This land is where we came to die in generations after generations.
    through out the centuries the ones who could came to live in it and perish on its soil.

    The main question one must ask is can we accomodate them and can they accomodate us.

    One of these answers is a definit no.
    Which one?

  27. VictorKahn’s response to me challenging his designation of Peres as a “fascist” was this:

    If you’re tense, why dont you go and shoot a palestinian?


    For good measure they later referred to:

    the Zionist supreme court which believes it supercedes the courts of the gentiles

    I do wonder what warped universe these people inhabit.