BBC Staff Hearts The Guardian

In “Michael Buerk attacks politically correct BBC“, in today’s Telegraph, about the institutional political bias at the BBC, there was this opening passage:

The veteran journalist accused BBC staff of making the left-wing Guardian newspaper their “bible” and political correctness “their creed”.

Of course, referring to the Guardian as merely “left-wing” is a comical understatement, but we’re always glad when the Guardian is used in the pejorative to correctly impugn the integrity of journalists who are under its corrosive ideological influence.

(See a somewhat “cheeky” take on the BBC-Guardian liaison, here.)


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  1. “Somewhat cheeky take on the BBC-Guardian Liaison”

    Absolutely Brilliant,use it as a masthead for CiFwatch,make car tickers of it and hand them out.

  2. I read recently that the BBC was the broadcasting arm of the Guardian. Although meant humorously, I think its entirely accurate. In fact, given the Guardian’s terrible financial condition, I wouldn’t be surprised if the BBC didn’t buy it out and add it to its list of printed publications, like Top Gear Magazine.

    At least with Top Gear, they don’t pretend to be unbiased.

  3. Absolutely appalling.

    No other word can really describe this manipulation of the UK population by extreme, irrational and delusional left ideology.

    I cannot see how the Cameron government ignores this.

    Just appalling.

  4. The Guardian, the BBC, the Charity Commission, Ch4, FCO, DfID, MOD, the Royal Family:

    The hideous octopus of para-commonsensical, delusional left-wing ideology – they should all be closed down.

  5. The proposal of mine for the Jewish State to force the media’s hand in ceasing and desisting from their anti-Israel bias and giving air time to our narrative could be met with the charge, “That would be a corruption of the media, an absolute impediment to their ability to report the news!”

    This item here shows more than any other what the answer to that would be: “But my dear sir, the media is already corrupt, and they prefer anti-Israel bias to straight reporting, of their own free will.” As the media outlets are already corrupt, willfully biased against Israel and moreover in collusion with one another, I say they’re fair game. Let the front-page Goldstonian recants begin!