Breaking: Rocket fired from Gaza strikes bus in Sdot Negev Region, 2 injured

According to the Jerusalem Post:

An anti-tank missile [or mortar] fired from the Gaza Strip landed near a bus in the Sdot Negev Regional council on Thursday, injuring two people.  The bus driver was critically injured, and one passenger was moderately injured. They were the only people on the bus.

Ynet is reporting that one of those injured was a 16-year-old boy, whose situation was described as critical. I’ll try to update the story as more information becomes available.

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  1. Shame on them!

    No doubt Mr William Hague would claim that these are not acts of terrorism.
    Moral bankruptcy is the UK government’s strong suit.

  2. The UK government has been morally bankrupt for a long long time. I have been away from the UK for 23 years but I saw it coming then. But of course you are not allowed to open your mouth for fear of being arrested just for saying the truth. It used to be that the UK and US governments said they will not talk or deal with terrorists. Now the terrorists are telling them what to say and do.

  3. It is just a matter of luck that the bus was returning from taking the children home to the kibbutz from school. A short while earlier and the injuries would have been so much greater.

  4. Latest news is that it was definitely an anti-tank missile, of the type we know Hamas recently smuggled into the Gaza trip.
    The 16 year-old boy has very serious shrapnel wounds to his head. The driver was hurt in the leg.
    Since the attack on the bus, mortars are being fired at the kibbutzim in the area.
    The IDF is responding.

  5. The condemnations by the bigots on the Guardian cif blogs are deafening in their absence.

  6. Arabella, there will only condemnations by the racists of Der Guardian CensorshipIsFree blogs when Israel retaliates.