CiF contributors Ben White & Azzam Tamimi share stage at SOAS: Tamimi defends suicide bombing, calls for annihilation of Israel

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Ben White shared the stage, at a (University of London) School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) event, with Islamist Palestinian Academic and fellow CiF contributor Azzam Tamimi on April 5.

According to The JC, Tamimi said the following at the event:

“You shouldn’t be afraid of being labelled extreme, radical or terrorist. If fighting for your home land is terrorism, I take pride in being a terrorist. The Koran tells me if I die for my homeland, I’m a martyr and I long to be a martyr.”

“Israel does not belong to my homeland and must come to an end. This can happen peacefully if they acknowledge what they did — or we will continue to struggle until Israel is no more.”

Ben White, author of the book, “Israeli Apartheid: A Beginners Guide”, who once wrote that he “understands” why people would be anti-Semitic given Israel’s behavior, followed Tamimi’s talk and implored students to boycott Israel.

Yes, this is what the movement to boycott Israel truly represents; Not peace and reconciliation between Israel and Palestinians, but an insidious and seemingly insatiable desire to demonize and delegitimize the Jewish state – and even, not infrequently, the refusal to accept the right of Jews to live in their national homeland within any borders.

Those who wed their political orientation with this movement should at the very least drop the pretense that they’re expressing a liberal or progressive sensibility.

The BDS movement, at its core, represents a hateful and reactionary brand of politics, and participants in this odious venture need to be named and shamed accordingly.

Here is Azzam Tamimi, often characterized by the UK media as a moderate Muslim, at another event supporting terrorism and calling for the eradication of Israel.

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  1. If he is so desperate to be a martyr what is he still doing in the UK. I for one would love to help this piece of s..t get his martyrdom, would be a great pleasure. But of course if you are a cowardly piece of s..t who hides behind useful idiots then obviously nothing he says can be taken at face value. Which makes him a cowardly worthless piece of s..t.

  2. Did Ben White express public disagreement with Tamimi on his jihad against Israel?

    Was any one there who can report back?

  3. Notice the neteuri karta scumbags standing with the islamofascist swine.

    Why isn’t the racist tamimi terrorist pig charged with hate speech?

    Oh. It’s because it’s OK to hate Israel and Jews but NOT OK to hate paleswine, islamofascist regime of iran and islamofascists in the “enlightened” UK.

  4. Why is SOAS still open and allowed to operate?

    Surely it is time to shut down this cesspit?