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  1. As far as they’re concerned, all Israelis are ‘settlers’: something which the bien pensant Shabis, Freedmans and Guarneris have yet to comprehend.
    Maybe when the rockets reach Shenkin, the penny will drop.

  2. When I tell Israeli Jewish concessionists that their distinction between “clean, legit” pre-1967 Israel and “wrongful, illegal” post-1967 Israel has no leg to stand on, I know whereof I speak.

  3. Hamas are terrorists and cowardly ones at that on two counts:

    Firstly, if I were Isadin Al Qassam I’d be ashamed of using a heavy war armament to beat a bus full of Israeli schoolchildren. This must be a new record in disproportion.

    The second count of cowardice is the calling for a cease-fire as soon as they saw that their tactic hadn’t worked: the bus-load of children had already been dropped at the time of the attack and no future soldiers were killed while they’re still small and in addition Hamas is being royally and deservedly pounded into the ground.

  4. It is certainly a war crime to deliberately target a school bus – even a regular civilian bus would be a war crime. I don’t know whether I should be surprised or not that Hamas are trumpeting their war crime for all the world to see.

    /Nah, not surprised.

  5. I expect they’ll be handing out sweets in Gaza again to celebrate yet another attack by brave Palestinians on defenceless children.

    The difference between yoghurt and Palestinian society is that left to itself the former develops a culture, while the latter festers and rots away.

  6. Evil, disgusting, malevolent and diabolical, but even worse why is the west not exposing Hamas for the murderers they are and calling them to account? Oil, oil and more oil so the Muslim brotherhood gains more ground whilst craven western leaders play Chamberlain, appeasing murderers who are not peace partners. Evil criminals who are unfit to govern and frankly the western leaders are no better because they empower evil men.

  7. Wow its shocking the propaganda that comes in support of illegal Israhels Nazi camp jail (biggest on earth)

    How many Jews died over the years? 13 up to 21

    What about Palestinians women, children etc.? 8000+

    Kids killed in schools and hospitals, even the women & kids seeking protection in the UN safe haven was bombed and killed in the Israhels illegal war on Palestine every year…

    All of Israhel needs to stand trial for war crimes…

  8. Dear salaam, Your hamasstan is the biggest mental hospital in the world, and you are a prime example of a mentally afflicted individual.

    Please tell us why islamofascists are at war with people all over the world?

    Who bombed Pan Am 103?
    Who bombed the two 1500 year old Buddahs of Bamiyan Afghanistan?
    Who perpetrated the Mumbai India massacre?
    Who hijacked the 1972 Olympics?
    Who hijacked 4 planes on 9/11/01?
    Why did iraq and the islamofascist regime of iran have an 8 year war?
    Why did the islamofascist regime of iran use CHILDREN

  9. sholom

    “What about Palestinians women, children etc.? 8000+”

    Where the hell did you get that number? Seriously inflated. About the other “issues” you mention- you write like a true troll. Ignore.