More from Guardian’s letters page: hatred towards the Jewish state which turn facts on their head

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Not for the first time, the Guardian’s letters editor has allowed the publication of letters which, if they were written as a news item or editorial, would never have passed even the Groan’s rock-bottom standards.

Today’s letters page has yet another series about the Goldstone Report and Jonathan Freedland’s well-written comment feature about it.

As if to lull us into a false sense of security the first letter is a solid defense of Israel and highly condemnatory of the UN Human Rights Council.

The next letter writer, Abraham Hewitt of the virulently anti-Israel [and pro-Hamas] Middle East Monitor, makes the astonishing claim that the biased emphasis of the UN HRC on Israel is… wait for it… you know it’s coming… Israel’s fault!  I have to admit I burst out laughing when I read that. I thought he was being ironic. But no, Hewitt is being utterly serious when he writes:

Jonathan Freedland is right to highlight the disparity in the treatment of Israel and other states in the Middle East, not to say the rest of the world. What his article lacks, however, is an acknowledgment that this emphasis on Israel is due in no small part to western foreign policy which has kept the despots and dictators in place in “Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain”, while giving Israel free rein to oppress the Palestinians and colonise their land.

I am still scratching my head at the thought that the constant spotlight on Israel’s alleged human rights abuses somehow gives Israel free rein to oppress the Palestinians.  The derangement of the Israel-haters, to the extent that even anti-Israel sentiment can be blamed on Israel, fascinates me on an anthropological level.

The third letter is written by one Mark Elf, who modestly gives only his address as Dagenham. This person is an indefatigable anti-Zionist activist who is part of Jews sans Frontieres (I will not provide a link to those antisemites).   By not disclosing his organization he hides his true intentions and can present himself as an ordinary man-in-the-street.

His whole letter is one antisemitic screed – not merely anti-Zionist, which could be admitted as a legitimate political stance – but classically Jew-hating.  Some of the phrases he uses:

  • Israel’s oppression goes to the heart of its existence as a state
  • the ethnic cleansing of the native Arab population in order to secure and maintain a Jewish majority.
  • Israel owes its ethno-religious majority to a recent, current and ongoing campaign of displacement of the indigenous population
  • But Israel’s crimes are more recent and, therefore, its continued existence is predicated on its human rights.

The final letter on the page gave a first impression of being pro-Israel:

Western hypocrisy is the reason that so many people focus on the particular conduct of Israel.

But then it too took an anti-Israel turn:

When a single Chinese dissident disappears the US, Britain and others instantly respond …  When the Israeli government was killing 700 civilians in Gaza, the US, British and other western governments said nothing.

If one complains to the Guardian about their anti-Israel stance, they will hide behind a claim of balance because, after all, they did deign to publish one letter supportive of Israel.  And if one complains about antisemitism they will hide, as before, behind claims of “free speech”.

There is a saying in Hebrew: השנאה מקלקלת את השורה (ha’sina mekalkelet et hashura) which translates roughly as “Hatred bends seeing reality”.

Or “Hatred blinds”. That ought to be the Guardian’s motto

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  1. O, I love to hate the Guardian – oh yes, I do.

    O, I love to hate the soi-disant lefty liberals – oh yes, I do.

    Particularly when the sun is shining – oh oh oh let the hatred bloom.

    Yes – hatred for the Guardian and all its soggy, mung-bean chomping leftist readers is satisfying precisely because one gets the feeling that these people are bereft of moral vision.

  2. ‘ western foreign policy which has kept the despots and dictators in place in “Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain”’

    Most of these dictatorships came into existence precisely because the flawed but functioning liberal democracies the preceded them failed to destroy Israel.

    Their peoples chose dictatorship and eternal jihad against Israel over becoming normal democratic states.

  3. “When the Israeli government was killing 700 civilians in Gaza, the US, British and other western governments said nothing.’

    Oh, well – the Guardian made up for any imaginary lapses on the part of the Western governments, which, in fact, with the exception of the USA have done lettle else but constantly condemn Israel for doing far less than they have been doing in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya, of all places.

    I see that NATO managed to wipe out a platoon of “rebel” tanks yesterday that they were supposed to defend… well you cannot get rid of Gaddafi without making at least a few mistakes, I suppose. But imagine if Israel had done this …

  4. Hatred certainly blinds, but only in comparatively few cases is that blindness permanent and is it persisted with in the face of evidence which refutes the cause of it.

    I wish I could include in the DSM-IV TR (the “bible” of diagnostic criteria for mental illnesses) the anti-Israel Delusional Disorder exhibited by the Guardian, the loony Left

    Anti-Israel Delusional Disorder would be defined in the DSM-IV TR as follows:

    “Delusions are irrational beliefs, held with a high level of conviction, that are highly resistant to change even when the delusional person is exposed to forms of proof that contradict the belief. Non-bizarre delusions are considered to be plausible; that is, there is a possibility that what the person believes to be true could actually occur a small proportion of the time. Conversely, bizarre delusions focus on matters that would be impossible in reality…”

    Goldstone, peculiarly enough, wouldn’t be diagnosed as delusional, because he has his own particular agenda. No, the majority if not all of Israel-haters btl on CiF, as well as Mondoweiss, Ben Whte, Finkelstein, Tony Greenstein, Deborah Fink and others could be very easily diagnosed with it not least because of the persistence of their behaviour in relation to it.

  5. A quick “Mark Elf” Google search would/should have told the the Guardian staff that this is no ordinary and/or naive critic of Israel.

  6. I know this site is unique to CIF, but is there as much editorial comments concerning the Goldstone report in other European news sources?….for those muliple language speakers I am referring specifically to the non english or hebrew press

    On another note, there appears to be rumour beginning in the US to expect boots on the ground in Libya….that in fact some soldiers have already been deployed….

  7. This surprising cartoon is from The Age in Australia, they’re usually content with reprinting Guardian and NYT’s lies. Note at the bottom he directs readers to the Washington Post because the Age has barely referenced Goldstones back flip.

  8. Hewitt is also head of ‘Interpal’ – the ‘charity’ proscribed by the US because of its Hamas links and investigated three times so far by the Charity Commission of England and Wales.
    Interpal is part of the Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood run ‘Union of Good’ – an umbrella organisation of over 50 Hamas-enabling charities set up at the start of the second Intifada, which includes the Turkish IHH (of Mavi Marmara ‘peace activist’ fame) and which is also proscribed by the US and Israel.