Why real liberals love Israel, the video (Small country, big pride)

As a video follow-up to our post, Real Liberals Love Israel (an Elder of Ziyon production), we proudly present the following by “Size Doesn’t Matter.

In fact, Israel’s progressive stance on the rights of the LGBTQ community (which stands in stark contrast to the reactionary and often repressive policies, regarding sexual minorities, by regimes throughout the rest of the region) has made it one of the world’s top travel destinations, and every year Tel Aviv plays host to one of the world’s largest Pride Parade.


1992 — Knesset prohibits sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace
1993 — Knesset establishes sub-committee on Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual rights
1993 — IDF rescinds regulations discriminating against sexual minorities
1994 — Supreme court recognizes same-sex partner benefits in private sector
1997 — Same-sex partner benefits extended to public sector
1997 — Ban on TV discussion on homosexuality overturned
2000 – Recognition of same-sex partner as adoptive parent
2006 — Gay marriages abroad recognized in Israel

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  1. A former housemate of mine once described the epiphany he had when he realized that, as a bisexual anarchist, Israel was the one society in the middle east that would honor his freedom and dignity.