Words Matter: African-American Student Group blasts Students for Justice in Palestine on “Apartheid” lie

I attended college during the the height of the anti-Apartheid movement in the US during the mid to late 80s, and recall the raw emotion of African-American students involved in efforts combat the hideous racially based regime in South Africa.

And though the campus environment in the US during that time was also defined by an increasingly virulent hostility to Israel in the context of the First Intifada, I recall the solidarity between Black and Jewish groups over the issue of Apartheid and so, all these years later, am heartened to see the following passionate and unequivocal condemnation of Palestinian groups who engage in the morally unserious charge that Israel is an Apartheid state.

Here is the full-page ad, entitled “Words Matter”, which was placed in newspapers on April 7 by an African-American student group called Vanguard Leadership Group.

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  1. It’s really been a long time in coming. Why have African-Americans waited for so long to make such a statement? They really should have stated so, when all of this “Israeli-apartheid” stupid nonsense started.

    Well, better late than never. It’s also interesting that one of the signatories has an Arabic name.

  2. I see the adoption of emotion-laden “apartheid” by the unreconstructed left and supporters of Palestinian right to terrorist Jews as symptomatic of the growing trend to use language to obscure rather than to clarify.

    People tune into the emotion without bothering to think whether the term applies, and those who peddle this nonsense count on that.

    For myself, no matter how long it has taken for African-American students to wake up to the thoroughly disreputable tendency of Islamists and their fellow travellers to thieve the experiences of others in order to try to manipulate opinion in their favour (viz, the alleged “Holocaust” of Palestinians in Gaza, which must be the only incidence ever of a “holocaust” during which the birth rate has and is rising; and the execrable Bunglawala’s reference to Muslims of all people being Europe’s “new Jews”)
    I am glad that it has happened.

    There needs to be more of the same exposure of Islamist thievery.

  3. Apartheid in Israel? Absolutely not. But there are valid arguments to the affirmative as regards the situation in the West Bank.

  4. @ Mitnaged (and Michael)

    African-Americans are not some monolithic block.

    As for the other issue: of course it is preposterous – and offensive – for people to refer to a “Holocaust” of Palestinians.

  5. @ Mitnaged

    You don’t need links to show that the Israeli presence in the West Bank is clearly based on a two-class system. Are you denying that?

  6. Pretzelberg, again, I’d like you to provide PROOF of the “affirmative” you mention in connection with “apartheid” on the West Bank. You stated it as if it were a fact. It’s a reasonable request, reasonably put to ask you to back it up with references, links etc so that I and others can decide for ourselves.

  7. @ Mitnaged

    Israel has set up Jews-only settlements in the West Bank. Then there’s the roads and checkpoints serving them.

  8. pretzels, as opposed to Muslims only cities within The Right Kind of Muslim only countries.

  9. And answer my question please about “apartheid” settlements with disinterested and unbiased links too.

  10. Pretzelberg

    Israel has set up Jews-only settlements in the West Bank….

    Exactly like the Arab communities where Jews can not buy or build according to the Palestinian law.

    Then there’s the roads and checkpoints serving them.

    The checkpoints have nothing to do with the settlements. They exist to block the terrorists’ free entry to Israel. The settlers only roads have been built because before their existence Palestinians attacked the Israeli motorists on the commonly used highways. Some years ago all roads were used by the Palestinians too.

  11. Two people gave my 9:48 am post the thumbs down. Could they perhaps explain what was so offensive?

  12. “You don’t need links to show that the Israeli presence in the West Bank is clearly based on a two-class system. Are you denying that?”

    Please explain this “two-class” system. And what does this have to do with apartheid?? Sucks that the Palestinian Authority is a terrible government, tough titties man. Israel has always been first class and the Arab/Muslim states second, third, last, etc.

  13. pretzels, Please explain why every airport in the world needs CHECKPOINTS???

    Why do people and cargo need to be scanned with searches and X-Rays???

  14. Pretzelberg no thumbs from me but the west bank – otherwise known in some circles as Palestine – has a law stipulating the death penalty for the sale of land to Jews (not Israelis but Jews). Yes, there is a case for using the word Apartheid there but not the one that the Guardianistas intend.

  15. Pretzel

    The issue is that in S Africa there was a white government governing over a black majority whilst denying universal suffrage to the blacks based on their race.
    The WB (and Gaza) are self governed by the Palestinians. Yes there is an occupation force (in the WB) but the day to day governance of the lives of the locals are in the hands of Palestinian authorities. Hence the Apartheid analogy being a false one.
    The fact that there are checkpoints and that Jews pass through them with more ease in many cases are not the result of some racial discrimination but the very reality the Fogels just encountered recently.

    Is this a nice situation?

    No it is not.

    Are the Palestinians suffering harships as a result of the realities on the ground, absolutely.
    However Apartheid has a specific meaning. It is racial segregation and discrimination administered by a state.
    There is division between Jewish and Arab communities in the WB (from Gaza all Jews were deported) but no Apartheid.

  16. Pretz, from cornedbeefpiledhigh link:

    “Jerusalem’s mayor and city councilors are all Jewish. Almost all the city’s Arabs refuse to vote or run in municipal elections, saying that would be recognition of Israeli rule. But it deprives them of clout in competition for city spending.”

    This is one major reason for your inequality in the OT.

    The fact is that if you look at Gaza, which now should have equality, you see no such thing.

    Further west you look at the entire north African block of Arab countries and no equality is achieved.
    Christians are not equal in Gaza.
    Non Hamas members are not equal either and routinly tortured.

    The only surrounding state you might want to equate the West bnak to is Jordan.
    But even Jordan has its own corruption and problems which you do not have in the West Bank.

    What people choose to ignore (and I do not justify it) is that most actions by the soldiers in the West Bank to stand by settlers is their Jewish nature and their small number (both settlers and soldiers) in such a hostile area.

    When you are a soldier and you are thrown into policing hostile public you will be on the back foot time and time again.
    Just like the British and the US in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The biggest difference is that for our soldier in the West Bank, a wrong call could mean someone killing Israeli civilians in 20 minutes time.

    How do you untangle this web?

  17. Pretz: “Two people gave my 9:48 am post the thumbs down. Could they perhaps explain what was so offensive?”

    I didn’t.
    i thought it was a good point to start a discussion.
    I didn’t agree with it but thought it was a valid topic.

  18. TGIAI,

    Kudos on that airport security analogy.

    Like so many “voices of reason” on the Middle East conflict, or on the issue of the Islamic threat in general, Pretz seems to have a problem placing the blame correctly.

  19. I’ve never heard such an eloquent defense of Israel before. Those who co-authored this letter should be extremely proud. You all perfectly stated why THEY are the ones blockading any road to peace, and this letter brought me to tears. Thank you all so, so much.