Daniel Viflic, teenage boy injured in Hamas missile attack, dies

The 16-year-old boy who was critically injured by an anti-tank missile fired by Hamas has died.

Daniel Viflic – whose full Hebrew name was Raphael Daniel Ariel ben Tamar – had been in critical condition at Beersheba’s Soroka Hospital since the school bus he was riding in two weeks ago was hit. 

He died of his injuries, which included severe shrapnel wounds to his brain, on Sunday evening.

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  1. I would like to add a note of deepest symapthy and sincerest condolences from myself and my husband, Brian Fink in Karmiel. Our thoughts are with Daniel’s parents and the remainder of their family and friends at this awful time.

  2. No words can ever heal the family. May HaShem bless the family, may they live a long life to tell others.

  3. We wish the family of this innocent boy, long life. It seems that those across the border in Gaza, now prefer to make war on children.

  4. Hoi Polloi

    “Is the Guardian rejoicing with Hamas?” They will certainly not mourn his death.

    I would not want the Guardian to mourn his death. They aren’t fit to print his name.

  5. Another example of racist Apartheid Israel.

    The kid was 1/2 Asian, his mother is Chinese from HK and the family owned a Chinese restaurant.

    RIP Daniel we will not forget you.

  6. T.N.Z.B.A.

    R.I.P Daniel.

    I hope the IDF will manage to get their hand on those who did this.

    Just like the hizbullah cowards who fire from their back yards and send their kids to fire RPGs on our soldiers these animals deserve nothing.

    I know this is not important but for my records, was he 13 or 16?
    People were saying he was 13 at some point.

  7. Abban Aziz, the Guardian should print a eulogy. After all they gave fulsome praise to Nizar Rayyan, who had the blood of countless Israelis on his hands, as well as that of his family when he was blasted to the hell he so richly deserved during Cast Lead.

    The least the Groan could do is print an obituary for Daniel Viflic, a decent young man with no-one’s blood on his hands.