Traitors, dupes, and double standards: Another chapter in the Guardian’s campaign against Israel

April 21st saw the publication in the Guardian of yet another letter  from members of the ‘Free Vanunu’ campaign.

As was the case in previous letters from the same organization (here, here, and here), Vanunu is benignly referred to as a ‘whistleblower’, despite having broken the Israeli Official Secrets Act during wartime.

Considering that the Guardian itself has in the past used this erroneous term to describe a man who illegally publicized state secrets in a foreign newspaper as a victim, it is not surprising that its editors see fit to print yet another letter which promotes this false impression. 

The ‘Free Vanunu’ campaign is better understood when one considers its full title: ‘Campaign to Free Vanunu and for a Nuclear Free Middle East’. Its efforts on the latter subject however appear to be confined to one country only: no indignant letters to the Guardian from these folks on the subject on Iranian or Syrian nuclear designs.

The core intentions of the UK branch of the ‘Free Vanunu’ campaign are revealed by the role it plays in lobbying the British Parliament to call for “an end to Israel’s WMD.

That lobby is jointly organized by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and is supported by Al-Awda, the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, the Campaign Against Arms Trade, the Campaign to Free Vanunu and for a Nuclear Free Middle East, Friends of Sabeel, Labour Action for Peace, Pax Christi, Stop the War Coalition and the World Court Project.

Unsurprisingly, several of the above organizations are coincidentally dedicated to undermining Israel’s existence and the names attached to this letter provide an interesting glimpse of the tip of the iceberg of co-operation between anti-Israel organizations.

That the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) should work hand in hand on this subject is hardly surprising.

As well as having been a major figure in the CND in past years, Bruce Kent – one of the signatories of this letter – is today its Honorary Vice-President. He is also a patron of the PSC and Vice-President of Pax Christi. He was also previously connected to the charity ‘War on Want’ and is a trustee of the ‘Free Vanunu’ campaign.

Another signatory, Ben Birnberg, is company secretary for War on Want, as well as a trustee of the ‘Free Vanunu’ campaign. He is also a signatory of an anti-Israel pro-BDS campaign by “prominent British Jews”.

A third signatory, Jeremy Corbin MP, is also a patron of the PSC and infamous for his pro-Hamas stance.

Signatory Jim Boumelha, President of the International Federation of Journalists, was quick to issue condemnation and call for a “full inquiry” into the events aboard the Mavi Marmara last year even before the true nature of events had become clear.  The IFJ has been criticized by Israeli journalists, some of whom withdrew from the organization, due to its support for the Hizbollah Television station Al Manar during the 2006 Lebanon war, and during 2009 some eight hundred Israeli journalists were expelled from the IFJ, though later readmitted.

One of the more interesting organizations supporting the CND and PSC led lobby against Israel is ‘Friends of Sabeel’. The Palestinian Christian organization Sabeel has ‘friends’ organizations in many Western countries including the UK, North America, Scandinavia and Australia and many of its members are also involved in anti-Israel campaigning, such as the Rev. Nicola Jones who was instrumental in last year’s decision by the Methodist Church in the UK to adopt BDS.

It is no coincidence that Sabeel, which campaigns for a one-state ‘solution‘, was born in the very church in which Mordechai Vanunu has been living since his release from prison in 2004 – Saint George’s Cathedral in Jerusalem. Sabeel’s founder and director, Naim Ateek is a former minister of that establishment and Sabeel conference speakers have repeatedly lauded Vanunu, with his American adoptive parents being the star turn at its 2004 session.

The former bishop of Saint George’s Cathedral and the man who offered Vanunu a home there, Bishop Riah El Assal, is well-known for his apologetics for suicide bombersHamas and Hizbollah, as well as his anti-Israeli rhetoric.

In addition to these connections to anti-Israel groups, the PSC and Stop the War Coalition go even further: both these organizations are supporters of  the annual Al Quds day held in London and organized by the pro-Iranian regime ‘Islamic Human Rights Commission.

Far from being concerned about the human rights of ordinary Iranians imprisoned, raped and tortured by their own government or the dangers of the acquisition of nuclear weapons by a theocratic dictatorship headed by a Holocaust-denying messianic, the PSC and StWC – partners of the ‘Free Vanunu’ campaign – actually celebrate the type of rampant anti-Semitism promoted by the Iranian regime, along with its support for proscribed terrorist organizations in the form of Hamas and Hizbollah.

In conclusion, it is all too apparent that the ‘Free Vanunu’ campaign is not the harmless peace-loving organization it claims to be, but part and parcel of the concerted multi-fronted effort to deny Jews their basic human rights of self-determination and self-defence.

It is therefore fitting that its campaigners repeatedly choose to publicise their epistles in the newspaper which so frequently promotes others with the same agenda, including members and sympathisers of Hamas.

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  1. Thanks, Adam

    Sabeel is a poisonous organisation.

    In 1996 Jean Zaru, a member of Sabeel’s executive committee, was Presiding Clerk of the Ramallah Society of Friends (Quakers).

    I would be surprised if the Quaker association with Sabeel were not ongoing. Very strange bedfellows for the child-like Quakers.

  2. i don’t understand. Vanunu broke the law, was later paroled. then he violated his parole, and jailed again.

    he is a criminal, plain and simple. if any british citizen were to fax the details of britain’s nuclear program to the media they’d be sent to prison indefinitely.

  3. When I saw a CND signatory on that letter I wondered if this was someone who had risen from the dead like those mummies in horror films.

    Amazing what tricks people can get up to to make sure they earn a good living working for “non-profits”.

  4. I wanted to use this article to give some thought to a question aimed at myself: why does my sympathy level for M. Vanunu rank a perfect 0/100, to the point where I sincerely wish that he A) had received a life sentence for his espionage and B) he spends the rest of his natural life in Israeli prisons, one contemptuous act of “protest” at a time?
    It ultimately boils down to how Vanunu and his radical groupies have taken a completely virtuous idea–that this planet should not have any weapons that can kill tens of thousands of civilians in a second–and turned it into a strawman for their anti-Israel fantasies. Simply put, they either outright do not care, or only superficially care, about the tens of thousands of nuclear weapons in Western countries, Russia, South Asia, or North Korea. Because the elimination of nuclear weapons in any of those countries (outside of some parts of the U.S.) doesn’t fit into their calculus of Jews either being murdered or reduced to dhimmi status in a suddenly-capable-of-defeating-Jerusalem Middle East.
    If anything M. Vanunu or his fellow travelers ever said indicated, even once, that they sought nuclear disarmament on universal humanitarian grounds, that they hated other things about WMD as much as they hated the idea that having nukes made destroying Israel impossible, I would have to have respect for them, and would want them to inititate a successful effort to have a nuclear weapon-free world.
    But I don’t. And they aren’t going to. And M. Vanunu? He’s a living failure, and he’ll remain one up to and past his departure from this planet, period.

  5. They’re just another version of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. They are all anti-Israel. Vaanunu is anti-Israel. Vaanunu is therefore their friend.

    They’d be horrified if someone betrayed them or their own country, of course. But to them there would be a difference, which is that Israel is ‘the enemy’. Obviously

  6. There are times where you wish Israel has capital punishment,
    and this is one of those times.

    There are very few people who could fill you with that level of disgust,he was a traitor,to his family,his people,and his homeland.

    This stinking traitor should be released to the rustbucket’s Guardian,he fits in perfectly with Rachel Shabi,and the rest of the Israeli useful idiots,they deserve each other.


  7. Yohoho. Thanks for the info re the Sabeel Quaker link. not surprised.

    I think you are being ironic referring to the Quakers as childlike. I bet you have learned, as I have, that this faux naivete has in the past few years been used to cover a multitude of sins, against Israel and Jews. I have written here and on Harry’s Place about what they are up to at Friends’ House in the UK. Finally, since they have openly endorsed BDS, Geoffrey Alderman in today’s JC has got on their case, but he doesn’t know the half of it. And yet the Jewish community continues to hire rooms at Friends House.

  8. Vanunu is a horney greedy traitor, he shopped his treachery to two papers for money and was then lured to Rome with the promise of “getting his leg over”. They don’t want a Nuclear Free Middle East they want a Jew Free Middle East.

    Prominent figures in the UK need to stand up against these BDS cowards. Australia has done it.
    Fighting back against the demonisation of Israel

  9. Wikipedia says he’s a Christian convert from Judaism.

    We don’t want him. Please take him back.

    AND he’s ugly (happy amie?)

  10. Hoi polloi

    No need for execution.

    According to Dante (again) traitors are due to spend the rest of Eternity encased in ice up to their neck and have their brains gnawed upon by those they have betrayed.

    Any volunteers to do the gnawing?

  11. “AND he’s ugly (happy amie?)” geary

    LOL. Beware, Geary, as Sammie-nannie, Lord Protector of PC-Lore, must be around and will quickly arrive to rescue lady amie from the dangerous effects of Jewish-talibanesque mockery.

    And, giving a proactive help to that brave knight, I´d suggest you singled-out vanunu because of his previous christianity. How dare you!?

  12. vanunu because of his previous christianity. For the hard of reading and understanding SerJew: As Geary has explained:

    Wikipedia says he’s a Christian convert from Judaism.

    Read it slowly. Previously Jewish. Now Christian.

  13. “Wikipedia says he’s a Christian convert from Judaism.

    Read it slowly. Previously Jewish. Now Christian.” Sammie

    OK, my mistake. So, what would explain Geary´s singling out of this
    *male* individual? Maybe because he was an *ugly* traitor?

    Let´s Sammie decide.