Azzam Tamimi’s big ‘Arab Spring’ lie.

I don’t know about you, but I’m becoming a little weary of reading about the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ on CiF.

Theoretically, there should be a limit to the extent to which such an empty cliché can accumulate volume before it bursts, but that doesn’t look like happening anytime soon at Guardian HQ.

On May 2nd the well-known Hamas supporter and condoner of suicide bombing Azzam Tamimi proffered his air-brushed version of the myth of his commitment to budding democracy in the Middle East.

One has to wade past the sycophantic reference to the leader of a murderous terror organisation (“my old friend Khalid Mish’al”), the half-truths and distortions, and get right down to paragraph nine of Tamimi’s article to arrive at the nitty-gritty:

“Democracies representing the will of the Arab peoples can only be anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian.”

Aha! So that’s what Tamimi and his Guardian enablers mean when they say ‘democracy’; everybody in the Middle East has to think like them, otherwise it won’t be democratic. And of course – as clearly implied in Tamimi’s oeuvre – only nasty dictators or PA sell-outs could ever possibly make peace with their neighbours.

Like many a Hamas apologist living in the West, Tamimi has studied the system well and is more than aware of the potent effects of the D-word on the gullible Left.  Dressing up jihad in pseudo-democratic garb doesn’t make terror any less wrong, but how often does one come across some bright spark on CiF insisting that ‘Hamas was democratically elected’ as though that makes firing Iranian rockets at a kindergarten morally acceptable?

The trouble is that people with ideologies such as those subscribed to by Tamimi and his ‘old friends’ in Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood cannot, by the very nature of their beliefs, be truly committed to democracy, which entails a lot more than just voting. They cannot see women, gay people or non-Muslim religious minorities within their own territory as being equal to them and deserving of the same rights, let alone the citizens of the neighbouring country. Neither are they remotely capable of separating Mosque from state. One only has to look at the severe deterioration of human rights in the Gaza Strip since the Hamas takeover there four years ago to understand what kind of ‘democracy’ Tamimi has in mind.

Contrary to Azzam Tamimi, I’m not convinced that an Arab democracy – if we ever get to see it – has to be by definition anti-Israeli. The point is though that at the moment such a thing is still a long way from becoming reality. So far this ‘Arab Spring’ has shown only new shoots of the same old repressions, repackaged in different hues.

Opinion polls conducted in advance of the upcoming July elections in Tunisia show Rachid Ghannouchi’s Ennhadha party leading the race on a platform of what is termed ‘Islamist democracy’ under which it proposes to combine Sharia law with a system it terms ‘democratic’. In the meantime, Tunisians continue to leave the country in their thousands.

In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood is predicted to win some 30% of the seats in the September 2011 election and of course what will transpire in the rest of the Arab world is still anyone’s guess. In Libya and Syria the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ could yet turn into a winter of discontent, but there too Islamist forces are undoubtedly playing their part in the uprisings, as can be seen in the very under-reported Libyan opposition street propaganda which has clear antisemitic and racist motifs and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood’s encouragement for continued protests.  

Maybe eventually we will see a true primavera of democracies in the Middle East and North Africa, but that will only happen when the religious fundamentalists are kicked into touch and people there begin to vote according to political opinion rather than tribal affiliation. Tamimi and others of his ilk are actually delaying that necessary process rather than advancing the cause of democracy and shamefully the Guardian – with its all-pervading racism of low expectations – is collaborating with that.  

In Tamimi’s warped mind, hope for the Palestinians equates only with annihilation of Israel. He is of the same ‘old school’ as Hamas’ Ismail Haniyeh who lauded Osama bin Ladan as a ‘Arab holy warrior’ and the Northern Islamic Movement’s Raed Salah who, like Tamimi, also thinks that “the government changes in Tunisia, Egypt and other countries came from the will of the people must be channeled against Israel”.

Were the Guardian a true liberal voice for progressive democracy, it would not be providing a platform for those such as Tamimi who aim to sell out the people of the Arab world by exploiting the current upheaval to impose fundamentalist theocracies rather than nurturing the beginnings of true democracy in the region.   

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  1. The Arab Spring is the only Spring that is followed immediately by Winter, with no summer or autumn between. The killing in Bahrain, Yemen, and Syria continues unabated.

    In fact, that is probably the most significant effect to “spring” forth, so to speak.

    The interesting thing is how many of the anti-Israel crowd crow about democracy in Arab countries being bad for Israel. One can only assume that they believe that democracy in Arab countries implies the immediate unleashing of sometime suppressed anti)Israeli and anti-Semitic feelings, culminating, they obviously hope, in a war that will totally destroy Israel and all the Jews who live in her.

  2. the democratic election of hamas in gaza is the model for tamimi’s “Democracies representing the will of the Arab peoples”

    hamas’s mandate has expired and they refuse to hold fresh elections because they know that if they did they would be rejected.

    Tamimi believes the will of the arab peoples is something that can be imposed on them by bullies. democracy is going to bite him and his pals in the bum. And he knows it.

  3. They deleted Petra’s post.and left Moeran and Berchmans posts.

    A post written by one of Hamas’s senior members,who was given a platform by the Guardian that is a nasty anti-Semitic rag,and cheered by the likes of Moeran and Berchmans and their ilk.

    What a surprise…………………….

  4. I’m sure there must be synonyms or homonyms for “spring” that get across the idea of AKUS’s factual ‘unabated killing’.

    In parallel with the sentence quoted by Israelinurse above:

    “Democracies representing the will of the Arab peoples can only be anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian.”

    Victor Davis Hanson says that in the case of bin Laden the Western reaction all depends on who authorised the killing.

    I suppose Israel is to blame for Obama anyway. What a world.

  5. Israelinurse, these articles and the accompanying guff elsewhere in the media are yet more proof of the Arab/Muslim capability to delude itself, and the overidentification with these lunatics by their supporters in the West.

    Tamimi is an agent of Arab/Muslim “big talk” syndrome, where he believes that if he writes or says a thing then it is or will be true. No amount of contrary, well-proven evidence will make such a lunatic veer from his course.

    zeitgoose, what you describe is indeed the Arab mentality. The Muslim prophet/arch-nut job jammed this lot up for good and all when his burblings told them that his Allah said they must obey their leaders.

  6. So much of the conduct of their “democracy” revolution evidences the Arab/Muslim tendency towards sociopathy.

    Simon Baron-Cohen (no relation to Sasha, I think) has written a highly recommended book which I have just ordered, about how complete lack of empathy can give rise to sociopathy and that failure to develop empathy is due to a multitude of things, including childhood abuse. Baron-Cohen argues that such abuse can affect the structure of the brain, which is evident under MRI.

    The book called “Zero Degrees of Empathy” I hope that it will help me understand how whole nations can abrogate their sense of self and descend to such infamy.

  7. it is disgusting how the moderators deleted my post(s) of questioning the decision to publish YET another article from an organisation vowing destruction of the jews on the day jews remember the destruction of 6 million..yet they allow hateful bile directed against the “lobby” “evil zionists” to stand

  8. I don’t know about you, but I’m becoming a little weary of reading about the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ on CiF.

    Sounds like Bill O’Reilly talk to me.

  9. Mitnaged

    So much of the conduct of their “democracy” revolution evidences the Arab/Muslim tendency towards sociopathy.

    And to think I considered you intelligent.

    And to think I considered this website to be against bigotry.

  10. Pretzelberg, did you?

    Perhaps I should have been more careful. I mistook you, too. Well, we all make mistakes.

  11. pretzelberg, it’s true. Look at Egypt, Very well-meaning and enlightened students started it and now the Muslim Brotherhood is set to try to take over through the ballot box.

  12. Mitnaged

    I mistook you, too

    Sounds like a feeble and childish response. But I’ll nonetheless take your question seriously, i.e. how so?


    pretzelberg, it’s true.

    So you agree about “the Arab/Muslim tendency towards sociopathy”?

    As I said: there’s far more hate and bigotry here than over at CiF.

  13. pretzelberg, do you think the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda and Hamas are societies of nuns?

  14. pretzelberg, what do you call a murderous band of thieving brigands rampaging around the world for 1400 years and demanding back all the stolen land they’d lost? Little Sisters of the Poor?

  15. Ariadne

    pretzelberg, do you think the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda and Hamas are societies of nuns?

    You know I don’t – so why the question??

    And your subsequent post is likewise silly.

    My posts above addressed Mitnaged’s bigoted comments about Muslims and Arabs in general.

  16. Pretzelberg, one last exchange with you on this, and then I must to do some real, productive work: I mistook you because I thought your reasoned responses would last for longer before they decompensated. It was unrealistic of me, I admit, but you are capable of sometimes evidencing that you think about things rather than overpersonalise, and reply in, (what shall I call it?) a less emotional and childish frame.

    If you were more widely read and more routinely capable of reflection, then you would be asking yourself some fundamental questions about why it is that Israel’s neighbours are so efficient at holding on to hatreds (witness the absolute refusal to make a lasting peace with Israel, which would benefit them and their people);

    why it is that they are so easily inclined to take literally the Koranic injunction to hate and kill Jews (rather than think for themselves);

    why they hand over their children to be educated by Hamas and PA thugs, and even to be used as human shields by Hamas (thereby evidencing that they treat their children as objects, rather than care about their safety and about the future of their nation), etc, etc., and thereby perpetuate the psychological damage from generation to generation.

    Now all these are evidence of a sociopathic way of construing and relating to the world and the people in it, and even to their own families.

    It may be that they are too frightened to do anything else, but it goes against most animals’ natures willingly to put their young in danger. Do you not agree?

  17. Epidermoid has a beautiful response to the troll:

    2 May 2011 1:21PM

    I am sure he will settle for the 67 lines and some water like everyone else in the world except the US, Israel and East Vanutu….5 ????% of the worlds pop.?

    This much repeated comment refuses the dignity of autonomy to the Palestinian Arabs who quite clearly, on numerous occasions, to whomsoever will listen, with a vehemence determined by religious certainty, and with a conviction born of internalised animosity, shout to deaf ears that Israel must never be allowed to rule over Muslims on Muslim land. If you maintain that running water and ancient cease fire lines will satisfy this atavistic confessional delusion, then you add, to an already fermenting brew, the poison of condescension for the inferior man who cannot behave properly without your help. Its time you stopped insulting Islam.

  18. Mitnaged

    Pretzelberg, one last exchange with you on this, and then I must to do some real, productive work:

    Someone challenges your open bigotry, and you try to belittle them.

    Now all these are evidence of a sociopathic way of construing and relating to the world and the people in it, and even to their own families.

    If you want to apply that to an entire people, then that only reflects your own tiny mind.

  19. Again: post for post more hate speech here than on CiF.

    Ever seen a post on CiF referring to “the Jewish tendency towards sociopathy” – and (unlike here) not being deleted?

    Just think about what you’re writing and recommending, people. It’s pretty sad.

  20. pretzelberg, how it is bigoted to refer to the actions which drive people to riot en masse, to celebrate mass murder, to make fun of the suffering of Gilad Shalit and his family in front of a roaring crowd of thousands? Did Hamas ever give a second, or even a first thought to the suffering of Shalit’s parents, for example? Do they think of the psychological impact on little children of teaching them to love death more than life, or are they cold-bloodedly and sociopathically grooming them to become the next generation of suicide terrorists?

    How can calling that out for what it be construed as bigotry?

    True, Mitnaged lumps the whole of Hamas and the Palestinians who support it together as one group, but do tell us how many Hamasniks are on record as disagreeing with this and are still alive and free?

    For your information, this is how Hamas teaches children about killing and deals with its enemies, particularly if they are Jews. Now tell us, oh giant intellect, how is this not an index of a very sick sociopathic society?

    Warning, graphic imagery

  21. To date the Arab Spring has not sprung. Much speculation— we all await the pay off and so does the Muslim Brotherhood. The CIF article did receive push back BTL which is always a good thing.

  22. @pretzelberk

    I hate you ! Get back to CIF where you belong!

    PS. If you are seriously equating a natural Jewish self-defense mechanism
    ( ie. to hate our enemies ) with the virulent antisemitism of most Arabs, you really don’t understand the magnitude of the problems we face.

  23. @Fairplay

    As much as some of us may disagree with Pretz, he is welcome to express his views as much as anyone else. Lets all stay away from ad hominem.

  24. pretzelberg,

    “Again: post for post more hate speech here than on CiF.”

    The accusation of hate-speech, kissing cousin of the Race Card.

    Let’s put things right on the table, Pretz. I think views should be straightforward. When I consider that all the orthodox interpretations of Islamic scripture call for shariah law to be installed all over the world; when I consider that the same interpretations call for zero tolerance for non-Muslim states set up on formerly shariah-ruled lands; and when, finally, I add to these the fact that the majority of Muslims believe in all that, because the Islamic world never underwent anything like the Enlightenment, which has made the world safe for heterodoxy in the West–the inevitable conclusion is that, as things currently stand, long-term peace for Israel with any of her neighbors is impossible. The sound and logical conclusion is that the man in the Gaza, Cairo, Damascus and Tehran street wants the violent demise of the Jewish state and her citizens (God forbid).

    I bring evidence and logical reasoning. And you, what do you do in reaction? Do you dispute my evidence? Do you fault my logic? No. Why exert effort when all you have to do is write the two magic words, “Hate Speech,” and be done? And so for everyone who thinks the problem may be, not with the governments in Israel’s neighborhood, but with the people, with the man in the street.

    “Bigotry, hate speech, racism!” etc. etc. No matter those lying eyes that keep giving us reasons to believe that the hatred Israel is confronted with might be bottom-up, rather than top-down as conventional wisdom has it.

  25. ‘Scuse me, Hawkeye, but isn’t Fairplay expressing his own opinions too? Is he not entitled to say that he hates pretzelberg if he wants to?

    To be honest, pretzelberg reminds me of the little girl with the little curl in the nursery rhyme: “When she was good she was very very good, but when she was bad she was horrid.”

    It’s true to say that pretzelberg is a creature of extremes.

  26. “As much as some of us may disagree with Pretz, he is welcome to express his views as much as anyone else.” hawkeye

    Who is prohibiting him to express his views?? Enough of this victimizing nonsense! If someone is free to spout BS, then he should be able to take back some harsh criticism as and adult. And no one needs to love him nor he needs to like anyone here.

    BTW, he´s repeatedly claimed that this blog is at the same level as that CiF-cesspool, a pretty harsh (and blatantly false) accusation. He has the right to think so. Well then, we also have the right to suggest he should move to CiF or else quit whining about a blog to which he keeps contributing while self-righteously treating it with such contempt. Otherwise he´s being hypocritical (which is his right to be, for sure).

  27. “Let’s stay away from ad hominem”.

    Pretzelberk ain’t got the sapiens to be a homo. Ziontruth put him in his place good and proper.

    PS to our moderator: shmucko implied that CIFWatch is full of hate, so
    I gave a him a taste of it. OK?