A brief note to Harriet Sherwood on her return to Jerusalem

Dear Harriet,

I see you’ve returned from your two month assignment in Tripoli, are back in Jerusalem, and have posted a new blog post about the DVD release of a the documentary, Budrus: (Budrus: A West Bank village emblematic struggle for its land, May 9).

While the review itself contains nothing especially interesting or noteworthy, containing predictable tropes and imagery about Palestinian victimhood, Israeli bulldozers, and, of course, the most iconic of all symbol of Israeli oppression, uprooted Olive Trees, the post indicates that the Guardian’s Israel portfolio is once again yours.

So, Harriet, just note that we fully intend to continue holding you accountable as we always have, fisking your articles and blog posts – exposing the endemic bias in your consistently jaundiced “View from Jerusalem”.

Its nothing personal, but we will continue to work arduously to make sure that the increasing notoriety of the Guardian’s ideologically driven animosity against Israel which inspires your dispatches from my country is known far and wide.

For us, unlike you, the state of Israel isn’t a mere “assignment”, nor some abstraction, but a living, breathing nation – a progressive democracy which is relentlessly under siege both militarily and rhetorically – and one we, on the eve of the 63rd anniversary of the rebirth of Jewish sovereignty in our historic homeland, deem worth fighting for.


Adam Levick                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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  1. Harriet Sherwood is just one more journalistic mediocrity. As soon as she goes another will take her place. There seems to be an endless supply of ignoramuses who breach their own rules of journalistic balance and get the Middle East wrong – very wrong. Not only do they know nothing – few can be bothered to learn Hebrew or Arabic, for example – they don’t even trouble to learn (or are capable of learning?) the region’s history or culture with any degree of accuracy. For this reason, they are led up the garden path by Palestinian press minders and end up writing stuff that, judged by those with at least some accurate knowledge, is barking mad. Trouble is, that is the sort of thing that, indirectly, can get people killed.

  2. She lives amongst the Jews, eats with them and all the while is thinking up all the nasty things to say about them. Is there a word for people like her?

  3. Thank you Adam, and keep up the fine work.

    And while we’re at it – Happy Birthday, State of Israel!

    • Hey mostly mondoweiss, how’s that debate going at Mondoweiss on whether it was morally justifiable to murder a 3 month old Jewish infant?

  4. Rural……Is there a word for people like her……..

    Yes,in fact there are quite a few words for people like her….

    But none that can be posted here………..

  5. WB…..New glasses would help…….

    A bit of pride,self respect,a backbone,dignity,self value,these would also help……

  6. This is a woman who has no shame,she enjoys and writes from the comfort security and hospitality of Israel,and in return writes malicious and spiteful articles about Israel.

    She writes for a rag that is well known as a proven anti-Semitic rag.

    All this time that she spent in Israel she found nothing good that she could write about Israel,instead she writes her usual anti-Israeli articles……..

  7. And her piercing insights from Libya were…? The woman’s a hack.

    Now back in Israel and without missing a bear onwards! with her no-nothing/learn-nothing shtick reinforced by her Palestinian minders and fixers who laugh at the ease with which they lead her around by the nose.

      • I understand now. She is paid to spread anti-Israeli/anti-semitic lies in her reports and not in her opinion pisses.

      • Boy, what a zinger Santiy! However will we continue after the rhetorical firepower you just unleashed? (Oh, also, by the way, she has a blog where she gives her opinion so she’s also in fact a columnist as well as a journalist)

  8. Israel is the only place in the ME/world where ignorant, despicable, disgustful people like Sherwood can live comfortably and safely to spew her venom without being brought to justice.

    I’d like to see her try it out in Gaza or Syria, Sudan or Eritrea, Yemen or Pakistan, Iran or Russia, China or Cambodia.

    • In other words, behave like a doormat and everyone will treat you like a doormat.

      Our leniency is not to our credit. The Jewish State should at the very least send her back to Britain.

  9. She writes for the Guardian. You might as well be complaining about the people who wrote for Pravda. She needs a job just like the Pravda people did. Not a one of you knows if she actually believes the stupidity that she writes. And even if she does believe what she writes as being the true picture of Israel, just remember there were generations of schoolchildren brought up to believe what they read (and some eventually what they wrote) in Pravda. After all, what do you expect the Guardian to pay their reporters for? Reports of the Arab community in Israel receiving better medical care than provided by the NHS? Orderly voting? Protection of minority religious rights? The reality is that everybody knows that. If she reported her stories fairly nobody in the Guardian would want to read them. In the world that the Guardian inhabits, her stories are feel good stories, giving you license to hate Israel. She is paid precisely because of what she writes about Israel. And if she can get as nasty as some like Jeremy Bowen, she will deserve a raise and buy those designer glasses everybody is talking about.

    • I’m glad you managed to find solace in your period of mourning the death of Osama Bin Laden.

    • You mean the same good old Deutsche Bahn who served the Nazi government transporting the Jews to the gas chambers in cattle-cars and sent precise invoices with discount prices? I understand that you like them very much…
      Regarding the TA-Jerusalem railway you should not worry, it will be built by others in no time.

      • They’ve learned that ethnic cleansing is bad in the intervening period, and are determined not to engage in more of it. I’d say that’s a success!

        • Ethnic cleansing?

          What ethnic cleansing? Are you speaking about the “relocation” of the population of Diego Garcia by the British government? Or the ethnic cleansing of the Jews from the Muslim countries?
          I didn’t know that the Deutsce Bahn has been involved there too…

        • Please don’t pretend to be against ethnic cleansing. You anti-Zionists are on record for incessantly advocating the ethnic cleansing of Jews, from Judea and Samaria at the very leasts. Yes, I know you justify it by claiming Jews are stealing that land, but that’s a justification you give for ethnic cleansing, not a denial of it.

          On the points you criticize Israel, you yourselves must be clean first.

    • “Have you all heard the great news about Deutsche Bahn?”

      Nah, I am far too busy following Britain’s rapid descent into poverty. I do believe we can all help nudge her more quickly in that direction by lobbying certain companies not to expand or start operations in Britain. A bankrupt Britain makes the world safer for Jews.

      Meanwhile, Israel’s economy is booming.

  10. “They’ve learned that ethnic cleansing is bad in the intervening period”

    Not of course that the Jewish state has carried out ethnic cleansing, but it is oh so typical of you within this particular Jewish context to deliberately confuse ethnic cleansing and genocide. Germany like Britain has learned absolutely nothing as regards the treatment of Jews in the last 70 years. As I’ve said many times before, no two nations deserve each other more than Germany and Britain. A plague on both your houses. I spit on both of your flags.

    • If you want to offend someone with your nationalist macho posturing, you’re better off doing so at your next BNP / EDL meeting. I don’t give two hoots about flags.

  11. “at your next BNP / EDL meeting”

    In terms of the Jewish people there is absolutely no difference between individuals like yourself and members of the British National Party and English Defence League. In fact, you are far worse. I’m not actually aware of any member of the BNP or EDL cheering on the murders of Jews recently. On the bright side, cheering on is all you will ever do. You simply don’t have the cajones for anything else.

    “I don’t give two hoots about flags.”

    You are such an absurd literalist. And of course you care. You have done nothing but emit little squeals the last few weeks whenever I have told the unapalatable truth about bankrupt Britain.

  12. Your good friend Benny Morris will correct you on the ethnic cleansing claims, of course.

    • Don’t worry about Benny Morris Sanity, study the history of Diego Garcia -your own home turf. Or it is not a preferred subject at your polite dinner parties?

    • Benny Morris is of no help to the anti-Zionist cause, because:

      1) Anti-Zionists wish to put Israel on trial on the charge of premeditated ethnic cleansing, but Morris denies premeditation just as does a historian not counted among the New Historians e.g. Efraim Karsh.

      2) Related to that point: As it was not premeditated, what caused it? Morris says it was the necessities of defensive war. Most damning to the anti-Zionist cause, Morris maintains that the de facto, non-premeditated exodus of the Arabs in 1947 was justified, for, he says, had it not been made to happen, the result would have been another genocide of the Jews.

      In short, Morris doesn’t give anti-Zionists nearly a thing beyond what an Efraim Karsh could give them. You’ll have to content yourselves with Edward Said’s propaganda.

  13. “Your good friend Benny Morris will correct you on the ethnic cleansing claims, of course.” insanitary

    You mean, the ethnic cleansing of 750-800.000 Jews from the islamic paradises after 1948, right? Including Jewish communites that thrived
    there millenia before the arrival of the hordes of the schizophrenic-pedophiliac-imperialist-mysoginist-pseudo-prophet (piss be upon him).

    And, BTW, Morris also said that when the alternatives are to destroy or be detroyed, it´s better to destroy. A pretty macho statement, eh?

    • Wow. Say what you will about Muhammad (who I personally believe dreamt up a slightly weird religion), this statement appears intended more to offend Muslims than to offer any kind of rational appraisal of the merits or demerits of Islam. Of course, that’s when criticism of Islam as a thought system and a guide to conduct becomes just pure racism.

      • Of course, that’s when criticism of Islam as a thought system and a guide to conduct becomes just pure racism.

        Maybe it is not to late to demand your tuition fee back. According to your tutors criticising an ideology whose followers belong to every existing human race is racism. Or in your book to be a Muslim is some genetically determined flaw? You should start your GE from the beginnings. It is never to late. later you can learn som useful latin words too.

  14. “Do you geniuses know the difference?” insanitary

    Hmm, you keep calling people here “geniuses”. Methinks you have an inferiority complex in the cognitive department, which means that, despite all your incessant projectionitis, you can at least glimpse at your blatant flaws. Maybe there´s some small hope…

  15. “If you want to offend someone with your nationalist macho posturing, ” insanitary

    Oh, the same leftist cyclotymia: first, the unbounded self-righteous arrogance, calling people “pigs”, pathetic attempts at sarcasm (“you genius”); then, the shift to abject victimology, whining of “offense”, use of
    scare-words (“racism”, “macho”, etc).

    You are a walking cliché.

  16. The hilarious thing is that you think I don’t think Diego Garcia is an example of ethnic cleansing. Of course, on a smaller scale than in Palestine, but morally reprehensible, all the same.

    Here’s the thing: I’m consistent. It’s you lot who aren’t.

    • Are you consistent? Then maybe you should publish here some of your letters protesting about the ethnic cleansing of DG written to your MP or government or one of your condemning commenst on a blog/newspaper. You are not only a hypocrite but a liar too. But I understand that Jew baiting is Jew baiting and the Jews have nothing to do with DG.

      And now a small history lesson for your polite dinner parties (Having classical education is a must naturally):

      In 1939 Nazi Germany occupied Czechoslovakia. In the end the Germans lost. The result: the ethnic cleansing of the German population of the Sudetenland

      In 1939 Hungary occupied part of Slovakia. In the end the Hungarians lost. The result: The ethnic cleansing of the Hungarian population of the Szigetkoz

      In 1939 Nazi Germany occupied Poland. In the end the Germans lost. The result: The ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousans of ethnic germans from Mazuria.

      In 1947 the armies of some Arab countries attacked the nascent Israel with the declared goal of killing every Jews. In the end they lost. The result: Hundreds of thousands Palestinian refugees, part of them undoubtedly were the victims of ethnic cleansing.

      In 1965 the government of Diego Garcia attacked and occupied the UK… Oops! A mistake! In 1965 the UK purchased Diego Garcia from Mauritius for £3 million and forcibly delocated its population in 1971 in order to build a military base there.

      Maybe even a morally insane person like you should know the difference. If you have difficulties to understand it ask your hosts or guests at the next dinner.

      • Just to further your non-classic education, maybe you should read Siegfried Lenz’s excellent book Heimatland about the cause and effect of ethnic cleansing. The problem is that probably it hasn’t been published neither in Latin nor in Aramaic even not in English only in German, a language what undoubtedly would be your mother tongue now if those uncultured barbarian imperialist Yankees (naturally despised by your intellectual circles) would not have saved your sorry behind from the Germans.

      • You are clearly an idiot. Your selective reading of this history of the Arab-Israeli conflict is so laughably inaccurate that I can only conclude that you don’t have even two brain cells to put together.

        • When you don’t have nothing else to say then you start to use the style of your polite dinner parties?
          Sanity, Sanity you should not have been so distressed, you are not alone being a sad loser… Your “anti-Zionist” bunch is full of your kind.

  17. Of course, that’s when criticism of Islam as a thought system and a guide to conduct becomes just pure racism.

    Again, you and your scare-word tactics. It´s all “racism”, “islamophobia”, ad nauseam.

    And, yes, I intented to offend because this is my right in a democracy, as much as your ilk love to mock christianity, the pope and all that is sacred to christians. Whiner, liar, hypocrite…you are hopeless.

    • No comments allowed!

      Weren’t these people given Jordanian citizenship during Jordan’s illegal occupation of the land?

      When Arab government is so desirable one might think that they would want to stay Jordanian.