119 Guardian readers agree: Organized Jewish community in US stifles all criticism of Israel, guilty of “cultural McCarthyism”

We’ll deal with the substance of Amy Goodman’s cry of McCarthyism (Tony Kushner: an angel in America, CiF May 11), due to the debate over Tony Kushner’s honorary degree at CUNY, later, but here’s a sample of the inner Walt and Mearsheimer which her alarmist screed elicited within the Guardian Left Judeophobic community.

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  1. Hardly a week goes by in British press where journalists claim they are being censored by McCarthyism. It is simply fear-mongering. People who shout “McCarthyism” know very little about the McCarthy era and are simply looking for attention, period.

    McCarthy used his influence in government to create blacklists and lumped everyone from socialists to liberals in one fat ideology – communism. Many blacklists were made up of popular Hollywood actors.

    It seems being a victim is a prized treasure. Standing up to a non-existence “Zionist entity” that is somehow responsible for censoring endless bitching about Israel and Jewish politics.

    NOBODY IS BEING CENSORED. Politicians, individuals, writers, academics whine and moan about Israel 24/7. Israel is so unique that is has its own special club in the UN devoted just for special emergency sessions….SPECIFICALLY FOR ISRAEL!

    The Guardian and BBC devote more time and energy covering Israel than all 23 Arab states combined.

    And contrary to popular opinion, Israel is debated quite a lot in Congress – but when it comes to facts, pro-Israelis have the upper hand than pro-Arabs who rely on rhetoric, fear-mongering, buzzwords, and propaganda to promote their views.

    The best thing to do is just ignore them. Then they can’t be victims.

  2. Poor Kushner. This victim of McCarthyism felt absolutely free to write a 3 page letter defending his right to defame Israel.

    And then he was awarded an honorary degree.

    Just like in the McCarthy hearings, right?

  3. This is the kind of thing I reply to in my mind, “If only that were true.” Reality is we keep hearing nothing but criticism of Israel, non-stop in the Left-leaning therefore Zionism-hostile media. Try to get an op-ed arguing Israel’s rightful possession of all its territories (both pre- and post-1967) and you’ll see what real censorship is.

  4. The term McCarthyism is misused by people who know nothing about McCarthy.
    I recommend you read: Blacklisted by History, by M. Stanton Evans.
    According to records recently opened in US FBI archives, McCarthy was right in hunting down Commies during the 50s.
    It seems that the State Dept. was run by Commies.

  5. kushner was never censored…for years,he made his views on israel quite clear…and it ever affected his bottom line

    but his wasnt simply criticism, it was demonetization…the same that can be seen on the pages of storm front

    and one is only guaranteed free speech when it comes to governmental regulations

  6. “and one is only guaranteed free speech when it comes to governmental regulations..”

    Exactly. The government is not censoring Kushner. McCarthyism was about government stifling the people and the media. Nobody is stifling the media or people or Kushner.

    This non-story is gaining international attention. Really, how important is this event? When something can be blamed on Israel, or Israel supporters, then it is news.

  7. Can anyone truly believe that all criticism of Israel is stifled?
    It is,surely,beyond the measure of all doubt,the most criticized country in the world.

  8. Perhaps the most shocking post was this beaut by BaronessBlighty (preserved in contained’s response from 11 May 2011 12:25PM), in response to my challenging the term “claims to” in “There is as far as I am aware no other community that claims to have suffered unjustly at the hands of so many others in so many periods and so many lands”:

    Suffering is to some extent a subjective experience, and I do not want to discount the possibility that what was done to Jews in some cases was seen as a justified response to what those doing it felt, again subjectively, had been done to them.


  9. A Jordanian writer (of Palestinian descent) that I know is planning to publish a book showing that it is the Arab lobby that truly runs the West. He is planning a stunning expose of it.

  10. The Guardian and Alan Rusbridger are to the Jewish state what Der Stürmer and Julius Streicher were to the Jewish people. This is not hyperbole. This is the unvarnished truth. If the Guardian was sending teams of suicide bombers into the heart of the Jewish state it would be doing far less damage to that nation. It is obvious that it is totally committed to the deligitimisation and destruction of Israel and is employing its enormous influence and large resources towards that end.

  11. Er, no. What they said was the ‘pro-Israel lobby’. Which is not the same as organised Jewish community. Of course, conflation makes your argument easier. And what’s more you probably do believe that you are hopelessly victimised by awful anti-Semites. I’m sure it’s easier to justify your hate if you frame it as a fight against anti-Semitism.

          • I don’t particularly, HoiPolloi.

            And Sanity, anything you post will ensure that even the least knowledgeable poster looks like a scholar. I should give it up if I were you.

        • Then, all you need to is stop posting. Simple as that. Give it a try, after all, why would someone of your, er…stature, keep posting at a blog you despise?

      • Don’t forget those pesky self-hating Jews. They are as anti-Semitic as the rest of those Jew-baiters/haters.

        • Every nation and people on earth have their share of traitors. The Jews are no different. And this particular lot of traitors don’t hate themselves at all. They love themselves. But the gentiles cannot help this particular predilection. It is something they and their fellows have been practising for many centuries. It is deeply-rooted in his blood and in his culture. It is what for the most part drives the Guardian. It is what for the most part drives the British Foreign Office. It is what for the most part drives so many posters on this forum.

          The fact remains that Britain directly collaborated in the Holocaust. Today, all these decades later, not content with helping wipe out the Jews of Europe, she is doing her level best to destroy the Jewish state. The Guardian is just one tool – an important tool admittedly – in her arsenal of genocide.

  12. More bigotry from Hoi Polloi 8:51 am

    What kind of lowlife recommends such bullshit?

    • I was referring specifically to “an ancient gentile sport” in your post from 8:51 am – and you know it. Why would anyone recommend your 9:52 am response, which is utterly farcical, while giving the thumbs down to my post from 4:28 am highlighting anti-Semitism? Are posters here really that childish?

  13. Again, do please someone explain why I should read ‘pro-Israel lobby’ as ‘organised Jewish community’. I wait with bated breath.

  14. A repost from above. Just in case anyone missed it.

    Jew-baiting, then and now by Mark Steyn

    Posted on January 18, 2009 8:39 PM

    ‘An elderly Jewish friend from London was at a gathering recently, and said someone asked: “Politically speaking, who are our friends?” Nobody had an answer, and the consensus was that Britain’s Jewish community felt lonelier than within living memory.

    A couple of months back, I found myself on Cable Street in East London for the first time in years. It was the scene of a famous battle in 1936, when Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists, in a crude act of political intimidation, determined to march through the heart of the Jewish East End. They were turned back by a mob of local Jews, Irish Catholic dockers, Commie agitators et al all standing under the Spanish Civil War slogan, “No pasaran”: They shall not pass.

    They didn’t. And, although many self-aggrandizing myths attached to the old left’s “Battle of Cable Street” in subsequent decades, that day marked the beginning of the decline of Mosley and the BUF.

    Things are different now, as Ezra Levant’s dispatch on the intimidation of Calgary Jews in the heart of their own neighborhood makes clear: There’s no resistance, no old leftist solidarity, no nothing, just a fatalistic shrug as supporters of banned (and explicitly eliminationist) terrorist organizations commandeer private property to compare Jews to Nazis. What can you do? They shall pass, week after week. It’s as if Sir Oswald had marched through Cable Street in triumph, and then decided to make it a twice-weekly event.

    By the way, those contemporary lefties who think the Jews should get out of Palestine might note the protest slogans of 70 years ago: In those London demonstrations, the Jews were told, “Go back to Palestine!” ‘

  15. The progressively fascist national Socialist Left stifles criticism of racist islamism, jihad because “the left” views islamists as useful tools in their war against Capitalism.

    All the bus bombing, plane hijacking, mass murder, poison gassing of civilians is GOOD for the Left.

  16. So just to clarify, no one wants to / is able to comment on my critique of the main thesis of this blog post?

  17. Sanity,
    I will address to you my basic position re: the Lobby issue,

    What is your concern? Is it that there are large lobby’s in the United States or that there is a pro- Israeli Lobby? You are aware that lobbying is constitutionally protected free speech? Do you only concern yourself exclusively with the pro-Israeli lobby? From certain corners you would think the only lobby in the US is the pro-Israel lobby….

    When this group of whiners are prepared to discuss the pro’s and cons of lobbying in general and the activities of the two most powerful lobby’s in the US: Agriculture and Oil, I might listen……To reiterate again and again lobbying is CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED FREE SPEECH in the US….

  18. Five individuals gave a 5-star rating to Hoi Polloi’s reference to me as a “diseased and perverted mind”.

    Who are you pathetic people? Please do come forward.

    Do you all oppose my post from May 12, 2011 at 4:28 am??

  19. “an ancient gentile sport”

    Only a person who is completely ignorant of history and the realities of the world could deny that Jew-baiting is beyond question an ancient gentile sport. Ah well, I do have truth and Mark Steyn on my side.