Campaigning for truth about Hamas

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Passers-by in Golders Green studying pictures and the petition.

On Sunday a small group of activists took to the streets of Golders Green to launch a new organisation called Campaign For Truth (www.campaign4truth.org).

The aim is to Petition the BBC to report the full nature of organisations that have adopted an agenda of genocide against another people.

Hamas has adopted such an agenda. Its Charter expressly calls for the killing of Jews.

Yet, when the BBC reports on Hamas it uses phrases like “the Palestinian militant group Hamas” (see here) ” or “Israel regards Hamas as a terrorist organisation” (see here).

It states Hamas to be one “of the two main Palestinian factions” (see here) or it states, somewhat euphemistically, that “when Hamas won an election back in 2006, they kicked Fatah out of…Gaza” (see here).

Hamas is far more sinister than a “faction”. It is also far more sinister than a “militant group”, which gives the impression that it fights other military organisations as opposed to targeting innocent Israelis out for lunch with their families, queueing outside an Israeli nightclub or on the bus to work.

And to state “Israel regards Hamas as a terrorist orgnisation” is playing somewhat loose with the truth. It is listed by America and the EU as being a terrorist organisation.

As is stating “Hamas kicked Fatah out of …Gaza”. They murdered them out of Gaza. They tied Fatah activists hands behind their backs before shoving them head first off the tops of buildings.

How Fatah can now reunify with Hamas after having been so brutally dealt with by them is beyond me.

Fatah are obviously feeling the backlash after Palileaks exposed their negotiations with Israel. They know that any Palestinian that agrees a peace deal with Israel will find themselves swinging by a Hamas rope in the middle of the nearest Palestinian town square.

But I was amazed when on May 4th a Channel 4 newsreader, not Jon Snow, read out that the Hamas Charter is dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

Shouldn’t that be the form adopted by the BBC; to tell the licence payer what Hamas actually stands for? I cannot see Auntie Beeb declaring, while everyone is having supper, that Hamas desires to kill Jews but, as with Channel 4 News, stating that Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel must, surely, be a minimum.

And on BBC Radio 5 Live the day after bin Laden was killed even David Cameron gave an interview showing just how out of touch he is with the true nature of Hamas. He said there are three things necessary for “a more peaceful world”:

1. Get bin Laden and roll up Al Qaeda.
2. Make sure the Arab Spring is a success and
3. Bring a historic peace deal between the Palestinians and the Israelis. (listen here: )

So while it is ok for Britain and America to “get bin Laden and roll up Al Qaeda” Israel has to keep its own civilians under constant fear of terror by signing a deal with Hamas, an organisation that simply wants all Jews dead. An organisation that expresses a desire to kill Jews does not want peace. Hamas is Israel’s Al Qaeda and should be dealt with as such.

If Cameron wants “a more peaceful world” it will be one without both Al Qaeda and Hamas in it. To talk of a historic peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians without mentioning the true nature of Hamas is nonsensical.

But getting back to the signature collection last Sunday, at first I was a bit sceptical but there was a real apetite by many passers-by to express their disgust at the BBC’s leniency towards Hamas by signing the petition. Many also expressed there disgust at Channel 4′s The Promise.

Meanwhile, the petition should soon be online and there will be further street signature collections.

Another signature for the BBC.

And another


The Fogel children who were murdered while in bed by Palestinian terrorists.

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  1. Ever notice that while the “progressive” left says they don’t support Hamas they’re nowhere near as malicious in their criticism of Hamas as they are of the Israeli government? Hamas personifies everything that is illiberal and regressive. In fact, there is absolutely nothing liberal/progressive about Hamas at all! The far left and their faux “liberal” allies refuse to be as critical of Hamas as they are of any other rightwing organization. They’re more critical of Israeli liberal zionists than they are far rightwing Hamasniks. Behold, the fascist left!

  2. Good luck with the Campaign. The BBC will describe Hamas as a genocidal organization when pigs fly.

  3. The BBC is infested by Muslim palestinians,and deluded members of the Left..
    Nothing will change.

    The BBC an organization that shills for genocidal organizations.

    BTW Harriet Sherwood (an incompetent technological novice) has an article about palestinian unity between Hamas and Fatah.

    Harriet Sherwood is hoping that pigs WILL fly.
    If Harriet Sherwood ever flies,then the pigs still have hope.

  4. I know some of you have to watch the BBC (news) otherwise you can’t report on their bias (pity you). Me? I hate that organisation with passion. It is pro-Islamist and “anti-Israeli” (read between the lines here) to its core. It gives moral support to some of the most heinous terrorist fundies of this world. I came to that conclusion long time ago and have never watched their propaganda, sorry, “news” for a long time and see that things have only got worse.

    And the most shooting blood from the eye thing about this thing is: that we are actually paying for this tower of depravity.

  5. Andy Marr and Jerry Bowen.
    Trousers down, Marr’s arse is showin’.
    Jerry pulls his trousers up,
    After giving tuches schtup.

  6. Excellent idea, and about time, although they’ll have their work cut out I think given that the new Director General of the BBC is Chris Patten, who’s hardly impartial where Israel is concerned (perhaps that’s why he was appointed).

    A suggestion which I intend to make to them when I join their group – for heaven’s sake sort out the spelling on the web page! I give you “emmbessy” That’s akin to putting a broken-English speaker in front of the world media cameras to put Israel’s case.

  7. Ahem, I said “when” I join them, but you have to be on Facebook, which lets me out.

    If any of them are looking in – hey guys, well done for a first attempt, but why not be totally inclusive and let us subscribe by email if we wish?

    Also, fix the links and the spelling, eh?

  8. Come on Rural – surely the BBC isn’t quite as bad as you state.

    It’s just full of smug, wishy-washy ultra-PC liberals who think they know what’s best for their captive public. What they love above all is to pity and patronise people, but Jews/Israelis ( as we all know ) are hard to patronise, hence the blatant anti-Zionist ideology of both the Beeb and The Graun. Of course they prefer to deal with programs about Jewish suffering during the Holocaust – especially if they can connect it to Palestinian suffering today …

    Ah, those pics of Golders Green bring back memories…

  9. Your report is all well and good. But please give us a petition to sign on-line.

    • Hear hear! Yet another missed opportunity by pro Israel supporters. Boy, does that irritate me!