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Update on terrorist attack in TA. Witness: Driver was shouting “Death to Jews” and “Allahu Akbar”

Per the Jerusalem Post:

A witness who claims he stopped the driver who hit several cars on Tel Aviv’s Bar Lev Street Sunday in what police called a suspected terror attack, said he initially thought thedriver had just lost control of his breaks.

Arik Levy told Israel radio that when he went to go help the driver, he saw him continue to hit cars and street lights, and heard him saying “Allahu Akbar” and “death to Jews.”

Levy said he ran up to the driver, the two struggled for a short time, and then police arrived at the scene after 10 minutes. 

Another witness who saw the incident said the driver “looked crazy.”

The eye witness, 18 year old Natalie, said she saw the truck driver driving in zigzags, and “deliberately hitting everything he saw.” 

“It was obvious it was deliberate,” she said. “He was looking at the road and then back down at his wheel. He looked crazy.”

Read the rest of the story, here.

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  1. Am hearing that the driver’s family excused his behaviour by saying that he was “tired.” That takes the biscuit. Must remember that the next time I run amok in my local Muslim enclave breaking heads with a baseball bat…..

  2. He is not crazy,we are for tolerating these killers and making excuses for them,bring in capital punishment.

  3. The Guardian are of course having a field day with the Nakba day events, reporting them in their usual “unique” way with words-

    “Palestinian youths wounded after march on Gaza-Israeli border

    At least 15 youths wounded by bullets and shrapnel after Israel fired tank shells and machine guns on people marking nakba”

  4. SerJew

    I have never pretended to be neutral. I do try to present truth (selective obviously) and to use logic in my arguments. That’s more than can be said for many on this site.

  5. “I have never pretended to be neutral. I do try to present truth (selective obviously) and to use logic in my arguments.”

    So did Streicher and Goebbels.

  6. “I have never pretended to be neutral. ” sencar

    Yes, you did exactly that, all the time. Though everybody here knows very well that you are just totally biased against Israel, you´ve come up with your self-definition of a “truth/logic” seeker, which is your sad attempt to look impartial.

    Why can´t you be honest and just say you can´t stand Israel, period? Because, rest assured, you don´t fool anybody with your posturing. Probably the only barrier against people showing their true colours these days is the standard PC-mantra that says it is bad-bad to explicitely hateful. But even this last barrier is eroding fast, and that´s the use of hate-fest places such as CiF, were anti-semites masked as anti-zionists gauge the appropriateness of what can be said, each time going further and further down the sewage.

    But meanwhile, people hide their little hatreds with masks of pseudo-objetivity and barely concealed double-standards, which is mandatory of left-wingers when dealing with Israel. That´s what you attempt to do. It´s just classic.

  7. The same posters that post on CiF in the Guardian,also post in Haaretz.

    Haaretz is infested with left wing Israeli’s and foreigners,these foreign leftists form the bulk of the Haaretz readers.

    Two things motivate these miserable left wing losers,envy and hate.They hate and envy anyone who does better them them.