The dishonesty of Soumaya Ghannoushi and her Guardian enablers

The contempt towards Israel by CiF commentator Soumaya Ghannouchi, the daughter of Islamic extremist Rachid Ghannouchi, is as palpable as it is predictable.  

In her latest offering (Obama, hands off our spring, CiF, May 26), during the course of lecturing President Obama on the need to leave the Arab world alone and let the Islamists assert their proper hegemony in the region, Ghannoushi added this:

Obama himself, who began his Middle East speech with eulogies to freedom and the equality of all men, and ended it with talk of the “Jewishness of Israel”, in effect denying the citizenship rights of 20% of its Arab inhabitants and the right of return of 6 million Palestinian refugees.

Leaving aside Ghannoushi’s desire to destroy Israel through an unlimited “right of return” – a figure, by the way, which exceeds by 1.4 million the official population as accepted by the UN (4.6 million) – I wondered when reading the line I highlighted, which makes the patently false argument that Obama’s acknowledgement of the Jewish character of Israel has the “effect” of denying citizenship rights to her Arab citizens, whether the editors at CiF exercise any journalistic oversight whatsoever over the content they publish.  

Ghannoushi’s lazy assertion about the denial of Arab citizenship rights is intellectually dishonest and factually inaccurate – in short, a lie dressed up with language vague enough (“the effect of…”) to provide cover from challenges to its empirical accuracy. 

While I don’t expect Ghannoushi to acknowledge the politically inconvenient fact that Israel’s Arab citizens enjoy freedoms and civil rights that citizens in the rest of the Arab world have been denied, I would expect the editor responsible for the truth and accuracy of CiF commentaries to challenge such patently false assertions which “have the effect” of demonizing and further delegitmizing the Jewish state. 

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  1. …in effect denying the citizenship rights of 20% of its Arab inhabitants

    Soumaya, Soumaya in effect you don’t know what you are speaking about.
    But don’t worry it is perfectly natural in Islamist – Guardian circles…

  2. Peter, you are of course correct. To know one’s subject is not a vital prerequisite to write for the Guardian, particularly if one comes from an “oppressed” nation (even if the causes of that “oppression” are largely self-imposed).

    Adam, Ghannouchi is hardly the sharpest knife in the Islamist-supporting drawer and the Groan is scraping the bottom of the barrel when it accepts rubbish like this from her in its feverish attempts to put out its “Palestinians as refugees” guff.

    Usually, lived experience teaches adults when what they want is unrealistic or unachievable, and life has a nasty habit of booting such ignoramuses up the backside if they persist in such fancies. Something tells me that the backsides of Ghannouchi and others who “think” like her would have to be swollen and bruised before that message gets through, so impervious to learning from past experience are they.

    That this pea brain actually thinks that the “Arab spring” is working is proof positive of her delusions. And she can’t actually be “intellectually dishonest” if she can lay no reasonable claim actually to possessing an intellect worthy of mention.

    And as for “…I would expect the editor responsible for the truth and accuracy of CiF commentaries to challenge such patently false assertions which “have the effect” of demonizing and further delegitmizing the Jewish state…” from you, well I wouldn’t hold your breath. The delegitimisation of the Jewish state is the whole raison d’etre of the Guardian and Rustbucket and his chums are its outriders.

  3. What Gannoushi also hides under her niqab is that she is the daughter of an Islamic extremist vying for the presidency of Tunisia after returning from exile in France.

    If this sounds like a repeat of Khomeini’s return to Iran from France it is and we have seen this movie before. It is not surprising that she emulates the Iranian leadership’s hatred of Israel.

  4. I think this whole Arab Spring business is going to come bite us in the arse. It will bring the worst islamists out of the woodwork and then the progressives will blame it all on the Jews.

    • The Arab Springers (as opposed to the Jerry Springers) are already blaming the Jews, Rural. They hadn’t the first idea of a game plan when they began their “spring” – they probably thought it would magically evolve and give them paradise on earth without them having to do anything except yell and leap about and otherwise foam at the mouth – and, when it all goes belly up as you may be sure that it will, we can expect the sort of behaviour as in Tahrir Square, orchestrated, of course, by Islamofascists, see

      and equally disturbingly, see article at

      and in particular

      “Logan’s beating not only begins to expose the lie that this was a non-ideological, secular event, it provides a candid glimpse at the ideology and religious undercurrent at work in Egypt’s streets. As Aaron Goldstein noted, “The fact that Logan is not Jewish only reinforces how deeply saturated anti-Semitism is in Egypt [and] demonstrates how little it takes for this ancient hatred to show its face even in the midst of jubilation.” The hatred this mob of angry Muslims had for Jews was so intense, it turned a blond reporter working for a leftist American television station into an “Israeli spy.”

      Jew-hatred is “deeply saturated” in every Muslim country on earth, because the Muslim prophet commanded his slavish followers to hate and kill Jews. Note how in the above account these animals didn’t see the difference between “Jew” and “Israeli.”

      These people are incapable of locating any responsibility for things going wrong with their “spring” within themselves or within the geopolitical situation. It will always be someone else’s fault, and the someone else will be the oldest Muslim scapegoat (following the example of their prophet) the Jews.

  5. And see Geary’s (my!) piece below on how Egypt, with its large Christian Copt minority calls itself both Arab and Islamic and proudly proclaims its law is based on Islamic law.

    Why isn’t Ghannoushu mewing about “in effect denying the citizenship rights of its Christian inhabitants”?

  6. As so often in recent weeks, you have yet again highlighted the very sentence/phrase that I likewise took particular issue with.

  7. Akus – actually, Daddy Ghannouchi was in (self-imposed) exile in the UK since 1991, and granted asylum by the Home Office in 1993, complete with council house in Ealing apparently, and a position with Qaradawi’s ‘European Council for Fatwa and Research’.

    Soumaya of course – in addition to writing for CiF and working as a researcher at SOAS – also does star turns for the Muslim Brotherhood linked ‘Muslim Association of Britain’ and the ‘British Muslim Initiative’.

    One of her three sisters, Intissar Kherigi, who you may have seen quite frequently on the BBC as well as on CiF, is a lawyer and (guess what) ‘human rights campaigner’ and has worked at the EU, the UN and the House of Lords.

    And there’s also a cousin – Rachid Ghannouchi’s nephew – Dr. Souheil Ghannouchi – who lives in the US and was executive director of the Muslim American Society as well as a board member of the Dar al Hirjah mosque in Falls Church, where al Awlaqi preached.

  8. Like someone on that thread posted,”the only Arab Spring there is, are Arabs springing away from the bullets that are being shot at them.

    You like to think of spring as a time of growth and renewal,not of chaos and destruction.

    • The Arabs’ perception of what a “spring” means is one more example of the ease with which they invert reality.

      They think just because they call it that it’ll magic itself into what they want, but they don’t know what they want, but they sure as hell get hot under the collar if they don’t get it. (Yes, nonsensical, but then so is much of what passes for Arab reasoning).

  9. You simpering fools.These extremists are of course CIA Ziocon plants,as,indeed was Mohammed himself.Beware the lizard youknowwhoooossss.

  10. Levick, you are deep as my grandmom’s foot bath tub. Your “leaving aside” of 6 million people’s right to come back to their homes and their land stolen from them by thieves and murders (terrorist Irgun and its successors) is central point in futile attempts to defend injustice that was done by Zionists who came to occupy Palestine.
    Obama and his Zionist financiers pray at night to get chance to re-install old Arab regimes that protected Nazi-methods as we saw in Ghaza. Forget that time, new dawn is here with Islamists or without them – it is our choice and not Obama’s or worst yours.

    • …Your “leaving aside” of 6 million people’s right to come back to their homes…

      According to Mahmud Abbas next week the number was 4.6 million. These people must have a fantastic reproduction capability…Continuing this rate there won’t remain any virgin for the future shahids.

      …old Arab regimes that protected Nazi-methods as we saw in Ghaza….

      Correct. Assad and his Nazi regime supported the fascists of Hamas in Gaza.

      …Forget that time, new dawn is here with Islamists or without them..

      This new dawn?
      Seems to me you are desperate to get your collective asses kicked again KB. The fact that your new dawn will cause the martyrdom of a lot of Palestinians must not influence your noble declaration of war…