Unintentionally hilarious radical NGO fundraising letter of the day

Some NGO called the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information just sent out a frantic fundraising letter, which reads in part:

Dear Friends of IPCRI

The financial situation for the entire peace community in Israel and Palestine is become increasingly difficult.  Traditional supporters such as European governments and Foundations are being frightened away from funding these activities because of the aggressive work of groups like Im Tirtzu which try to intimidate organizations such as the New Israel Fund and its supporters, and from the intellectual terrorism of the NGO Monitor which frightens donors to shy away and even completely cease the funding of Israeli and Palestinian peace and human rights NGOs.

Boy, where to begin?  

First, the degree to which “the” NGO Monitor is indeed influencing the EU to reconsider their funding of radical NGOs who, far from promoting peace, routinely go well beyond their “humanitarian” mandate to engage in highly politicized campaigns to delegitimize and isolate the state of Israel is a cause for celebration – as accountability, the last time I checked, was still considered to be a progressive notion.

Also, its interesting how thin-skinned such groups are: large, wealthy, and powerful (EU funded) NGOs who apparently feel “intimidated” by one small watchdog group working to hold them accountable by engaging in such insidious tactics as releasing long, dry, well-researched, and generously footnoted monographs and, even on occasion, a sharply worded press release!   

Let there be no doubt, Gerald Steinberg’s academic ‘reign of terror’ is a chilling and ominous development, one which has evidently caused a profound and palpable sense of fear across the land. 

(Also, don’t forget to purchase your “intellectual terrorism” gear, here)

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  1. Where to begin indeed.

    As a linguistic stickler, I find the grammar/syntax/spelling alone pretty offensive.

  2. “Intellectual terrorism” is better than the economic terrorism of BDS threats, or the cultural terrorism of book banning and pressure on artists not to perform in Israel.

    There’s also the historical terrorism of revisionism, the moral terrorism of seeing any piece by Ben White, the visual terrorism of a Steve Bell cartoon, and the list goes on…

  3. “As a linguistic stickler, I find the grammar/syntax/spelling alone pretty offensive.”

    Cold on “anti-Zionism” and hot on linguistic faux pas. I like a man who has his priorities straight.