Jim Bollan (Scottish BDS Advocate) anti-Israel Emails of the Day

West Dunbartonshire Council member James Bollan, Scottish BDS advocate and Hamas supporter, is the gift that keeps on giving.

Here’s the latest anti-Israel hate he’s expressed to anti-boycott activists:

“Obnoxious Israel”

Hamas: Palestinian democrats:

Israel is an “apartheid” state:

Dark, unspecified, prophecy:

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  1. I also had a surprisingly unpleasant couple of emails from him today – I wonder how many more Jims are lurking in council corridors around the UK?

    • I can’t find where to write a new comment. So, I’m writing it here as a reply. I e-mailed Mr. Bollan and already got a response from him. He asked me: Will these be the Palestinians who the IDF have been bombing in Gaza?

      I answered him: These are the terrorists who have been shooting rockets at Israeli towns for the past ten years. After nine years of non-stop bombing of our towns, the IDF finally retaliated. And during that war (Operation Cast Lead) Hamas used the citizens as ‘human shields’ and shot their rockets from schools, hospitals, mosques and homes. These are the terrorists (Hamas) who took over the Gaza Strip in a coup and shot Fatah men in the street and threw them off of buildings. Why don’t you learn something about what really happened!!

  2. Bollan is on record on his video as calling the response to the West Dunbartonshire boycott “startling”


    Because Jews and Israelis are no longer inclined just to suck it up?

    Or is it because that reaction has come two years after this benighted lot declared it?

    Does he know?

    I am inclined to say that he ain’t seen nothing yet.

  3. I notice the councillor mentions the uprisings in the neighbouring countries.

    Is he aware of Israel’s Arab population? Isn’t he asking himself why they might not be joining in?

  4. As a one-time councillor myself I’ve been commenting on this elsewhere.

    The motion to boycott Israeli goods because of the ‘disproportionate force’ used in ‘Palestine’ appears on an agenda of 29th January 2009. As you can see by the date, this was days after the cease fire and of course, no official inquiry had been set up much less reached any conclusions. It seems to me then, that this vote was taken not on any official data, but in accordance to media reports. I find that quite shocking. Although quite what a local council is doing getting itself involved in foreign policy is beyond me.

    I wonder how they – a council – determined what is classified as ‘disproportionate’ according to military and international law?

    One councillor (not Jim Bollan) has made a video and a statement. Part of the statement reads:

    ““West Dunbartonshire Council remains committed to our boycott of Israeli goods and our resolve has only been strengthened by the torrent of vile abuse threats of violence against our families that has come from people who claim to be peace loving people.”

    Part of my reply on the blog in question reads:

    “So, what has actually been said here?

    There is no mention of Israel having exacerbated the situation that existed in 2009. Yet the council’s resolve has been strengthened. Why? According to Cllr McColl this is because the councillors have experienced a very negative reaction from some members of the public.”

    Thank goodness I’m not a resident of Dunbarton is all I can say!

    • When coming across the ‘disproportionate charge relating to Cast Lead, one commenter hit it on the head. He wrote sarcastically ‘proportionate for me means that when Hamas fire a rocket at a school bus and kill a 15 year old student, Israel should search out a random 15 year old Palestinian student on his way home from school and kill him.’

      It is triking in the horror that this suggestion evokes in people of (evil) Western based moral grounding. It is what differentiates us from ‘the enemy’ whatever excuses are made for their behavior.

  5. Silverdog,

    “The guy is a drunken douchebag.”

    A drunken douchebag in power that has hardly been challanged for 2 years…

      • Your poisonous little post is proof positive of two things: nothing has changed in the gentile world since the liberation of Auschwitz; after the Holocaust, Europe should have been hung from the highest rafters before being tossed on the nearest dung heap.

        You are well named.

        • Sorry Lehi, my fault, I didn’t mean to reply to your post, I was venting my spleen about this balloon Bollan.

          שלום :o)

  6. “I am sure that some of Cllr Bollan’s best friends are Jewish.” It would be interesting to know if there were any Jews in West Dunbartonshire and what they think of all this. If he were my councilor, I would have grave reservations about raising any local matter with him.

  7. “I would have grave reservations about raising any local matter with him”

    If you take the statement (above) as it stands then you’d be quite right to have reservations.

    What this statement implies is that if and when the council makes a decision that later causes public outrage, and if that outrage personally offends, upsets or otherwise affects the councillors themselves, then they don’t do the professional thing, which is to listen to the people and undertake an evidence-based review; instead, they ‘strengthen their resolve’ to go with the original decision. That’s not democratic. It’s actually quite threatening.

    In saying this Cllr McColl clearly thought he was showing some kind of courage-in-the-face-of-adversity thing. What he actually showed was that he is in the wrong job.

    It isn’t about him or his fellow councillors. It isn’t necessarily about public opinion. It’s about putting ego and posutring to one side and reaching conclusions based on facts and data – not on emotions.

    Even if every resident of Dunbarton is persuaded into thinking McColl and Bollan are right about the boycott, the vote is still wrong because it has been taken only on what was available in the media at the time and is therefore not based on any factual evidence.

    Judging by what I’ve seen thus far though, I doubt very much that the two councillors speaking on this matter would understand this point.

  8. I believe his final sentiment is more usually, in the West of Scotland and elsewhere. expressed in Irish.

    Although I suppose in this circumstances one might elide the final two words so that it now reads “tiocfaidh Allah”, at the expesne of the meaning.

    Man is clearly (as if it weren’t already obvious) a partisan tit taking sides in someone else’s conflict and thus helping to prolong it, just as those Irish-Americans and others who utterd that slogan and gave support to the armed wing of those proposing it helped ensure the troubles continued for decades longer than they need have.

  9. Der Gott Israels, der Gott Abrahams, Isaaks und Jakobs, ist grösser und mächtiger als Ihre Bemühungen, den Staat Israel auszulöschen !!!!!

  10. Eschler,

    You are right, of course, but we have a saying in English, “God helps those who help themselves.” The IDF has its place too.

  11. Lord knows how you got them, but I don’t think it fair or proper for you to publicise private information, like his phone numbers, when reproducing what appear to be private e-mails – whatever else you may think of this chap.