What the Guardian won’t report: Assad regime paid impoverished Syrian farmers to participate in riots on Israel’s borders

H/T Challah Hu Akbar

A Press Release by the Reform Party of Syria:

The Reform Party of Syria has learned today, from intelligence sources close to the Assad regime in Lebanon, that Syrians storming through the Golan Height next to the Quneitra crossing are Syrian farmers who have migrated in recent years from the drought-stricken northeast Syria to the south. Estimates put the number at 250,000 impoverished migrants.

Information received cite the regime has paid hundreds of these farmers $1,000 each to show-up and $10,000 to their families should any of them succumb to Israeli fire. In Syria, an average salary is about $200 a month and to these impoverished farmers, such a one-time sum can keep them economically afloat for six months.

Such a tactic was used in the past by another defunct Ba’ath Party in Iraq, under Saddam Hussein, to pay Intifada-driven Palestinians the sum of $25,000 to their next-of-kin should they die throwing stones. That measure had a worldwide impact and it seems the Assad regime is using the same play from a twin playbook.

It is obvious, with this action, Assad wants to divert the attention of the world away from his own massacres and brutality that resulted in some 70 deaths yesterday and about 30 today in Jisr al-Shoghour. RPS expects, on the basis of today’s success, for these operations of incursions to multiply in scope in the near future for two reasons: 1) Divert the attention away from Assad’s barbarism and savagery, and 2) Stand tall again in the eyes of the regime’s supporters whose morale has taken quite a beating the last 3 months because of the violence perpetrated by Assad against unarmed civilians.

On this day of Naksa, RPS strongly believes in ownership and title of its Golan Heights. But unlike a regime bred on the use of violence, the Syrian people, demonstrating how peaceful they are as they endure one massacre after another, believe in peaceful negotiations to repatriate our lands. If Assad really wanted the Golan Heights, he would walk the same peaceful path Anwar Sadat walked long before him. But then, if he does, how can he justify his own existence as the Commandant de laRésistance. 

For Assad, winning through peace means also losing the war against his own people.

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  1. It isn’t just the Guardian. The Telegraph’s report could have been written by a Hamas operative:

    ’20 dead’ as Israeli troops fire on Golan Heights protesters

    My favourite line:

    “The march, led by refugees intent on reclaiming their homes lost to Israel in an earlier war in 1948, was the second of its kind in just over three weeks.”

    CAMERA on Blomfield’s prejudices:

    From the Telegraph, a Virtual How-To Guide for Anti-Israel Bias

  2. The question is not who prompted the protestors to approach the border but why Israeli troops reacted by killing unarmed civilians. Oh, sorry, that’s what Israeli troops are trained to do.

    • No; that’s what ALL troops anywhere in the world are trained to do when non-passport-carrying stone-throwing border-fence cutting rioters from a country with which their own nation is at war and who have already been kind enough to make their non-peaceful intentions very clear on public forums do.

      ‘Unarmed civilians’ is a marvellous euphemism by the way – well done for thinking of that one. Or was it in the same booklet as ‘resistance’ and ‘militant’? You know: the one the brain-dead far Left uses so it can blindly follow the ‘party line’ without having to understand and analyse a situation for itself.

      • Even if the protestors had been ninety-year-old great-grandmothers waving flowers and chanting Psalms, the IDF would have had no option but to employ deadly force at some point to turn them back. If the IDF acted otherwise, the precedent would be set and within weeks if not days Israel would cease to exist. If the rest of the world were in the same position as Israel I doubt whether it would show the same restraint.

  3. “Oh, sorry, that’s what Israeli troops are trained to do.”

    Anti-Semites do not not have to be trained to write like this. They suck it in with their mothers’ milk.

  4. Actually I read the Guardian somewhat differently. See this article which somewhat concurs with your position:

    It says “One demonstrator who was wounded that day told the Guardian the Lebanese militia Hezbollah had given him $50 to turn up at the border and $900 to have his gunshot wounds treated by physicians.” and
    “As night fell there were reports that anti-tank mines may have detonated near the Syrian border town of Quinetra, accounting for some deaths.”

  5. I venture to suggest that Blomfield’s prejudices are less clearly telegraphed than usual in this particular dispatch. The “20 dead” is attributed to the Syrian government, whose own scorecard is known to ignore nos. 1 – 19, while the one demonstrator quoted is also characterised as having been wounded in both feet, this substantiating the IDF’s non-lethal tactics. There is a report of an open-ended sit-in by the demonstrators at the border. Rain dance, anyone?

  6. “After live gunfire failed to disperse the crowds, Israeli troops fired volleys of tear gas over the border. Many people fled while others lay on the ground.”

    This quote from BBC News ( shows just how ready the IDF is to kill unarmed civilians. The tear gas actually worked but it was only used after the bullets failed.

    • Tear gas is against violent demonstrators and not foreign attackers on a border with an enemy state. And true the IDF is ready to shoot armed and unarmed civilians or others if they are trying to breach the Israeli borders using violence as any other state on Earth would do the same. Maybe you sencar instead of incite others to do the job, you should show a personal example and participate in the next turn. (Don’t worry this is only a joke – your kind of “intellectual” Jew-hater armchair heroe is very careful to remain in the hinterland and always sends others to endanger themselves not risking your precious skin.)

  7. If you believe the Reform Movement of Syria, I have a bridge in the centre of London I want to sell you. Talk about clutching at straws