Update on Syrian incursions on Israel’s northern border

Here’s a brief update by Israelinurse on ongoing attempts, coordinated and inspired by the Syrian regime, to infiltrate Israel’s northern borders:

Sunday night: 

1) Druze in Majdal Shams join riots from Israeli side of fence – some footage here:

One Israeli policeman was injured in the head and one journalist was injured. A Druze boy, aged 8, fell off a roof or balcony whilst watching the riots – evacuated to Rambam hospital by helicopter, which would suggest a bad head injury because that’s the only reason we evacuate by ‘copter from the Golan to Rambam – otherwise he’d have been taken to Tsfat. 

Religious (Druze) elders of Majdal seem to have been able to calm the rioters down. 

2) The White House is ‘worried‘ and apparently taking Syrian casualty figures at face value. 

3) Rioters on Syrian side camping out there overnight: refusing to go home.  Trouble expected to continue tomorrow. 

4) At Kuneitra 3 were arrested. Molotov cocktails thrown by Syrians set off fires which triggered land mines (on the Syrian side of the border), causing several deaths and injures.

Monday morning: 

1) IDF inquiry shows some protesters (8) caused their own deaths by igniting brush fires which triggered Syrian landmines.

In addition, when cease fires were called to allow the Red Cross to evacuate injured protesters continued to engage in violence – delayed evacuation and possibly contributing to fatalities. 

2) AP reports that the Syrian police are now preventing rioters from approaching the border by setting up checkpoints. 

3) IDF Chief of Staff tours border area: instructs soldiers to continue to be restrained. 

Funerals will begin tomorrow around noon in Kuneitra. IDF sure that the Syrians have inflated the numbers.

4) Israeli Police apparently are considering making the Druze villages a closed military zone over the holiday.

5) Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah comments on situation: (Translation of Hebrew report on Israeli news site by Israelinurse)

“All that is happening now in Palestine and the victories of the resistance, and what happened in the Golan – proves that the Palestinians have strong will. It proves that they are not disheartened.”

 “Today we must stand by the Palestinians with pride and especially with those who stood steadfast in the Golan against Israel and sacrificed their blood.”

“Khomeini is convinced that Israel is going towards annihilation and that its disappearance is near.”

Our faith and our region have stood against the most dangerous war in our history. All the military, intelligence, economic and psychological resources used by the US and Europe to conquer our region in order to establish a new Middle East have failed.”

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  1. “Funerals will begin tomorrow around noon in Kuneitra. IDF sure that the Syrians have inflated the numbers.”

    No doubt the Syrians can “contribute” a few hundred bodies from those they have killed over the last month or so to improve the visuals.

  2. Where were the UNDOF forces during the demostrations? Their base is less than a kilometer from the border at Quneitra and they were absolutlely invisible on the TV footages. They cost the UN 40-50 million USD/per month and their only job is to prevent incidents like the Naksa day events. The same question could be asked regarding the UNIFIL at the Lebanese border on May 15.

  3. Some thoughts on Shavuout:
    Shavuot is blessed with a beautiful megillah, the Book of Ruth. I sometimes wonder how Ruth managed to worm her way into the Book of Books; perhaps the Song of Songs paved the way for her. It could never happen today. The Education Ministry and Mercaz Harav would never consent, and the Culture and Sports Ministry would disqualify its candidacy for the Zionist Artwork Award.

    That’s all we need: For a complete goy – a Moabite, on top of all her other problems – to marry Mahlon, who, even though he has fallen low, is still a Jew. By what right did she cleave to Naomi – a healthy woman, after all, who doesn’t need a Filipina in constant attendance – so that she could later seduce another wealthy Jewish man, thus enabling her to remain without a permit from the rabbis and without even a pro forma conversion? And how did it happen that “all the people” were happy and supportive, without a single opponent?

    After all, even back then, they could have deported her as a foreign agricultural worker who had infiltrated into Israel by means of dubious paperwork.

  4. Our education minister, Gideon Sa’ar, is also living in the Book of Joshua, as if the Torah had no other books – as if we had no children here, but only our distant forefathers. Of all the possible nationwide school trips, he chose to join the first visit by students to the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, to support his new program, “Visits to the Land of Our Fathers.” A few months ago, he threatened a principal with dismissal because he proposed teachers take a tour of army checkpoints. But what is permissible for an emperor is forbidden to the flea in his ear.

    As a part-time civics teachers when he deems the occasion right, Sa’ar surely explained to the visiting students how the Jewish settlement was established in “Kiryat Arba, which is Hebron” as a plot against the government; how the settlers there beat up soldiers and policemen and spat on their neighbors; how the people who dwell by the Cave of the Patriarchs make pilgrimages to the grave of the Jewish murderer Baruch Goldstein, and sanctify his name in public; how the Torah handed down at Sinai authorized us to dispossess, deport and seal houses; and why a Hebron market street stands empty.

  5. False messiahs in Israel’s capital


    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chose to devote so-called “Jerusalem Reunification Day,” marking the 44th anniversary of the capital, under its current status, in which Jews are citizens and non-Jews are not, to the country’s real center – Mercaz Harav Kook, a yeshiva and the center of religious settler messianic ideology.

    On his perceived-as-victorious return from Washington, the Rome of today, Netanyahu was welcomed at the messianic core like an anointed king. Taking their seats with all the proper respect and giving their blessings were the police investigation refuseniks, the anointers – Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the ethnic cleansing rabbi from Safed, and Rabbi Dov Lior, the senior messianic rabbi, the rabbi of the first Jewish underground, mass murderer Baruch Goldstein’s rabbi, the rabbi of the rulings declaring Yitzhak Rabin a “pursuer” and a “betrayer,” and the rabbi behind the book of incitement to murder of non-Jews, “Torat Hemlekh.”

    In turn, Netanyahu addressed his anointers and their followers, declaring them to be his source of strength in his dealings with U.S. President Barack Obama. “You are the elite special ops unit that leads the nation.”

    Only in Jerusalem is messianism growing stronger. The “crime and punishment” principle has a mythical role in all cultures. In messianic cultures, the upheaval of principles is the essence. When a crime and its punishment are reversed, a messianic sign is born. Netanyahu’s rise to power came under such a sign.

    After the incitement demonstrations he orchestrated to chants of, “With blood and fire, we will expel Rabin,” led to the assassination of a hero and prime minister, the religious right expected punishment – of Netanyahu and of the settlement world. Instead, seven months after the incitement and the murder, the anointed of the right was elected.

    And the drama is repeating itself: The modern-day Ben Koziva, Netanyahu, travels to Washington, enters the lion’s den and slaps the “black Muslim,” aka “president,” in the face, and walks away unscathed. Instead of being punished, he wins applause from the elected of the empire. Like Mordechai the Jew in the Purim story whose audacity led to his crowning, our Bar Kochba mounted the horse of public support.

    The head-spinning from the messianic victory over the “crime and punishment” gave rise to Dagan’s warning. In his opinion, the repeated transition in messianism from the manic to the depressive will end in disaster. From Netanyahu’s current sense that he has the ability to ignore U.S. opposition to a strike against Iran, as well as its demand for peace talks based on the 1967 border lines, the leadership, when faced with the price of September, will get spooked and, in the service of messianism and the settlements, the strike on Iran will come to stop the peace on the basis of 1967.

    When it was exposed, the Netanyahu propaganda machine swung into full gear again and transformed a right-wing general into a “traitor,” “saboteur,” “nutcase” and “gang leader” who is “trying to topple an elected prime minister.” However, the real gang leader can be seen sitting in the Prime Minister’s Residence. Every citizen and every friend of Israel must act to remove his hands from the steering wheel. Never have the words “a matter of life and death” been more accurate.

    • MTC you should give some of your comission you get from Ha’aretz to Cifwatch for letting you to publish the rubbish of Rachlevsky abnd Sarid here. Maybe at Ha’aretz they realized that this is the only way to get people read thheir BS.

  6. Why don’t you try pointing out specifically what you disagree with in these articles ?

    Do you agree with Bibi when he says “You are the elite special ops unit that leads the nation” when speaking to Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, Rabbi Dov Lior, etc ? (both articles refer to this speech).

  7. Were Rachlevsky and his buddies (sadly this very bad bunch includes Sarid too) be able to criticise Bibi’s obvious shortcomings, blunders and politics reasonably and objectively I would be the first to advertise them – but they are not. All they are able to engage in hate speech, wittless Bibi bashing and whining about the stupid Israelis who didn’t vote for them.

  8. Whats any of this have to do with a bullet report on events in the Golan Heights? Another thread hijacking?

    • No this is only an attempt by MTC to market damaged goods or distributing them free.

    • But maybe these news are more connected to the events on the Golan:


      Report: 14 Palestinians killed in Syria camp
      Published yesterday (updated) 07/06/2011 13:48 RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Fourteen Palestinian refugees were reported killed and another 43 injured on Monday, a report from the Palestinian government’s WAFA news said.

      The victims were part of a massive group in Al-Yarmok, an unofficial Palestinian refugee camp in the Syrian capital of Damascus, mourning the death of between 10-23 Palestinians by Israeli fire on the Golan Heights ceasefire line the day before.

      Angered over the failure of camp leaders to organize demonstrations marking the Naksa, the anniversary of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and Golan Heights, an estimated 100,000 mourners were said to have attacked the headquarters of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command.

      Reports said the party’s leadership refused to participate in the Naksa Day events, but encouraged camp residents to do so. Tensions had already been high in the camp, according to Palestinian sources in the area, because of a divide in the support of leaders for the Syrian regime, and many camp residents who support pro-opposition groups.

      Militants with the PRFL-GC reportedly opened fire on the crowd, who were taken to a local camp hospital for treatment. The report cited hospital staff saying 14 were pronounced dead.

      During the clash, mourners reportedly set fire into the PFLP-GC headquarters, and demanded condemned the group for its use of weapons against the crowd


      According to some reports some Palestinian leaders (Mshaal, Jibril and taher) had to be saved by their bodyguards.
      Naturally not a word about this episode of the fight for Palestinian rights
      on the BBC and CNN website at the moment.

      • A polish accident is where more people die in the reenactment. A Palestinian accident is where more people die in the funeral.