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Guardian partners with blog which promotes anti-Semitic imagery

The Guardian’s Comment is Free Editor, Natalie Hanman, recently announced their new partnership with blogs and sites around the web which they will highlight and cross-post.  They announced their decision as motivated by the desire to:

” break down barriers between us and them, between the Guardian’s journalism and the ever-growing wealth of other sources for interesting and informative views on the world….We hope to act as curators for the best of this content…”

The initial list of left-wing partner sites includes a blog called “The Arabist” – a site run by Issandr El Amrani,  former North Africa analyst at the International Crisis Group. 

A quick view of The Arabist took to me to a page on their site called “AIPAC Logo Remakes”.  Here are a few of their remakes:

Organized Jewish community buying the US Congress:

Dual Loyalty charge:

Of note, included in The Arabist’s blog roll is the site about the Arab world called AL-BAB, which seems to be run by Guardian CiF Editor, Brian Whitaker.

Whitaker, as documented in a recent CW post, has consistently expressed an animosity towards the Israel lobby which approaches the conspiratorial – and thus his paper’s partnership with the blog, and their inclusion of his site on their blogroll, represents an interesting, if not at all surprising, anti-Zionist alliance. 

I’ve likely only touched the surface of The Arabist, and will post more as I continue to research this site, as well as the other new Guardian partners.

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  1. Guardian partners with blog which promotes anti-Semitic imagery

    Impossible! It is not anti-semitic! It is progressive liberal!

  2. I am shocked … shocked … by this revelation of the Guardian’s connection to anti-Semitic websites.

    Who would have thought …??

  3. Every single one of the “partner sites” to the Guardian is a left to extreme-left anti-Israel site. No surprise there. Take a look for yourselves if you have the stomach.

  4. I’m not sure what’s most amusing. That you have never heard of the Arabist (one of the most respected sites on Arab politics there is, just check twitter if you want to see who reads it, every single foreign policy person around), or that you think it’s anti-Semitic.

    It shows how in its own bubble this blog is. The Arabist is super famous. While you’re all here stewing in your little pit of hateful rage, there is a whole world out there getting on with life and trying to bring justice to the world.