Chilling email exchange between Scottish BDS advocate, Jim Bollan, and someone he believed was a Hamas supporter

CiF Watch has obtained the following email exchange between Jim Bollan – West Dunbartonshire Council member and fierce BDS advocate – and someone he believed to be a supporter of Hamas:


Then, Bollan responds:


Then a reply to Bollan:


Then, Bollan’s last reply:


So, Jim Bollan (who has previously referred to Hamas as “freedom fighters”), when asked by someone he believed to be a Hamas supporter (and who repeatedly compliments Bollan on his support for the terrorist organization), to take action against the Rotary Club based on their “Zionist affiliations”, and is presented with an excerpt from the most explicitly anti-Semitic Article (22) of the Hamas Charter claiming a Zionist conspiracy to control the world, as proof, doesn’t in any way distance himself from Hamas, the hateful clause of their charter, nor express outrage at the suggestion of a Jewish conspiracy.

Rather, Bollan merely responds by asking for “hard evidence” that the Rotary Club is indeed “acting in a pro-Zionist way”.

Is there really any doubt at this point that Bollan’s support for boycotting all Israeli goods is not based on humanitarian concerns nor an expression of his objections to Israeli policy, but, rather, is informed by sympathies towards the most ugly and hateful anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic conspiracies?

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  1. Who cares about West Dunbartonshire? Jim Bollan is an idiot – but an irrelevant one.

    • ‘Lawrence [a representative of the Board of Deputies] noted that a letter of complaint over the matter was sent to Scottish Member of European Parliament Catherine Stihler, who dismissed the Scottish boycott call as largely meaningless.

      “A Council isn’t able to enforce a ban or make the decision to criminalize trade from a state; this can only come from Westminster,” the MEP wrote. “So the decision seems to be councilors boycotting products from Israel which they cannot force upon anyone but themselves; trade will go on as normal.” ‘,7340,L-4079696,00.html

      Also from the article above:

      ‘Lawrence added that during research into the issue, the pro-Israel group discovered that the life expectancy for Gaza Strip men is 71, compared to only 70 in West Dunbartonshire. ‘

    • It becomes a matter of principle in the end. If West Dunbartonshire manages to implement a boycott of Israel in one form or another, it won’t be long before another council or district will get the same idea. soon it will become accepted practice to boycott Israel. This has to be nipped in the bud while it is still an “irrelevancy”.

    • He’s no idiot, pretzelberg, having left himself plenty of wiggle room through careful wording in his last reply. A malicious creep, nonetheless. If any of his fellow councillors know what’s what, sight of this may encourage them to disassociate themselves from his campaign, though, and take steps accordingly.

  2. It’s pretty clear what is motivating this sad man Bollan.

    Is there any legal path to counter this boycott?

    • One could contemplate forwarding this correspondence to the local Rotary Club who would probably not be pleased to hear that the Councillor is taking this kind of interest in their activities. They might include the sort of people who might try and do something about it. They presumably would not be happy to know that this kind of smear is being spread and that local authorities are considering following it up – though I am not sure what authority the Council has over them. Renting premises maybe?

  3. Nigel, I agree. We need to keep the pressure up against the haters in this stupid and racist council. Bollan is a conspiracy theorist, with the shameful support of the SNP.

    Is the Board of Deputies doing anything?

    • Hi Adam
      There is a BOD meetingh on Sunday – I will try to find out what they have been doing ( usually not a lot)

      Bolan is a member of the scotish Socialist party
      McColl SNP

      I have had no response from the SNP