Confirmed: West Dunbartonshire Councillor Jim Bollan Did Correspond With “Hamas Supporter”

This is cross posted by Aussie Dave at Israellycool, regarding the email exchange (which both Israellycool and CiF Watch published) between Jim Bollan and someone he believed was a Hamas supporter:

Jim Bollan

Yesterday, I posted an email exchange purportedly between someone pretending to be a Hamas supporter, and West Dunbartonshire councilor Jim Bollan. The correspondence indicated that Bollan considered himself to be “a strong supporter” of Hamas, and would be willing to act against an organization for merely behaving in a “pro Zionist way.” Tellingly, it showed he accepted the most vile of antisemitic conspiracy theories, casting further aspersions on his motivations in wanting to ban books from Israel.

As many of you pointed out, there was no proof it was the real Jim Bollan, and I should exercise caution given my source was not a regular Israellycool reader.

It was a point well taken. I firstly contacted Bollan, to ask for his comment. He sent me the following weird response.

I already have.

Given I cannot find any record of a response from Bollan, whether it be on his blog or Twitter account, this was ostensibly not much help to me.

Except it did provide me with Bollan’s IP address: (confirmed to be in the UK).

In parallel I contacted my source ‘Mustaf”, who provided me with the header information of the mail from “Bollan”, which included the IP address:

Based on the almost identifcal IP addresses, I think it’s fair to conclude it really was Jim Bollan who corresponded with someone he thought was a Jew-hating Hamas supporter, and showed a willingness to act on his behalf.

As it turns out, he was really corresponding with someone who expressed these sentiments to me:

I’m helping you because vile antisemitism has no place in society and it is clear that is what is going on in West Dunbartonshire.  If it is left unchecked, it will spread like a cancer to the rest of Scotland and elsewhere.  The disguise of ‘anti-Israel’ or ‘anti-Zionist’ is used to fool people and try to seize some sort of moral high ground by the very people who should be the subject of widespread disgust – they are seeking to turn right into wrong and wrong into right.

Someone needs to take a stand and I’m taking one right here and right now.

Mustafa: thank you.

Jim Bollan: you are going down.

Update: It is not enough that the conduct of the councilors, including this latest example, remain on the blogs. Does anyone have any contacts in the mainstream media?

Update: In an email to me, Bollan has admitted to being the author of the mails. In fact, after I thanked him for clarifying he authored them, his response was:

“No problem Mr Zionist.”

Update: This Scottish Socialist Party Campsie branch member is claiming that my words “You are going down” were a threat of violence, despite the fact this is not at all the common meaning of those words, nor fits the context of my posts on this subject which encourages democratic ways to respond to the boycott. I also very clear to him what I meant.

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  1. Jim Bollan: pro-palestinian, pro-islamofascisgt, pro-socialist.

    I wonder what his opinions are of the “compassionate” release of the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103, in exchange for Libyan oil contracts for BP.

    • Hi
      It is clear that letters o him and teh council are simply not having any effect. I need creative thoughts as to where to go next. I have started to write to churches in the parish. Any other ideas ?
      we need to make sure he is booted out of office. The only way to doi this is if he is deselected ( unlikely as the party is anti Israel) or his local voters turn their back on hi,
      Perhaps this is the way forward -writing to papers, journalists –
      any other ideas

  2. “No problem Mr Zionist”???


    One of the overarching rules for councillors is that they should not bring their council into disrepute. A couple of examples of such conduct are:

    1) A case in which a BNP councillor was brought before the Standards committee for
    “leaving incorrect information of a high profile nature on his blog for over four months”

    2) Another in which a councillor from Kensington was also brought before Standards committee “after he branded a member of the public as a malicious liar. ”

    A quick google search under ‘bringing a council into disrepute’ would highlight other cases.

    Quite apart from ‘No problem Mr Zionist’, this council took a vote condemning Israel for ‘disproportionate force’ on 29th January 2009. As mentioned in a previous thread this was 11 days after the ceasefire. Did the committee have correct and sufficient information at the time of the vote? Indeed – did councillors have ANY information beyond that in the media? Did they understand the term ‘disproportionate’ as it applies to military action and international law? I would suggest that they did not and were, therefore, voting with incorrect and biased information.

    Cllr McColl, in his statement said that he had recieved abuse since this issue became public – he doesn’t go into specifics. But, as a result he said that this had strengthened his resolve’ to stand by the boycott. Again, an appalling and unprofessional attitude. He has not implied that Israel has done anything further to warrent this strengthening of resolve. It’s just that the negative response from members of the public has brought on a severe case of elitism. This should set off huge alarm bells for the electorate because what he has actually said is: “upset me and I’ll just get more stubborn”

    This and not a message I would have thought any councillor hoping for re-election would be putting out. Neither would I think it wise to inform your electorate that in your role as deputy leader of a council, you’re happy to do without reliable and / or official data when you take a vote – the newspapers will do just fine.

    Perhaps formal, written complaints to the council might be in order here. Especially from anyone who has been on the recieving end of ‘No problem Mr Zionist’-type remarks.