Whisky Counter-Boycott

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It looks like the the boycott of Scotch produced in West Dunbartonshire – in response to the council’s boycott of all Israeli goods – has picked up steam. Per the Jerusalem Post:

“The Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC) – a partnership of 250 Jewish men’s clubs [affiliated with the Conservative Movement] that claims more than 25,000 members throughout North America – has joined with synagogues both in Israel and in the diaspora in “suggesting a boycott of scotch from distillers located in West Dunbartonshire Council in Scotland at Kiddush and [in] public and private” celebrations.”

The following list from The Muquata is based on the reports of expert Whisky aficionados living in Scotland who are familiar with the Whiskys in West Dunbartonshire.


This is the most up to date and accurate list as of June 14, 2011 of Whiskys Distilled OR Bottled in West Dunbartonshire.

Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd.
Distillers and bottlers of:

Loch Lomond Distillery Co. Ltd
Distillers and bottlers of:
Loch Lomond, Scots Earl, Distillery Select, Littlemill, Croftengea, Craigslodge, Inchmurrin, Glen Douglas, Inchfad

Chivas Brothers
Distillers and bottlers of:
Single Malts: Glenlivet, Aberlour, Longmorn, Strathisla, Scapa, Tormore
Blends: Chivas Regal, Ballantine’s, Royal Salute, Clan Campbell, 100 Pipers, Something Special, Passport
Gins: Beefeater Dry Gin, Plymouth

As FJMC Executive Director Rabbi Charles Simon concerning the boycott of Israeli goods by West Dunbartonshire in particular, but about such boycotts in general:

“It begins at the top of a large mountain, and gathers momentum until it is transformed into an avalanche.
If we wish to stop it, we need to act as soon as possible.”

Indeed, it’s time to come together as a community now and work to overturn West Dunbartonshire’s boycott before such an avalanche begins. 

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  1. And if the boycott of West Dunbartonshire produce works, will it prove for the likes of Mr Bollan the omnipotent power of the Jews?

    • Unfortunately it does play into their fantasy of being sixties radicals saving the world for the socialist cause, but do you really want these bastards spreading their lies and hate unopposed around the world?

    • it will prove that a Jewish boycott of booze is a powerful intimidating force …

      the one stereotype not yet affixed… 🙂

    • The Edinburg Fringe Festival is a major Scottish event taking place this August. West Dunbarton is just an hour away. It also looks like the shire is the site of the mythical Loch Ness monster. May I suggest if you are planning to attend the former make it known that you intend to avoid the latter.

      Readers might also be interested in the following:

      West Dunbartonshire is UK’s employment blackspot

      May 18 2011 By Carla Donald

      MORE than 40 people are chasing every job in West Dunbartonshire.

      This shocking statistic, which was recently revealed in a study by the Trades Union Congress, is the reason West Dunbartonshire has been named the UK’s worst unemployment blackspot.

      West Dunbartonshire MP Gemma Doyle described the news as “shocking” and claims West Dunbartonshire is suffering badly due to cuts from Westminster.

      The Labour politician said: “It confirms the Tory-led government is cutting too hard and too fast.”

      The recent TUC study showed that West Dunbartonshire topped the unemployment league ahead of East Ayrshire, highlighting the extent to which Scotland has been hit by public sector cuts.

      In March, 3786 people were registered as unemployed in West Dunbartonshire – while there were only 94 vacancies in the area.

      In the last comparable study in 2005, West Dunbartonshire was ranked 38th overall, showing that in recent years, the employment prospects have drastically worsened for local residents.

      Full article:

      • West Dunbartonshire isn’t the home of the “Loch Ness Monster”. Loch Ness is in the Highlands near Inverness.

  2. I have read and agreed with the whole list of beverages here, save one. Could the issue of Aberluor be discussed separately to find some intermediate solution, such as gradual reduction of purchase or whatever?

    • As IMO Aberlour and Glenlivet are the only decent drinks in the list, it’s not a difficult boycott to follow.

  3. Wow. Very useful list, which Duvidl looked through with some trepidation, since he has just bought four single malts for £100 in Heathrow airport on returning from holiday. Luckily, they were Jura, Ardmore, Glenmorangie and The Balvenie. Moreover, there are 2,220 other single malts reviewed in Duvid’s copy of “The Whisky Bible” to choose from without breaking this superb idea of a whisky counter-boycott of West Dumbartonshire malts.

    • NB. For those interested in blended Scotch whisky, there are 450 brands of blended Scotch also reviewed in The Whisky Bible, by Jim Murray.

      • You may be interested to know that the person who bought Chivas in 1950 was a certain Sam Bronfman. The brand suffered from discrimination in certain markets due to his religion. However despite this it still became a global success.
        Sam Bronfman was Jewish.

  4. Beefeater and Plymouth gins are distilled in Scotland, not England: who knew that?

    I don’t approve of boycotts, be they boycotts or counterboycotts, so I won’t be joining in any case. Although as has been observed, most of those whiskys are foul concoctions in any case. In any case, the West Dunbartonshire economy (and btw, as well as being a couple of hundred miles from Loch Ness – although close to Loch Lomond – it’s not somewhere you would pass through by accident en route to or from Edinburgh from almost anywhere) needs all the support it can get, and an economic revivial might do more than anything to defeat the idiotic politics currently in vogue there – so my suggestion is – BUYCOTT, don’t boycott. This might win them over more than any complaining might.

  5. Amazing, amazing amazing! Jews drink alcohol, religious Muslims don’t, so we can have an effect, far beyond our small numbers here in the UK!

    BTW, not that Irish anti-Semites are any better, but Jameson is a fine drink as well, so until some numbskull in Eire proposes a boycott of Israeli books as well, stock up! Jameson’s Kosher too!