UK Jews fight Dunbartonshire boycott, discovered nothing is produced there.

I couldn’t resist linking to this essay, which was originally published at Ynet, but cross posted at Live Leak, with the headline above.  It may not be totally true that nothing, other than deep-fried Mars bars, is produced in West Dunbartonshire but let’s face it: In comparison to the economic success of Israel, a leader in technology and innovation, West Dunbartonshire simply isn’t in the Jewish state’s league.  

British Jews initiate campaign to counter West Dunbartonshire anti-Israel boycott; Group wanted to boycott Scottish district, discovered nothing is produced there, campaign leader says

Lawrence added that during research into the issue, the pro-Israel group discovered that the life expectancy for Gaza Strip men is 71, compared to only 70 in West Dunbartonshire.

“We are thinking of asking Palestinians in Gaza to send an aid flotilla to Dumbarton shire with health tips,” he quipped. “We are asking people from Gaza to send a flotilla with Mars bars, batter and cooking oil in solidarity.”

A group of British Jews have decided to fight back a Scottish anti-Israel boycott, inundating the district behind the move with complaint letters and setting up a Facebook page to counter the embargo.

Nigel Lawrence, a representative of the Board of Deputies of Anglo Jewry, told Ynetnews of the initiative, which followed reports that Scotland’s West Dunbartonshire Council was boycotting all Israeli-made products, including books.

“It infuriates me that Israel is set aside from all other nations,” Lawrence said. “I see no reason for this other than anti-Semitism and I am enraged at the ongoing bias against Israel by some UK institutions.”

“There are a large number of Jewish people in the UK with a very strong love of Zionism,” he said. “The community is, at last, starting to recognize Anti-Zionism for what it is. I am proud to be a part of this growing movement.”

Lawrence said he and other Israel fans set up a Facebook Group to boycott all goods and services in West Dunbartonshire in response to the anti-Israel boycott.

“Sadly, no one has found anything made there.”

Read the rest of the story, here.

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  1. Now why am I not surprised?

    Does the council not provide the gas for the soda water which Scots drink with whisky?

    Heaven knows they spout enough hot air – they might as well use it for something useful.

  2. “Sadly nothing is made there”! This says it allL they simply haven’t got anything productive to do, so they take a bash at Israel….

  3. Classic headline!

    But if you really want to win over the locals, this is not the way to do it.
    You can trash your letter to B&Bers immediately.

  4. The full story is at the Ynet link.

    Why post a link to liveleak and those awful comments?

    • Linking to YNET wouldn’t be much of an improvement—there’s a fair share of anti-Zionist critters commenting there as well.

  5. What difference does it make whether they produce anything or not . Boycott the distilleries regardless. If the US community together with the Christian zionists got on board , it would have an impact .

  6. It says on the West Dunbartonshire Council website:

    “Over recent days there has been some highly misleading publicity in the national and international press concerning West Dunbartonshire Council’s policy on the boycott of Israeli goods. In light of this publicity, the Council has received a number of complaints.”

    It’s good to see that they have had their bottom smacked, and that they are feeling the negative publicity. Keep putting the boot in, it’s the only thing these creeps understand.

    • Accusations that Israeli books have been removed from the shelves of the West Dunbartonshire’s libraries or have been burned are entirely false and appear to be mischievously motivated
      I’m sure some people have made the burning-books reference – but has anyone actually claimed that Israeli books have literally been burned? Even if they have, they must be an insignificant minority of about one. But note how the council seizes the chance to talk about “mischievously motivated” people.

  7. West Dunbartering purchased shares on the global stock exchange for anti-semitism – let’s hope they make a loss.

    • All of us here hope that said stock will plummet – but I fear that’s currently not the case.

  8. “….there has been some highly misleading publicity in the national and international press concerning West Dunbartonshire Council….”

    Sounds like West Dunbarton councillors have inadvertantly found out what it’s like to be Jewish.

  9. My response to West Dunbartonshire’s statement as follows:

    You state on your website concerning the boycott of Israeli goods:

    “Attempts to depict this boycott as racist are also entirely inaccurate. The
    boycott was instigated in response to conduct by the Israeli state and applies to no specific ethnic or religious group.”

    Except Israel happens to be the only state in the world claiming Jewish sovereignty, and by singling it out – as you do not boycott to any other state – you apply a special, discriminatory standard to the Jewish collective, which makes your policy anti-Semitic.