Letter from a Muslim Zionist to Margo MacDonald on her accusation that Israel is an “artificial state”

This letter was written by a British Muslim named Kasim Hafeez 

Dear Margo MacDonald,

I’m writing to you in regards to your appearance on the BBC  BiG Question, where you propagated a very dangerous and vicious myth that Israel is an‘artificial state’.

One must really question with what knowledge or lack of you have managed to come to this most bizarre conclusion.  The State of Israel of was created by the United Nations acceptance of the Palestine partition plan United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181.  Unfortunately the Arab states refused to accept the Jewish state and indeed had incited numerous riots and pogroms against the Jewish population in the region prior to 1948, thus the war of 1948 took place where the fledgling state of Israel had to defend its people from the might of several Arab nations.

Now I don’t understand how Israel is an “artificial state”, and I’d like to know what other states you would class as equally illegitimate now that you feel it is appropriate on national television to declare an independent sovereign nation, whose independence was ratified by the United Nations, as artificial.

My parents and grandparents are from Pakistan, a state that only came to being in 1947 after a similar partition plan to split the state between its Muslim and Hindu inhabitants.  I know for a fact that Muslims had not had a continuous presence in the area that became Pakistan for 2000 years unlike the Jews of Israel, and I know that no area of Pakistan is considered as a holy land or integral to the Muslim faith like the land Israel is to the Jewish people.

Millions of people crossed the frontiers of Pakistan and India’s frontiers as they ended up on the ‘wrong’ side yet I don’t see either side making case’s for the right to return.  Also in this vein when Bangladesh (former East Pakistan) declared independence from Pakistan in 1971, “West Pakistanis” that were stranded in Bangladesh when the Pakistan army withdrew have had no international clamor to alleviate their suffering.

Indeed, The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is not addressing the plight of the Biharis despite the fact that a 2006 report estimated that between 240,000 and 300,000 Biharis live in 66 crowded camps in Dhaka and 13 other regions across Bangladesh and have no voting or citizenship rights.  Yet no special UN body is set up to assist them, in fact the UN Refugee body will not assist them and self-righteous politicians and activists don’t seem so eager to condemn the Bangladeshi government, who has refused to grant these peoples any rights.  Yet you condemn Israel, a state that is a democracy and has done much to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people, brought about largely by their own corrupt leaders, and offered those who wished to remain in the State of Israel after independence full citizenship.  Let’s not forget that it was the Arab states that refused every partition plan.   The double standard is sickening.

As someone who was brought up with strong anti-Semitic and anti- Israel views, I would urge you to (as I did) actually research the facts and try and learn the truth about Israel which wildly contradicts the steady stream of hate filled rhetoric about the Jewish state you’re constantly exposed to.  The views you expressed on the Big Question only encourage the most radical Islamist voices in my own Muslim community and do nothing to support peace in the region.

Thank you

Kasim Hafeez

British citizen, Muslim, Proud Zionist and possible descendent of people from an ‘artificial state’ by your reckoning

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  1. I salute you Sir, for the courage to do the research, admit you’d held misinformed views, and to now speak out for truth and justice. May you prosper and be blessed.

    • Great letter Mr Hafeez. I would also point out that a number of Arab countries were created through the same “artificial” means as Mandate Palestine yet we never hear about those despite the pot-pourri of ethnicities within them. After further artifice by Britain in creating Transjordan and preventing Jewish immigration to western Palestine, Israel became the only country in the region to actually fight for and defend its borders. It wasn’t created by a ruler on a map but by people fighting and dying. It is the least artificial of the lot.

    • This Muslim is a gem. God bless him in his efforts to help other Muslims see through the propaganda. Like Kasim, I used to disagree strongly with Zionism, thanks to all the nonsense the media spews. Minds can be changed and it’s just a matter of presenting facts and exposing hypocrisy.

  2. Why do so many Scottish people have a problem with Israel? I’m not just talking about Jim Bollen or Margo MacDonald… I know it’s anecdotal but most Scots I talk to seem to dislike Israel.

    • Well, I’m Scottish and I think it’s because we have vastly stronger socialist tendencies than the English. I don’t know why socialism and anti-Israeli feeling often go hand in hand, but of course, they do.

      • That’s right IMO. I think it is to do with envy. Socialists are have-nots with an inflated sense of self-importance who envy the rich and believe it is their right to take what they have, The same is true of a) anti-semites, who are basically underachievers/losers and therefore envious of Jewish success, and b) supercessionist religions..

      • It started changing when Israel stopped being socialist in the eighties.

        Still many Scots are not stupid yet are not vocal.
        They do not care about far away lands just as many do not care about other farway lands.

        The sad bit is that many simply repeat what the general media tell them, because investigating further back in time is simply too long and take away the lunch break time you have…

  3. Right
    Many Scottish people also have a problem with themselves. After all why would you maintain a lifestyle that encourages obesity and alcoholism. High rates of unemployment,poor productivity , high rate of heart disease with a corresponding reduced life expectancy all contribute to poor self image . Contrast that with Israeli society . A turbo charged creative economy , plenty of sun , beautiful people who are proud of their country regardless of the difficulties they face . If I was Scottish with all that going on , I too might have a problem .
    Only kidding George G – or then again maybe not

  4. WOW.

    Watching the episode now. They have somebody who was on the flotilla and a Hamas apologist representing Palestine – his argument? THE ISRAELIS USED DEPLETED URANIUM, WHITE PHSOPHORUS AND F16S HAMAS HAVE NOTHING AND HAMAS WERE DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED. Really? And then you have the grotesque female “comedian” who evidently knows nothing about the conflict screaming her head off and indeed the sloth Margo who also knows nothing about the conflict weighing in with her worthless opinion. It’s sad that the more reasonable arguments are being shouted down by the “pro-Palestinians”.

    • Done watching… How typical. Emotionally appealing arguments with no factual basis are shouted across and receive massive applause and when it comes to getting a reply or rebuttal to their ridiculous views, the speaker is shouted down and time runs out.

      Why was the fat Scottish “comedian” even talking about it? “the Arabs had their land stolen and Jews say ”we have another house now HAHA”” – I can’t believe I just watched somebody say that in a serious manner. Does she even know who or what hamas are? Probably thought they were talking about humus… I mean how can humus carry out a “reverse Holocaust”?!

  5. I watched the program on Sunday and found myself cringing with embarrassment at the sight of a lady who not only had absolutely no understanding of the Israel/Palestinian conflict but who, by virtue of her semi-hysterical personality, seemed unlikely to be able to control herself long enough to listen to another point of view, much less allow a reasoned debate to occur. She must be a most exasperating person to deal with on a day-to-day basis!

    The man wearing the keffiyah appeared to have a tactic. The moment a fact or a truth about Gaza/Hamas was about to emerge he began shouting very loudly thereby drowning out the voice.

    Young Sam didn’t get much of a look-in but when he did he was incredibly calm and spoke with reason. I don’t know if he visits CiF Watch, but if he does and reads this, I’d like to say ‘well done!’.

    • Congratulations, Kasim Hafeez. Your final paragraph is most telling and mirrors the Palestinian Walid Shoebat’s intellectual progression from terrorist to Israeli apologist. It is hard to reject the shibboleths of your upbringing and you should be congratulated all the more for allowing objective investigation to override them.

      Of course, the real reason for all the anti-Israeli noise is to establish one’s credentials with the loony left. Margo and her ilk should read ‘ Animal Farm ‘ again.

    • I agree with you Penny. The pro-Israel spokespeople (when they got a chance to speak – Nicky Campbell was a lousy chair) came across as dignified, articulate and above all knowledgeable, unlike the hysterical large lady who was an idiot who was full of sound and fury but signified nothing.

      I can’t agree however that Hassan Nawarah had a tactic. That implies foresight and some insight and intelligence and more than a little planning. No, I think he was being a typical Muslim male knee jerk reacting to being disagreed with. Wafa Sultan describes in A God Who Hates about how, when the Arab/Muslim male in discussion with another male, voices inevitably get raised as they try to outshout each other in order to “win.” She says that for them, he who shouts the loudest. regardless of whether he’s talking sense or nonsense) wins and the quiet speaker’s message barely registers if at all. Thus Nawarah’s hectoring was a sign that he was scared of losing and he probably thought he’d carried his argument because he was allowed to outshout the more reasoned and reasonable voices.

      Major Avichai Edri of the IDF, during Cast Lead, made use of this in an interview he gave on al Jazeera during Cast Lead. Unfortunately, the video appears to have been taken
      down but he raised his voice as Nawarah did when he was interrupted and, because his was a deliberate tactic and he knew his audience, it was to much greater effect

  6. “I’m not just talking about Jim Bollen or Margo MacDonald… I know it’s anecdotal but most Scots I talk to seem to dislike Israel.”

    A number of ex-Jewish servicemen have told me that the Scottish regiments had the very worst reputation for anti-Semitism in the British Army during World War II. Mind you, I’ve also heard that it wasn’t exactly a picnic down the mines as one of the Bevin Boys.

    • Gotta nitpick.

      It should be “Jewish ex-servicemen”.

      And it must have been a real shocka, that barely 3 years after the end of WW2, the Jews of Israel were not slaughtered as they were in WW2, BECAUSE THE JEWS HAD THE TOOLS TO DEFEND THEMSELVES AND DESTROY THEIR ENEMIES.

      Lots of tea must have sputtered and monocles popped out from that shocka.


  7. Interesting video, Mitnaged!

    Now perhaps I have some insight into my own Egyptian-born in-laws!
    I don’t understand a word they’re saying but they’re….. adamant in style.

    I’ve read the book you mention. I’ve also seen Wafa Sultan give better than she gets when interviewed by her fellow countrymen.

  8. Thanbk you Kasim, but don’t expect any kind of sensible response from this woman. The very fact that she refers to Israel as artificial indicates she has an agenda that excludes a Jewish state.

  9. Kasim, You have sadly, failed in your so called “research”. You should go back to the drawing board and do some proper research. You seem to have been brainwashed with much crap and clearly have no grasp or understanding of reality or history. Maybe you should go to Pakistan and research there instead of your google in England.