Flotilla ‘Publicity Stunt’ Update, 2

One of the French boats taking part in the ‘Freedom Flotilla 2’ apparently set sail from Corsica on Saturday morning. It is named the ‘Dignite –Al Karama. The second French boat – the ‘Louise Michel’ – is reportedly currently still in Greece.

The organisers of ‘Un Bateau pour Gaza’ originally intended to sail from Marseille and last weekend around 500 of their supporters gathered at the old port there. The ‘peaceful’ atmosphere at this ‘freedom-loving’ event can be appreciated in this video of the gathering.

Travelling on board one of the French boats – and presumably Tweeting – will be the Le Monde journalist Elise Barthet. 

This website may be useful for anyone interested in following the boats’ progress, although the fact that some of them appear not to using the crafts’ registered names in the publicity released and may be departing from small marinas rather than official ports may make that difficult.  

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  1. Did I see the gendarmes arresting the two pro-Israel guys? As opposed to, say, arresting the (more than two) chaps who set about kicking the shit out of them?

    • It certainly looked as though the pro-Israel guy was arrested – for his own ‘protection’? Or maybe he was being ‘provocative’? I guess that freedom of speech in France is fine so long as it’s pro-Palestinian. Immensely brave of them to stand among that crowd of craven hypocrites and thugs.

  2. I look forward to the seeing the same Islamist thugs and their fascist ‘humanitarian ‘ supporters trying it on with Israeli special forces in round 2 . Taking on two defenseless pro israel kids is about all they seem capable of .

  3. Two Israelis destroy the entire Palestinian-French Ovenfest.

    It’s time to finish off Palestine and all their pig and ape followers – especially that woman yelling “murderers” on the video and then regretting the violence she encouraged when her friends attacked the ONLY TWO JEWS IN FRANCE!

    Gutter depravity.

  4. No question when 1st flotilla vessel enters the forbidden waters;the Israeli Navy will be there, to handle accordingly. The others most likely will turn arround and go back

  5. The song of the second flotilla

    Please circulate widely and help it go viral

    The words are directly under the video.

  6. That Maritime Map, at least the English version, Shows Israel as empty territory…they have removed it from existence – except for the name Israel. No cities or roads or ports…I wonder why? Is this to protect Israel?

  7. We can al get along, except for you. Everybody counts, just not you. All religions should be respected. Just not yours. All opinions have value, yours don’t.

    That’s how it is to be a zionist Jew in Europe.