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  1. I think it is even simpler than that: this is about the Islamic duty to kill Jews (9 words).

    And everybody knows it. Our politicians, our clergy, our universities, our judges and our media.

    This is all about not liking Jews (7 words).

        • Read the first responder transcripts and you decide .. 2 Palestinians were shot dead within 500metres of the security wire a couple of years ago that’s how tight the security is at Itamar .. If anyone managed to get in they were let in .. Why do some reports in Israel say they cut the electric fence whilst others say they jumped over it ? why do some reports say they triggered the alarms 8 times whilst others say they did not trigger the alarms ? Why do some reports say they entered the illegal settlement at 11.30PM whilst some say 7.30-9.30 PM .. Why did the early reports say all had been stabbed whilst the forensic photos told a different story ?

          I know this case inside and out as i have been researching it from the 12th of March ..

          This case has more to do with Jonathan Pollard than anything else

          As security goes Itamar is the toughest in the world as they have patrolling guards , Motion sensing Cameras night vision Cameras and the Alarm alerts the IDFand the Residents who are armed to the teeth ..

          There are too many holes in this case and the fact that Shin Bet were in charge of the investigation is proof that they were not that interested finding the guilty party .. They would get someone regardless through torture !! Finally ..Why were were the initial reports that an Foreign worker had carried out the killings over unpaid wages not pursued ? When that story broke a gagging order was slapped on the case !!

          Through my research i have come to the conclusion that it was impossible that Palestinians did this … If you remember the accused they said were member of a militant popular movement .. That was later changed to .. “They were egging each other on” and that it was a Dare and not Political .. “Really” You have one accused who recently underwent testicular surgery and could barely walk and the fact the area they lived was furthest away from Itamar and the fact that their families had been detained by the security services it is increasingly more likely that the wrong people are on trial for this crime !!

          Your going to call me all the names under the sun for this ,,You won’t be the first and you definately won’t be the last !! I believe in truth and Justice .. I don’t believe in military trials which the two accused will have to endure !!

  2. Ugh Cifwatch I see you have an antisemitic infestation. It’s the summer heat you know, it brings them out in red sweaty spots and they get so vicious, not to mention unattractive

  3. Too bad CifWatch hasn’t posted an article about the interview with Maya Guarnieri on “Reshet Bet” on Sunday evening. It was a hoot !!! But the writers here are very busy poring over the NYTimes with a magnifying glass ….

    • When is the next “Flotilla” of hypocrites leaving for Syria or Libya,or would that be too risky,Israel is a safer and softer target……

      When will Israel wake up and tighten the screws,and stop letting them treat us as doormats.

      Confiscate these boats,throw these idiots in jail fine them heavily,send them home just with their clothes on their backs…………And never allow then back into Israel…….

  4. The first flotilla was something of a success for Israel. The vicious attacks on the Israeli soldiers were broadcast round the world, exposing the “peace activists” as violent thugs and showing the heroism of the Israeli forces.

    This flotilla is already a failure. The IHH have withdrawn, more and more ships have dropped out and only about half will manage to set sail. The UN has criticized the flotilla and said that aid should be delivered via normal channels

    Israel’s clever diplomacy and it’s firm determination to halt the flotilla in its tracks has already turned the situation around in its favour, and the activists are on the back foot.

  5. Its only getting worse for the Palestinians (and the Guardian, which seems to be in despair as the flotilla falls apart, the Arab Spring turns into the world’s worst chamber of horrors, and now this):

    Banned Umm el Fahm mayor Raed Salah was captured in London after appearing in Parliament, no less!!


    Leader of the Islamic Movement’s northern branch Sheikh Raed Salah has arrived in London and nearly made an appearance in British parliament despite being banned from entering the country. He was arrested late on Tuesday night.

    The British Daily Mail reported Tuesday that Salah was invited by Labor MPs to attend a pro-Palestinian event in parliament. On Saturday, he landed at Heathrow Airport and passed immigration checks despite a decision made last week by Home Secretary Theresa May to ban him from the country.

    By the way – if Britain can ban people, why the righteous indignation if Israel does the same? If Britain screams blue bloody murder if someone uses one of their holy passports, why can they infiltrate Libya using false passports?

    And of course, the Guardian happily cites the proven liar from the last flotilla, Sarah Colborne, whose lying testimony is still up on the CiF website claiming that there were no armed terrorists on the Mavi Marmara:


    Sarah Colborne, director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), insisted that Salah was the leader of a legitimate political organisation. He rejected all forms of racism, including anti-semitism, she said.

    Any more good stories for us, Sarah?

    • Banned Umm el Fahm mayor Raed Salah

      Raed Salah is NOT the mayor of Umm-El-Fahm. The mayor is Khaled Aghbariyya.

    • You have to click on שידורים נוספים (Additional broadcasts) to see the “27.06.11 – 19:05″

  6. So tell me ‘Owain’ what caused the Limerick Pogrom of 1904?
    You know the one started by Father John Creagh and supported by Arthur Griffith, the founder of Sinn Fein.
    By the way it is annoying to a Welshman born and bred to see the name of a Hero like Owain Glyndwr misused and besmirched by you.