At the Guardian, it’s Sheikh Raed Salah – O – Mania!



Artist's abstract rendering of Guardian's Israel coverage over the last few days

So, you’re a Guardian reader and you wan’t to know what’s going on in Israel. Hmmm….let’s go to their Israel page and find out.


Surely there’s something of interest in the Holy Land:  Jerusalem, politics, culture, the religious-secular divide, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Israel’s bilateral relations?  Nope. It’s Sheikh Raed Salah, everyday, all the time!

I guess the only good news relating to the Guardian’s obsession with the tragically misunderstood extremist preacher is that they haven’t had time to demonize Israel over their efforts to prevent the pro-Hamas flotillas from breaking their blockade.

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    • Would be really hard to find more pathetic assholes than these flotoids in contemporary politics:

      Spirits on the vessel were high earlier, with one activist saying: With great joy we left Parama pier. Under bright blue sky…” Activists kept their spirits up even as their boat was stopped by Greek forces, with one message reading: “As commandos point their weapons, passengers are singing ‘we shall overcome’ in the middle of the Athens Sea.”,7340,L-4089905,00.html

      Maybe someone should tell them that the only things they will have to overcome is their own stupidity, racism, evility and hypocrisy

  1. I read this excellent blog frequently (even cite it on CiF, though the comments are then promptly deleted) but don’t often comment here. But I have been preserving my deleted and “vanishing” comments on CiF, and, for the record, this vanished:

    I commented on 1 July 2011 1:57 pm:

    I am stunned by the removal of so many comments that were critical of this terrible, shocking editorial, which positions the Guardian as a supporter of a genocidal. homophobic, misogynistic terrorist group like Hamas via one of its ardent supporters.

    Not only has the Guardian taken a stance which will blacken its name for as long as the paper remains in circulation. but it has used its ability to remove comments to stifle criticism which, if it opened its eyes, should be welcomed a, studied. and learned from.

  2. “At the Guardian, it’s Sheikh Raed Salah – O – Mania!”

    In the real world (outside the Guardian) its Straus-Kahn that is getting all the news.

    The horror of it all – Gaza again once pushed to the side by a cruel, uncaring world …

    One could weep – but I will not!

  3. This will prove to be the Guardian’s Ken Livingstone moment.

    Just as Ken will never live down the brotherly embrace of the homophobic anti-semite Qaradawi, so the Guardian will ever be tainted by its embrace of the equally obnoxious Salah.

    The mud will stick, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of people.