Guardian quotes flotilla activist: Palestinians have been resisting occupation for “60 years”

A Guardian report, by Conal Urquhart and Jack Shenker (Activists plan to break Gaza with aid flotilla is sunk, July 6) on the continuing failure of pro-Hamas flotillas to launch their publicity stunt quoted Alejandro Fierro, an activist on the Spanish ship ever so subtly named Guernica, which is docked in Crete, telling al-Jazeera:

“We’ve learned patience from the Palestinian people who have been resisting Israeli occupation for 60 years, so we can wait.”

That such activists see all of Israel (even within 1949 borders) as Israeli “occupied” Palestinian territory, and not merely the land captured during the Six Day War (from Jordan and Egypt), is not surprising.

But, as with the video of Adam Shapiro, in Israelinurse’s last post, acknowledging the true malicious intent of the flotilla farce, it’s always refreshing when their absurd facade of “peaceful activism” – which the Guardian continues to prop up – is exposed. 

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  1. The sad part is that even with their true intentions exposed it doesn’t matter when it comes to fishwrappers like The Guardian. Israel is still wrong.

    • I think it is entirely possible that Alejandro Fierro’s comment about 60 years derives as much from the typically abysmal ignorance of the situation that people like him exhibit as an attempt to wipe Israel off the map.

      • if the above statement is the truth, then there is no “right of return” and actually, israel can expel all of the arab inhabitants….just as all the ethnic germans were expelled from czech territory

        the un does not expect enemies to reside together

        get the buses gassed up and ready..

        • I’m reminded of the Brest-Litovsk Treaty.

          In March 1918, Kaiser Wilhelm’s Germany forced the new Soviet government of Russia to sign that treaty, which imposed the following onerous conditions on Russia:

          1) Concession of land to the Germans.

          2) Reparations, to be enforced by German appropriation of industrial facilities in Russia if need be.

          3) Recognition of former Russian territories as independent states (e.g. Ukraine, Finland).

          The Soviets signed, not having much of a choice, and wagering on a possible defeat of Germany.

          Which turned out right. So, when the time came to impose a treaty on Germany, what model did the Entente Powers use for that treaty? You got it right: The Brest-Litovsk Treaty. The same conditions as outlined above were imposed on Germany in Versailles.

          The relevance here is that our anti-Zionist enemies have declared that all of Judea and Samaria is to be ethnically cleansed of Jews (and, according to Helen Thomas and the fine folks at Mound o’ Scheiss, pre-1967 Israel as well). The rationale? “Because they’re settlers, and justice requires that settlers abandon their stolen lands in favor of the indigenous.”

          But what if we Jews are the indigenous of Palestine and it’s the Arabs who are the settlers? Thank you, anti-Zionists, for your own version of the Brest-Litovsk treaty. It was your idea.