‘The Audacity of Dopes Band’ brings you “Guns, Guns, Guns” (A Latma video)

Latma, Israel’s premier satire website, brings you The Audacity of Dopes Band singing “Guns, Guns” Guns” in honor of the abject failure of this year’s attempted flotilla to Hamastan in Gaza.  The song was recorded by Idan Green.

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    • Brian Beddowes,

      If scotland releasing the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103, on “compassionate” grounds, based on “expert” British medical opinion that he was expected to die within 3 months (the bomber is still alive nearly 3 years later), is an example of British “justice”, I am not surpised that the UK is sliding into dhimmitude.

  1. Brian spelling is truly embarrassing to behold.

  2. After “We Con the World” I found this to be a bit disappointing. Not bad, but nowhere near as good as WCTW.

    • I liked “The Three Terrors” best. But they’re all good, poking fun at the loathsome movements of our age.