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  1. Pippa: “Netenyahu sees us as a threat”.

    Delusions of grandeur.

    And she was purely there “to enjoy the cultural activities of the Palestinians … and with the Israelis as well”? For some bizarre reason I’m not convinced on either front, Pippa.

    • And here is Pippalah on Hamas’ Mahmoud al Zahar “…clearly a knowledgeable man, well educated and by the nature of his knowledge, anti Jew. It seemed to me that he no longer separated Zionism from the ordinary Jew, but living under siege as he did with warplanes and warships continually threatening his people, killing his children and destroying his homes one could hardly blame him.”

    • This flotilla is obvious impure and deserves to sunk immediately.

      How dare the UK Green Party, who would seek to tamper with our environment, also seek to tamper with the destiny of Israel? All those claims about global warming have been made to delegitimise our state.

        • Shame on these people with their untrustworthy, left-wing multicultural ways and advocacy of domination over the vulnerable, virtuous Jewish people.

          They should go back to the gentile, racist UK and leave the chosen people to live their lives – free of their trendy issues such as their supposed “charity” and “concern”.

          • Careful, Defend Zion

            You make all of the UK sound as if its racist. I live here and I know that it isn’t.

          • @Defend Zion: Your reference to Jews as “the chosen people” was clearly in the pejorative. Further, your reference to “virtuous Jewish people” was also meant as mockery.

            If you continue to engage in such attacks against Jews or Judaism, you will be placed in premod.

            • The strange thing is that people have been taking DZ’s posts seriously (on another thread as well)!

              • I am serious. We must keep ourselves strong and pure – always resisting the foul and evil ways of the Guardian.

                However as a supporter of censorship and the suppression of freedom and equality in the name of our people, who are subjected to the most vile prejudice by the sinister, plotting gentile Guardian journalists.

                I weep at how the Guardian has incited Adam to attack his own sacred kin though. Maybe he has read too much of it and has become corrupted. This should be a warning to the most devote amongst us.

                Thankfully we are bound together by more than the feeble bonds of shared humanity, so I am able to forgive him to ensure that he keeps us, the true people, strong and united.

                This way we can better focus our hatred of those that would slaughter us.

        • But they are from Gwent! All the Greens are several sandwiches short of a picnic but the Welsh Greens are particularly “misguided.”

    • The Green Party is a busted flush, Israelinurse. It made a mockery of its cuddly environmentally-friendly image once it began its BDS activities.

      And Caroline Lucas would probably defend Bartolotti to the hilt – after all she herself provided a character reference for the scum who wrecked the EDO factory, who were acquitted thanks to the numpty judge Bathurst-Norman, so she’s long ago lost whatever passed for her own moral compass

  2. Great video clip, Noah – I watched this on Mabat was unable to download it.

    Another “peaceful humanitarian” unmasked.

  3. I know those sliding doors at BG . Always getting stuck
    Brilliant video . Fisked in images in two mins . Needs widespread distribution . Thinking about it , she’s barely worth the effort

    • After watching the video I hope that she is charged with vandalism or criminal damage. The security people at the Airport showed far too much restraint.
      I’m not surprised at her temper tantrum. I saw the ‘lady’ handing out leaflets in the centre of Newport during her election campaign and shouting at people who were walking past and not taking one of her leaflets “What is wrong with you, they are free!”

      • The restraint by the security people was remarkable, even sending in female guards to control her. After all, terrorist attacks in Israel, and at BG airport, are not unknown.

        At a US airport I am certain she would have been shot.

  4. Slightly off-topic but highly amusing. Oh dear… trouble in the flytilla paradise and they are blaming each other rather than total sum of all their stupidity for the jaunt’s failure (h/t Elder of Ziyon at http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2011/07/flytilla-crybabies-fighting-each-other.html):

    ” An Open Letter to Paul Larudee from the Welcome to Palestine Campaign

    From: lubnna (at) gmail.com
    To: larudee (at) pacbell.net

    I regretfully send you this second letter and will publish it publicly as you have left us no choice.

    You have appeared in the media over the last week, often stating that you organized the Welcome to Palestine campaign. All statements you have made in regards to this campaign were false.

    As organizers, we were surprised by your statements as you were never part of this campaign. Sadly, your declarations about our campaign being about the right of return have confused the media and brought on damage to our basic plan.

    We appreciate your will to work for Palestine but trying to take over any activity has profoundly affected the trust we have in you and we would be very surprised if any respectful organization in Palestine will be willing to work with you.

    We urge you to stop giving statements to the media in the name of the Welcome to Palestine campaign.

    Lubna Masarwa
    On behalf the “Welcome to Palestine” campaign

    From Paul Larudee’s Free Palestine Movement site:

    Accusations have been circulating about FPM’s Paul Larudee representing himself and FPM as part of the Welcome to Palestine project. Here are the facts:

    1. FPM has had a project called the Return from Exile Project for more than a year. Larudee has given multiple presentations on this project at Al-Awda, the PRC and other conferences. In addition, he has described the project in numerous interviews on television, radio, the written press and other places. A description of the project appears at http://www.freepalestinemovement.org/ffe.html.

    2. The Return from Exile Project has some similarities with the Welcome to Palestine project in that it includes a fly-in to Lid (“Ben-Gurion”) airport. However, that is where the similarity ends. It uses different procedures, occurs on a different date, yet to be determined, and it has different objectives.

    4. The accusations by some Palestinian and Palestine solidarity sources, accusing Larudee of false representation and undermining the Welcome to Palestine project could have been avoided by confronting him with the “evidence”, discussing the matter, and seeking explanation. A small amount of research, such as going to the FPM website would reveal the truth immediately. It is totally irresponsible to make such accusations without first going through the due process of justice which we all advocate but that some of us are reluctant to practice before pronouncing judgment.

    We hope that those responsible for issuing these accusations will take the trouble to discuss them with the accused, discover the truth, issue an apology and then all trust each other again…”

    Don’t ya just love it when they fall out???

    • An other very amusing whining lament from the obviously ready for every sacrifice for the cause idiots:

      Action Alert, July 12th
      Ann Wright,
      Regina Carey,
      Athens, July 12, 2011, At 10 am Greek time today, the shore electricity was cut off to the Audacity of Hope, the U.S. Boat to Gaza, leaving us with no power. The boat has been imprisoned at the US Embassy/Greek Coast Guard dock, near Piraeus, Greece, just outside of Athens, since we tried to sail to Gaza on July 1. The Greek Coast Guard intercepted our small boat and hauled us into this compound.
      It is over 100 degrees inside the boat, and a Russian ship is spewing grain and dust over the entire area as it unloads grain. In addition, the off-loading noise the ship is making is above environmentally acceptable limits, sounding like a bad rock concert playing at the back of our boat! Six women are staying on board to protect the Audacity of Hope, since two boats heading to Gaza were already sabotaged in an attempt to prevent us from sailing to Gaza. Four of us are over 60. The Greek naval facility is co-located with a U.S. Embassy compound, which has one warehouse exclusively for the U.S. government, as well as a ramp for loading vehicles onto a ship. It also has a parking area for the wrecked cars of Americans who have been involved in traffic accidents plus a secure warehouse compound behind the ubiquitous high fence topped with razor wire and signs printed in both English and Greek in the U.S. government block style lettering.

      The Greek Coast Guard is probably caught in the middle and may be ready to release us, but government politics seems to want to keep us in port to appease the Israeli government, since the occupation of Palestine has been outsourced to the Greeks.

      Call the Greek Embassy in Washington and .the Greek consulates around the Country and demand that they release the Audacity of Hope.

      (my highlights)
      These heroes probably never in their beautiful lives had to do physical work in polluted and noisy environment, have no idea that the majority of the unwashed population of the Earth must spend most of their lives in these circumstances in order to serve them.
      As ElderofZiyon wrote:

      Tomorrow, they’ll take a dip in the sea, and then write a press release that the water is too cold for their 60 year old bodies, and therefore demand everyone call the Greek Embassy to complain.