Where in the world was Harriet Sherwood? Well beyond the 3 nautical mile limit from Gaza coast

This is posted by AKUS and Adam Levick (Margie and Israelinurse also contributed to the report)

Israelinurse, yesterday, commented on Harriet Sherwood’s participation in a blatant effort by anti-Israel activists to provoke the Israeli Navy into a dangerous confrontation.

Noted Israelinurse:

“Harriet Sherwood has been for a boat ride this morning. Not just any old boat ride, mind you, but one off the Gaza coast where it seems that four fishing boats, two press boats – one of which she calls “the Guardian boat” – and one NGO vessel met the Israeli navy.”

As she noted, regarding the the “humanitarian”, “NGO” Vessel:

“The ‘Olivia’ belongs to the Civil Peace Service Gaza:  the NGO with which murdered activist Vittorio Arrigoni operated.  CPSGAZA was set up by a collection of anti-Israel activist groups including the International Solidarity Movement, Codepink, European Jews for a Just Peace (headed by Dror Feiler), ‘Free Gaza’ and the Popular Struggle Co-ordination Committee, all of which are committed to bringing about Israel’s demise.

Sherwood’s Tweets from the boat included this:

Then after subsequent Tweets where she noted that the Israeli Navy was firing (Water Cannons) at the “Human Rights Boat”, she asked:

Well, Harriet. For one, based on your own coordinates you were well beyond the 3 mile limit imposed on vessels – a restriction, it should be noted, consistent with Israel’s legal blockade, enforced to prevent terrorists from smuggling weapons, explosives and other contraband into the region. 

Plugging in Sherwood’s coordinates into Google Earth (with a little creative assistance from Akus) produced this.


So, even assuming the measurement was in ground miles, 4.7 miles is still almost exactly 4 nautical miles – well outside the 3-mile limit she knew was being enforced, and therefore actively participated in a dangerous provocation which could have caused a potentially fatal incident.

However, all the IDF did to get the boats to return to shore was fire water cannons and, as Sherwood herself put it, they also “circled [the boats] to create continuous waves and noise.” 

We simply can’t wait to read Sherwood’s post on the incident – what will surely be a gripping and horrific tale of a simply ruthless Israeli Navy who employed sadistic, Zionist methods of coercion such as water, waves, and noise!

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  1. Harriet certainly appears to have learned her craft at Hamas’ knee:

    Provoke first….accuse first…..tell outright lies…exaggerate everything else….employ emotive language…..rush off to media and trust no one will check the facts.

    What a good student she is.

    Apart from her other questionable attributes, Harriet is certainly one of the most irresponsible and brainless women I’ve ever come across.

    Message to Harriet: You know full well that the IDF won’t harm you or you’d never have gone out on that boat in the first place. Drum up a bit of genuine nerve – go base yourself in Sderot and see if the same is true for Hamas.

    • Dear Lord, what has become of the left?! Harriet’s intellectual ancestors took up arms and braved gunfire and shelling to fight fascism in Spain. Harriet goes on a boat trip and gets a little bit and makes it out to be some kind of international incident!

      I don’t agree with either cause, but at least the International Brigades had the balls to take a stand for what they believed, put their lives where their mouth is. Orwell is turning in his grave.

      • If you don’t believe in the cause the International Brigadistas were fighting for (including Orwell), then you presumably don’t believe in legally elected and legitimate governments attempting to ensure that they have “a monopoly on the legitimate use of force” (part of Max Weber’s definition of the state), in this case against fascist soldiers staging a coup.

    • Actually, I think Sherwood should go to Syria — I suggest Homs or Hama — for some courageous reporting. Now that she’s bravely faced down the IDF, she surely ready for Assad.

      Maybe we can start some kind of campaign to send Sherwood to Syria. Letters, e-mail posts, a Facebook page? I’m not tech savvy, but I’m sure others are.

  2. How on earth can anyone expect this featherbrain to know where she is, let alone whether she is inside or outside a three mile limit?

    I second Penny’s request to Harriet – for her to go and spend time in Sderot but to remain in the open as the Hamas “love taps” come in.

    • On thinking about it Serendipity, perhaps the Guardian’s ‘duty of care’ plus whatever insurance they have provided for Harriet, would preclude her from doing anything dangerous.

      In Jerusalem or thereabouts she takes no more risk than the average tourist or Israeli citizen – she’s pretty safe. Ditto her little nautical jaunt yesterday. In our health and safety-conscious society I very much doubt that Harriet’s employers would have allowed her to go if there had been any real and uninsured risk to her person.

      Sderot might be a little different.

  3. Asking the Twitter community to tell her her whereabouts is more the talk of a clueless tourist rather than the Jerusalem correspondent of a major news outlet.

    • ‘major propaganda outlet’

      ‘news’ is incidental to the heavy agenda that appears in The Guardian

    • I hope that Ms. Sherwood’s Jerusalem hotel room has a simple topography,
      so maybe she doesn’t lose her way from the toilet to her bed, and taking a wrong turn sleeps in the closet.

  4. It’s time for the UK’s press watchdog to check on what this utterly stupid woman is doing wandering around without psychiatric assistance in the Middle East.

    • Like we didn’t have enough on this woman to know that she is dumb,now she goes and does it again,she is dumb enough to think that she isn’t being carefully observed,every single step of hers is being scrutinized………..

      This woman either managed to free herself from her strait-Jacket,or she learned to type with her toes…………….

      • “We are within the 3 mile limit so why is the IDF doing this”

        Because you have a GPS and don’t know how to use it.You silly dumb cluck…..

        • This woman is way over her head,throw her a life-belt.

          On second thought throw her an anchor……..

  5. When can Der Guaridan station Harriet the Hen Sherwood on the border of the Islamic Regime or Iran or North Korea?

    Both regimes welcome people with open arms – firearms.

    I hope Harriet the Hen wears a serious journalists safari jacket. It looks good if it’s the right size during her show trial.

    Or maby the Islamofascist Regime can use Harriet the Hen to clear some more minefields left over from the 8 year Iraq/Iran war.

  6. Where’s Harriet’s much promised article about her little escapade?

    Don’t tell me we’ve ruined it for her!!!

    But if this incredibly stupid “journalist” (how does one describe a person like Harriet?) still decides to write it up, I have a feeling we’ll have even more fun fisking it!!