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If they’re Jews send them back!

This is cross posted by Mark Gardner at the blog of the CST

Yesterday, CST Blog ran two separate items in the one posting: 1. part of an article about “American/neo-con ‘Long War’ to create a “New Middle East”…US/Zionist plans”: 2. an anti-Israel activist shouting “go back to bloody Russia” at a pro-Israel activist. We asked if you could guess which discourse came from a leading member of the BNP, and which came from a leading member of the Respect Party.

In truth, it was all a bit disingenuous. If a Respect activist had written yet another article about Americans, neo-cons and Zionists, then nobody would have noticed. Furthermore, Respect has fallen apart (even compared to the BNP).

So, the answer to yesterday’s quiz – The neo-con/Zionist article was written by BNP leader, Nick Griffin; and “go back to bloody Russia” was shouted by Tower Hamlets Respect chair, Carole Swords.

We can ponder if Griffin, especially in his younger days, may have heard the ugly old racist refrain:

If they’re black, send them back!

Its about as plain an example of racism as you will ever hear.

Carole Swords, however, is politically the opposite of this sort of filth. In its own little way, her outburst typifies the disconnect between common sense anti-racist principles and what passes for acceptable anti-Israel discourse in the anti-Israel movement.

Of course, we have been here before, in particular with last year’s highly publicised case of veteran US White House reporter, Helen Thomas, disgraced after telling Israeli Jews that they should “Go home, Poland, Germany”. 

There, are, however, far more important voices than Swords and Thomas in all of this. There is, for example, senior Hamas figure, Osama Hamdan, who this May told a TV interviewer, of the approach that the newly reconciled Fatah and Hamas groups would take towards Israel:

…Yes, it will be an armed confrontation, as well as all other forms of struggle, including civil Intifdada against the occupation, against the wall, and against the Judaization of Jerusalem.

There is no doubt, however, that the armed confrontation will continue to be the main effort and the backbone of the resistance, until the liberation of Palestine.

…I think that politically, the two-state solution is over. The people who suggested this notion are the ones who say so. Therefore, trying to talk about a two-state solution again is like talking about something that is over and done with.

…we are entering the phase of the liberation of Palestine. When we talk about the liberation of Palestine, we are talking about the notion of Return: the return of the refugees to their homeland, and the return of the Israelis to the countries from which they came.

Carole Swords does not restrict her passions to Tower Hamlets. She is the creator of the Viva Palestina facebook page; and was on the Viva Palestina convoy to Hamas-led Gaza in September/October 2010. Osama Hamdan, who warns of the imminent armed confrontation and “the return of the Israelis from which they came” is not just any old Hamas leader. He is the Head of Hamas Foreign Relations Department, so is a man we can expect knows about Viva Palestina, whether he knows Carole Swords is of course another matter entirely. (See him here, as a Guardian Comment is Free writer, forgetting to mention the forthcoming “armed confrontation” and subsequent deportation of Jews from Israel.)

Below, you can see Carole Swords in action. “Back to bloody Russia” is at 1 min 45 secs. Osama Hamdan should be told.    

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    • I have to ask: “Ms Swords, is that on my father’s side, or my mother’s side? And in either case, how many generations back must I go (to please you)?

      • And where did she come from? Certainly not from yeoman English stock that has lived in England for the last thousand years or so!!

    • From her facebook page Carole Swords wearing a green shirt (Hamas colour) taking photos with Hamas foregin minister Mahmoud Zahar and PM Ismail Haniyeh.

  1. Hawkeye, Medusa and Tosca,

    let CIFWatch posters open threads every now and then. Variety and choice are the best antidote to redundancy and mental convergence.

    On a separate note, the way she looks ‘n all, Swords is beyond Ahava or any other cosmetics. Put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.

    That’s all.

  2. Sword on “Zionists”

    …like cockroaches they hide in the dark and try to create havoc where they lay their eggs and like a cockroach they are slimy vile hard skin bugs and need to be stomped out…

    The belessed memory of the Three Graces of CIF LaRitournelle, Hermine and Deepblue…

  3. Well it’s beyond obvious that people like Swords and Griffin are motivated by deep-seated antiSemitism, regardless of their posturing about the “poor Gazans”, “Palestiniians”, etc. etc. That’s the only feasible explanation of their not just bigoted, racist behavior but also by how totally irrational their constant criticisms of Israel are.
    All this in a neighborhood where Islamic theocracries are busy murdering their own citizens by the thousands, which makes their monotonous bashing of Israel even more obvious and ridiculous.
    My general feeling is that people like Swords and Griffin are so deeply imbued with their racism and hateful antiSemitism that no amount of truth or facts is likely to change their behaviors. That said, I do also think in general the response to this recurring canard about the Israelis “going back home” is to simply state the truth about how long Jews have been living in “Palestine”–actually before there were any Arabs there! A population survey of Jerusalem from the mid 1800’s for example, showed that at that time the majority of the city’s population was Jewish!

    • Somebody should really throw some feculent fluids on these outrageous assholes who protest outside of Ahava–while their idols the Islamists, are busy machine-gunning their own citizens in the streets literally by the thousands!

  4. Wow, she is grotesque. Her Facebook page has my beloved England flag on it as well, what an insult!

    Her name on Facebook appears as “Carole Swords (Mc Laughlin)”. McLaughlin is a name of Scottish/Irish origin… Perhaps she should go back to bloody Scotland. There’s plenty of people who share her views up there.

    • And ugly too..

      Wonder if there’s any way that these comments can be forwarded to her (or her Facebook page?)

  5. her outburst typifies the disconnect between common sense anti-racist principles and what passes for acceptable anti-Israel discourse in the anti-Israel movement.

    Yup, that pretty much somes it up.