U.S. “slavish subservience to Israel” Update

John Whitbeck would seem like an extremist to most – as he’s a full-fledged 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist, and an anti-Semite who characterized Israel as a “racial-supremicist, settler-colonial experiment” which should, of course, be annihilated.  

Naturally, he was deemed perfectly respectable by Comment is Free, and published a post there in January, (see our posts here, here , here, & here) called, “On Palestine, the US is a rogue state“, in which he decried America’s “slavish subservience to Israel.”

After a complaint by the CST, the words “slavish” was removed but the phrase “subservience to Israel” remained.  

Undeterred, Whitbeck, an international lawyer, presented a paper to an official UN Conference, in March of this year, in support of Latin American and Caribbean nations recognizing Palestine, which included the text from his CiF piece, and which included the original wording regarding “slavish” subservience to Israel.  Whitbeck helpfully listed the publications who cross-posted the essay – which included radical anti-Zionist, and often anti-Semitic, fringe far-left magazines such as Counterpunch and Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, the Palestine Chronicle, as well as Arab  papers such as the Jordan Times, Arab News, Al-Ahram Weekly, whose editorial lines aren’t difficult to imagine.

Whitbeck came to mind today when I read a report about an Iranian poster, making the rounds in the nation whose leaders continue to dream of a world without Zionism, which depicts U.S. leaders as slaves to Israel.

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Of course, the anti-Semitic motif of non-Jewish U.S. political leaders being controlled by Israel and her Jewish supporters is quite common in the Arab and Muslim media, but it’s always worth noting when the anti-Semitic orientation of the Red-Green Alliance can be so clearly illustrated.

John Whitbeck’s CiF essay continues to represent exhibit A in this dangerous ideological convergence.    

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  1. The people who made the poster might at least have had the decency to omit Palin after ther blood libel gaffe.

  2. Adam: Did you know that Whitbeck was disbarred from practicing law in NY State in 2001 for “unprofessional conduct”?
    The kind of moral fiber 1 could expect from a flaming antiSem like him!

    • Thanks Al. I didn’t know that. Do you happen to know the nature of the unprofessional conduct?

  3. Something shady to do with business deal with some other shady character in Saudi Arabia (big shock).

    Found it on Wikipedia, where you may be able to get a little more detail if you’d like

    As the French say, “Qui se resemblent, s’assemblent”.