Another in the series: Where in the world is Harriet Sherwood?

A guest post by AKUS

When it comes to setting up fishing trips and trying to provoke an incident, The Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent (Chicken Lady) Harriet Sherwood (no comments allowed) is right on board.

Strangely, when Hamas carries out two extra-judicial killings of two Palestinians Harriet seems to have forgotten where Gaza is and the best the Guardian can manage is a brief AP report .

So Harriet,  I’m not sure where in the world you were when Hamas executed two people, but just in case you and the Guardian need a reminder, here is where they do it. (The map might also might be helpful to show you what to avoid when organizing your next fishing trip):

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  1. I was likewise struck by how the report came from AP and not Sherwood, who seems to have a lot of time on her hands.
    I just wish you’d have waited another 24 hours to see whether she would bother to consider this newsworthy.

    • LOL at the size of the Guardian report on the hanging, it’s like they can’t be bothered. When it comes to Israel, they churn out a full page from virtually nothing.

      • Again, like her fishing trip, I think we need to come up with something more public to embarrass Sherwood and the Guardian. Given what’s happening in Syria, the media focus in the region is now silly. Ignoring the hangings in Gaza sort of fits that pattern of ignoring the serious in pursuit of the silly.

        This where in the world is … is I think, a good idea. We just need to more people to see it and think about it.

        • Where is Harriet Sherwood………….

          Harriet Sherwood lives in a world all of her own……Where pigs fly and Fairies live at the bottom of the Garden.

          Where Hamas and the palestinians are the good guys,and Democratic Israel is the bad Guy……

          • In fact Harriet Sherwood is on a perpetual fishing trip in Israel.Fishing for anything that the State might do wrong in her view (and of course adding her own slant to it ),for her to report to that Shitty Guardian…..

            Fishing in murky waters…………

  2. So Harriet, I’m not sure where in the world you were when Hamas executed two people,…

    Maybe she was busy to supervise the dogshit/squareinch ratio on Sheinkin-street.

  3. And while it’s not AP to get into the investigative journalism aspect, it certainly is the Guardian’s. Is there e.g. any truth at all in the charges of being spies for Israel? I doubt it.

  4. Where in the World is Ms. Sherwood? She is not in this World but away with the fairies.
    And we know where they are, from Rose Fyleman’s poem;

    “THERE are fairies at the bottom of our garden!
    It’s not so very, very far away;
    You pass the gardner’s shed and you just keep straight ahead —
    I do so hope they’ve really come to stay. “

    • Ms Sherwood’s apparent disinterest should surprise no one. An assessment of her work was published on this very site by Israelinurse and cross-posted to the Solomania blog more than six months ago. Since then, Ms Sherwood’s articles show little change in emphasis and certainly do not live up to the high ideals she expressed in her previous statements.

      PS. I expect she is comfortably seated at home in Jerusalem, trying to keep cool during our current heatwave.

  5. Harriet missed a trick here.

    She could have reported the executions, and blamed them on Israel. I expect she will get a severe bollocking from Rusbridger for failing to follow the Guardian reporting guidelines.