Guardian partner blog, The Arabist, promotes anti-Israel snuff film

As I noted about the blog when they were first included as part of the Guardian Comment Network, The Arabist devotes an entire page of pejorative characterizations of AIPAC, called “AIPAC Logo Remakes”, several advancing anti-Semitic narratives, such as the charge of Dual Loyalty against American Jews who support Israel, as well as the suggestion that organized Jewry “buys” the U.S. Congress.

While the blog largely deals with issues relating to the larger Arab world, and has devoted much coverage to recent “Arab Spring” events, their views on Israel are evident merely by looking at their blogroll – where you can find links to such prolific Israel haters as Ali Abunimah, Helena Cobban, Juan Cole, Max Blumenthal, and, most interestingly, the blog of Guardian Editor, Brian Whitaker.

Today at The Arabist one of their most frequent bloggers, Issandre El Amrani, an Egyptian journalist and al-Jazeera commentator, blogged to request support for a film project he’s backing called “Roadmap to Apartheid”, and embeds a brief promo clip along with a link to the film’s site.

The film goes well beyond merely labeling Israel as an Apartheid state, but equates the Israeli government as morally equivalent to the Apartheid regime in South Africa by using frame after frame of images which show, side by side, depictions of brutality meted out to Blacks under Apartheid in S. Africa next to “similar” looking scenes from Israel – and also includes clips which clearly glorify Palestinian violence. 

The film goes beyond mere agitprop to outright incitement – a narrative which portrays Israel as a state which, like S. African before it, must be taken down.

Here are a few images from the film, which you can see at their blog.

Yeah, I know.  The film’s producers and supporters are not hateful, anti-Israel extremists.

They’re just “human rights activists”.  


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  1. If only Mandela and Tutu had sufficient integrity to condemn this flagrantly false equation. I just watched the trailer – a succession of cheap shots that will, I’m sure, prove effective among young radical wannabes with no experience or memory of either white minority-ruled SA or the liberal democracy of Israel. Imaginative responses are needed to counter this kind of rubbish; artistic initiatives which convey the essential truths of Israel’s position and can appeal direct to people’s hearts and minds without resorting to dull, factual expositions and analyses. Because ultimately, with a lot of these fluffy-chinned activists, being anti-Israel is about being cool.

    • “can’t wait for the finished product.”

      You could always visit Auschwitz. Plenty of finshed product to keep someone like you amused.

  2. Reply with
    Roadmap to Current Day Slavery in Sudan and Mauritania.
    Roadmap to Honor Killing
    Roadmap to Bombing Passenger Planes
    Roadmap to Beheading Captives
    Roadmap to Bombing London Buses and the Underground
    Roadmap to Female Genital Mutliation
    Roadmap to the Hamass Charter
    Roadmap to Apartheid Mecca
    Roadmap to Threatening Europe With Massacres
    Roadmap to Mumbai Massacre
    Roadmap to Islamofascist Regime of Iran Calls For Genocide
    Roadmap to Inter-Muslim War
    Roadmap to Murder of Coptic Christians in Egypt
    Roadmap to Beslan School Massacre
    Roadmap to Checkpoints at Airports WorldWide

    I see a franchise like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Somali Pirates of the Horn of Africa;.