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Revisiting the Berchmans Awards for Expressions of Hate Against Jews, Israel & Her Supporters

Though CiF moderators may be doing a slightly better job of cleaning anti-Semitic filth from their pages these days, a recent comment by a Guardianista named Berchmans recalls a CW post from 2009 called The first Berchmans Award” – an award dedicated to exposing  to recognise the most antisemitic posts on CiF. 

Berchmans is a permanent fixture on CiF.  And, as we noted, he may be a man of few words, but the words he does use are guaranteed to be used to vilify Israel and her supporters. 

More recently, in response to a CiF essay by Timothy Snyder titled, Lithuania neglects the memory of its murdered Jews“, July 29, about Lithuania’s failure to deal with their involvement in the mass slaughter of Jews during the Holocaust, Berchmans said the following.


Of course, citing Norman Finkelstein is par for the course for Berchmans, as Finkelstein’s views – as expressed in his book “The Holocaust Industry”, which characterizes Israelis as “basically Nazis with beards and black hats” – naturally endears him to anti-Semites and Israel haters the world over.

No, the vile accusation that the Holocaust is cynically exploited by my country and our Jewish supporters does not dignify a reply, but it does need repeating that the memory of the anti-Semitism (the “respectable bigotry” of the time) which led to the murder of one out of every three Jews in the world is, to be sure, a constant reminder of why this blog continues to fight anti-Semitism (and the assault on the Jewish state’s legitimacy) advanced by Guardian reporters, CiF contributors, and commenters like Berchmans.

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  1. Is it just me, or does Berch’s complexion appear to glow even pinker at times?

    The poster pintofplutonium put it well:

    Also, do Berchmans are others really consider this an appropriate thread to denounce Zionism and Israel?

    Berch is like The Holy Grail’s Black Knight – not a leg to stand on, and reduced to spitting provocation at people.

    • I think that Berchmans complexion is actually red. Blood red.

      At some point in the future, the Guardian/CiF will be called to account on a public stage ‘live’ and one of the questions will surely be how Berchmans, a rank anti Semite posing as an Israel hater, has survived so long when other commenters, some highly articulate but not of ‘The Guardian World View’ has ‘disappeared’, Like MoveAnyMountain who was a fountain of knowledge. ‘Difficult’ knowledge for The Guardian/CiF.

      This comment will be very, very difficult to explain IF Berchmans re-appears.

      • Interesting point JerusalemMite.

        You might know me as “Shermanator.” I was originally “TheShermanator” but CIF banned me for no particular reason other than my pro-Israel comments. I reregistered as “Shermanator” but I was again banned for no apparent reason.

        Furthermore, my emails to CIF requesting an explanation as to why I was banned have gone unanswered.

        I agree that Berchmans is a virulent anti-semite who has a nasty habit of obsessively posting ridiculously off-topic anti-Israel garbage. His obsessive and repetetive posts lead me to believe he suffers from some form of OCD. He also hurls abuse at posters he disagrees with.

        Berchmans is a deranged and lonely fellow who is in gross violation of CIF’s code of conduct. Nevertheless, the Guardian editorial staff lets him stay on and spew venom and abuse. This is truly a disgrace and a blatant double standard.

        I am back on CIF now, but I won’t give you my new nickname lest the anti-semites on the Guardian staff ban me again.

        They won’t silence TheShermanator!

  2. Berchmans – edging ever closer to Holocaust denial as he adopts more and more of the Islamic narrative.

    • Berchman is a fucking asshole. I remember sparring with him in the comments. Every time I debunked more of his outrageous claims he would flag my comment and hour a later my response would be removed but his slander would remain.

      Comment is free, yeah right! Bercham should have been banned a long time ago. He is total douche. Probably some socialist pensioner bored of his man, attacking the Jews behind his computer…what else can he do? Useless marxist dick.

      • What can you say about Berchmans and the Guardian that hasn’t been said already……..This guy when not playing with himself,plays with his computer,he isn’t too bright,and that is saying it mildly……..Half of his posts are garbled garbage,and the rest he copies from his Marxists fallen idols.The guy is a jackass,not to be taken seriously……

        • Berchmans has lost it long ago,he gets nastier with every post of his….

          He’s the type of dumb poster that personify the Guardian,the Guardian loves and protects him…..

      • Berchmans is a postman by trade, I believe, but he doesn’t do much posting round here anymore, preferring to wallow in his own shit at Der Guardian, where the stink of anti-Semitism aka ‘legitimate criticism of Israel’ is the ‘perfume’ of taste for false working class heroes and petit bourgeois English snobs.

          • pretzels, Der Guardian is the modern day descendent of Der Sturmer, both have used cartoons to illustrate their hatred of Jews – one masks its Jew hatred as “anti-Zionism” – but anyone with an ounce of sense knows what “anti-Zionism” is a fig leaf for.

            • Der Guardian is the modern day descendent of Der Sturmer

              What absolute bullshit.

              cartoons to illustrate their hatred of Jews

              The Guardian has done no such thing.

  3. Pretzel, about as ridiculous as ‘the’ Guardian’s claim that its attitude to the Jewish state is healthy, non-obsessive, humanitarian, liberal and progressive. Hence the ‘Der’ mein kleine comarade!

    • Hence the ‘Der’ mein kleine comarade!

      What – so I’m a Nazi too now?

      You people are pathetic.

      • pretzelberg,is no Nazi,he might be a pain in the ass at times,but definitely no Nazi……

        BTW pertzelberg……what’s with the “You people are pathetic”

      • No pretzel, you are not a Nazi. I didn’t realise that ‘mein kleine comarade’ was a typical Nazi greeting. The use of German is linked to the ‘Der’,and not a reference to your political beliefs. It was meant to be taken as a light-hearted term of endearment, so lighten up mon peitit camarade!