Anti-Zionist blog attacks CiF Watch and defends racist depiction of Obama by Carlos Latuff

A post at the anti-Zionist (and often unintentionally hilarious) blog, Dessert Peace, took exception with my post from Aug. 3, The Guardian’s Martin Rowson uses slave imagery in cartoon about Obama a budget deal.”

Our post called out Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson on a depiction of President Obama which included a chain tied around his neck, being pulled by white Republicans, which suggested either that the black President is acting like a slave by making political concessions to his political opponents or that Republican activists are treating America’s first black President as a slave.

We then noted that even more explicit slave imagery in depictions of Obama have been employed by extreme anti-Semitic political cartoonist, Carlos Latuff.

The post, which is anonymously published at Desert Peace, titled, “Does Refusing To Kiss Obama’s Black Ass Make Me A Racist?”, begins:

“According to one of Britain’s zionist watch dogs, yes. A site called CIF Watch (monitoring and exposing antisemitism on the Guardian newspaper’s ‘Comment is Free Blog)  has determined that myself and Carlos Latuff are not only antisemites, we are racists as well.”

They then quote from my post, where I noted, “the…narrative [that Obama is acting like a slave in concessions he’s made to his opponents] has been advanced quite explicitly by the extreme left political cartoonist, Carlos Latuff. Either way, the viciousness and gross racial insensitivity of such imagery is simply undeniable.”

The blogger at Desert Peace then notes:

Pretty amusing when a zionist  (who is a racist by definition) calls full-time anti racists ‘vicious and grossly racially insensitive’ [emphasis mine]

So, just to be clear, here’s the cartoon that Carlos – the full-time anti racist – Latuff published:

Then, below the line, Latuff himself chimed in:

Yup. That’s anti-racism for you.  

If a right-wing troll wanted to invent a blog to discredit the extreme left, it would likely look a lot like Desert Peace.

(Final note: Included in Desert Peace’s recommended links is the Guardian.)

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  1. Very good article, “outing” these obviously antiSemitic morons.

    Amazing how these way Leftists are so upset over some imaginary slight in some cartoon cartoon to their Israel-crushing idol Obama. Meanwhile thousands are being murdered in Syria and other Islamofascist entities around the world–but somehow the geniuses @ “Dessert Peace” (can’t they even spell “desert”?) don’t seem at all concerned about minor details like these.

    And these obviously antiSemitic jerks @ “Dessert Peace” somehow strangely never include Israel or its constantly attacked civilians in their concerns for “peace and justice”. Hmmm…that’s strange.

    Gee, I wonder what these absurd hypocrisies tell you about the real motives of these slimy but self-righteous bigots?

  2. Isn’t it strange when people who support Palestinian nationalism to the hilt call Zionists – people that affirm the Jewish right to self-determination in their national home – racist. Isn’t such discrimination, er, racist?

    • What struck me was the infantile use of the word Zionist: “…one of Britain’s zionist watch dogs…” This is a common theme among many anti-Zionists- investing the word Zionist with demonic and malevolent meaning. It’s really sad that impressionable people, especially among the young, are not able to figure out how psychologically disturbed these “progressives” are.

    • All these talks are assuming that Zionists are Jews ! WRONG

      Zionists are not one race but many from Slavic (original ) to all other European through mixing.( without any genetic connection to the biblical Jews )

      Therefore there can not be anti-racism associated with Zionists
      Zionism is a political movement with global hegemonic view lunched (and funded )by the Rothschild dynasty.
      Hiding behind the protection attributed to Jews they are imposters (a fifth column)who have a lot in common with Nazism.

      The first Zionists settlers in Palestine came on board of Nazi ships flying the swastika at Hitler’s expenses according to a 1933 agreement .
      with necessary equipment including school books edited for Nazi Germany.
      It is good to mention that true orthodox Jews are against Israel for religious and ethic discordance .
      Important also is the fact that Palestinians are Semites with the same DNA as the true Jews which does not apply of course to the Zionists who are Euro/Asians in disguise and the rulers of Israel.

      • Your post is pure gold Guy, please keep up commenting – your opus is an excellent demonstration of the intellectual level of the garden variety “anti-Zionist”.

      • The first Zionists settlers in Palestine came on board of Nazi ships flying the swastika at Hitler’s expenses according to a 1933 agreement

        What a truly bizarre claim to make. I take it you’re not quoting from the Penguin History of the Middle East or Britannica?

        • Wasn’t the Nazi flag invented by hitler around late 20’s?

          didn’t the First Alyia was 1880’s?

          I don’t believe hitler was even born when the first Zionists landed in Israel.

          And Mr. Jones, you don’t have to land with a plane, you can land from a ship…

      • I visited Rosh Pina and the Dubrovin farm in the Galilee 2 weeks ago.
        I think you need to visit it too.

        Most settlers to that region died from Malaria and the heat very early into their journey but they stuck with it because going back to east europe was like shooting yourself in the head.

        My grandmother came in early 30’s because Jews studies were not accepted unless they enroled in a Polish language school in which they had to stand rather than sit like the christian poles.

        She so Jewish pupils beaten and sometimes killed while teachers did little.
        When she landed in Yaffo she so for the first time a “Hebrew” police man and knew she is safe.

    • All you have to do is look at the change in maps of Isreal/Palestine from ’67 till present day to see who is occupying who, and who are the real agressors. When will there be enough settlements? When will the world be able to bring in humanitarian supplies?

        • Adam, I think Itzik is alluding to Palestine with a much larger land mass under the Mandate, which was earmarked for Jewish settlement and to be the Homeland, and the present much reduced land area.

          You correctly make the point that the maps show different things, yet they are cleverly juxtapositioned to falsify and mislead and to make the polemical point that Israel has stolen land and depriving the Arabs, by not providing a narrative, which you have kindly done.

      • Dusty Greed, Please show us pictures of 60 year old tent cities.
        Please show us pictures of emaciated “palestinians”.

        Have you ever read the Hamass Charter of 1988? Is the Hamass Charter based on human rights or on the DENIAL of human rights?

        What does the Hamass Charter have to say about Zionists, Freemasons, Lions and Rotarians?

        Why does every airport in the world need CHECKPOINTS where people and luggage needs to be scanned?

        Has the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103 succumbed to his illness within 3 months of his release?

        • oh, I forgot, since very bad thngs happened to the Jews in Germany, now they are justified in doing anything they please to anyone. Does that also apply to all the other people who had horrific things done to them? And as far as the land ownership goes, there is a lot of public land in the US, does that mean that it’s not the US because private citizens don’t own it? I don’t understand your point.
          I have not read the Hamas Charter, but if it’s against zionism, freemasons, etc, I might agree with some of it. And my name is Dusty Greer, not Greed. Hope it was just a typo and not some wierd insult that I don’t get anyway.
          Also, can anyone give me a definition of zionism that doesn’t sound racist and exclusionary?

          • Dusty Greed, You forgot that the Islamofascist Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was an ally of Socialist Shitler?

            Here is a newsreel from the period to get you up to speed.

            You forgot that the Israelis are not the unarmed Jews of WW2 national Socialist nazi infested Europe?

            You seem to be upset that the Israelis were not decimated in 1947 by five Arab armies as the Jews were in WW2 by national Socialists? Deal with it.

            You seem to be upset that the Israelis are not the unarmed dhimmis of the past? Deal with it.

            I’m still waiting for you to show us pictures of poor, starved, emaciated, palestinians. How long do we have to wait?

            • I seem to be upset that jews weren’t decimated? That’s quite a leap. I said nothing of the sort, I didn’t even slightly hint at anything like that. What difference does it make if I don’t have pictures of palestinians. Just because what is being done to them is not as bad as what happened in the holocaust does not mean it’s OK. And why do you insist on calling me Dusty Greed, that’s just weird, and it makes you seem very immature. I just came to this site to see what it was about, and I think I see what going on here now.

          • since very bad thngs happened to the Jews in Germany, now they are justified in doing anything they please to anyone

            Stop talking rubbish. Nobody claims that.

          • Zionism is incorrectly spelt and pronounced.
            Sadly english speakers are too backword in pronouncing things correctly.

            The letter “Tsadik” is pronounced as “TS” like in the word Its.

            The word is “Tsionut” or Tsionism if you wish to turn it in english grammer.

            It is after Tsion which is from the bible and means Jerusalem or the land of Israel.

            Tsion in english turned into Zion.

            So are you saying half of Bob Marley’s songs sound racist to you because they use the word Zion?

          • I read you loud and clear Guy and Dusty. I do note that the responses you are getting are propped up with “put-downs”, a sure sign of intellectual and moral vacuity. A recent Israeli sponsored study of young Jewish college students (Brandeis, etc.) reveals that they had to be prompted to talk about Israel, it wasn’t really a concern to them, and even then reference to the nation was in the form of “they”, and not “us”. A whole new generation which refutes authoritarianism appears to be burgeoning, and that will not be supportive of international bullying.The often made comment about Zionists using the Holocaust as excuse to bring suffering to another culture is spot on. All the world needed was yet another religeous state, right? None of this would have occured without, among other things, the supportive and cowardly Brit ruling class, which has ever demonstrated abject inhumanity and opportunism in it’s external policies, not the least in the mid-east, and irrespective of popular sentiment, as with it’s malevolent “Neutrality” concerning arms for Republicans fighting Franco’s religeo-fascists during the Spanish Civil War. It looks like rough going for this ready-made and imposed, dehumanised and dehumanising “nation” in the near and unfortunately long-term future. And it’s enabler empire (I did not say nation), the US is going downhill in air-power, while China and Russia build up. Instead of pouting, spitting and spouting , and conniving with my country and draining our dollars, Israelis should calm down, put away the name calling and seek ways to be a better neighbor, and not the neighborhood “bad dude”. It is an ugly pose, and I would hope not to see another holocaust, I truly do.

      • I see noone actually replies to my questions about settlements or bringing in humanitarian supplies. Just the same rhetoric.

  3. Checking out that site, I see what you mean about “unintentionally hilarious”.
    The author (whoever that is) refers to Adam as “a zionist (who is a racist by definition)”!!!
    And then the second comment down goes one further than the tired old “anti-Semitism also means anti-Arab”. A simply bizarre mindset.

    • Definition of SEMITE
      1a : a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs b : a descendant of these peoples
      2: a member of a modern people speaking a Semitic language

      • But “anti-Semite” has a very clearly agreed definition, i.e. specifically prejudice towards or hatred of Jews. Until you’ve convinced the Oxford English Dictionary, Merriam-Webster’s and other authorities to change that definition, you’re talking nonsense.

      • Definition of Fort:

        1. A fortified place or position stationed with troops.
        2. A permanent army post.

        Definition of night (Mainly):

        1. The period between sunset and sunrise, especially the hours of darkness.

        The definition of Fortnight is not the castle’s hours of darkness now is it?

        It is:

        a period of 14 consecutive days; two weeks

        Wow, words change when you link them together…
        Magic in’it?

        Go play in Stains with Ali G.

        • what does a fortnight have to do with the definition of a semite? words have meaning and you can’t change the meaning just because you don’t agree with them. I’m not trying to take anything away from jewish semites, I’m just saying they aren’t the only semites. And why do so many just resort to name calling instead of having a conversation.?