What the Guardian won’t report: Pro-Palestinian activists in London – “Israel must be destroyed!”

A sincere H/T to Richard Millett

Germany 1935, “The Jews are our misfortune”:

Trafalgar Square, London, August 2011, “For world peace, Israel must be destroyed”:

For Nazi Germany Jews were not just a Fifth Column, not merely an enemy from within, but a cosmic evil which had to be eradicated.

Here are the words spoken by Lauren Booth, (Tony Blair’s half-sister-in-law) at the Al Quds Day terror rally organised by the Islamic Human Rights Commission in London’s Trafalgar Square yesterday, after she had just sworn her allegiance to Hamas:

It is time, Brothers and Sisters, for Al Quds to be liberated. For Islam and people of the world who wish to pray there to the one God. And we say here today to you Israel, we see your crimes and we loathe your crimes. And to us your nation does not exist, because it is a criminal injustice against humanity. We want to see Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt go to the borders and stop this now. Liberate Al Quds! March to Al Quds!”

Typically, I’m very hesitant to employ Nazi analogies when characterizing anti-Israel “activists”, but when those who champion Palestinian rights explicitly seek Israel’s destruction – not a two state solution, but an end to the Jewish state’s very existence – the comparison is morally justifiable.

Here are some more photos:

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  1. If it’s illegal to incite a mob to riot how can it not be unlawful for Lauren Booth to incite war?

    • The British people are now the sickest nation a in the West,they have lost control of their country.They liberated Libya at the same time that London is is being flushed down the toilet…………

      • There was a time when Jews were too scared to fight back,worrying that worse were to come if they opened their mouths.
        We have a state a very strong one,we have and need to fight back….In the courts,in public opinion,counter demonstrators.Where were the British Jews,when all this was happening…..

        • Whatever we are doing is not working,if we don’t want to lose more ground,we need to come up with something to counter these sick demonstrators.

          This will snowball and will be impossible to stop.

      • Too right, Britain is not called the Crazy Uncle of the West for no reason, a place where you can be prosecuted for picking up litter, putting wire mesh on your shed-windows or even trying to defend yourselves.

        A Europe-wide Operation Magic Carpet / Moses II, anyone?

      • Lol, benorr, your anti-British tantrums are hilarious, and about as sane and grounded in reality as those of an average Israel-hater.

        The handful of loons featured in that post are entirely unrepresentative of the British people.

        But don’t let facts stop you throwing your toys out of the pram again. Vent away!

        • good reply. those Arabs are representative of the Brits in teh same way that Ilan Pappe is representative of the Jews. Actualy, being able to see the message turns most sane Brits who might have had some sympathy toward the Arabs against them.

  2. Lauren Booth – a Moslem convert from about two years ago – suddenly cannot live without Al Kuds. Apart from her lies – Moslems pray at Al Aksa every single day – this is utterly ludicrous.

    But it demonstrates the incredible danger Britain poses for the Jewish people. Not since Nuremberg has their been a threat of this magnitude from a European country to the Jewish people.

    • “Lauren Booth – a Moslem convert from about two years ago – suddenly cannot live without Al Kuds.”

      You know what they say about convert zeal.

    • It’s not a conscious lie. Booth is as thick as the proverbial short planks and converted to the Religion of Hate never having read its unholy scriptures. She’s a mouth piece and and idiotic one at that.

      But you are right that the UK is in danger and this and previous governments cannot stem the Islamist hatred here – indeed they are busily promoting it by their distortion of multiculturalism.

  3. The Nazi propaganda and desire to exterminate Jews has reached Trafalgar Square……………..Has evil really triumphed after all?

  4. Has this rally been covered, exposed in all its evil by the British media?

    This islamofascist rally, in Tahrir Square, I mean Trafalgar Square is the face of pure EVIL in the UK. If the UK doesn’t shame it into non-existence, then the UK is morally depraved.

    P.S. DEATH to the Islamofascist Regime of iran.

  5. I wonder what would happen if we had a rally in London in support of Israel and kids there carried placards declaring destruction of Gaza or that Islam must be destroyed?

    The plod will be upon us like a ton of bricks, I shouldn’t wonder.

    Britain today is mired in islamism. Nazis, lefties and islamists are all the same.

  6. Sadly those words of hate from Lauren Booth are no surprise. I saw footage of her last year at a rally, where she screamed “I don’t care about Israeli security!”. She’s clearly become an out-and-out hatemonger. One of those pathetic individuals who are desperate to find a cause to give their otherwise empty lives meaning. Oh – and to personally revel in the exposure, of course.

    And as for the organisers: they have the cheek to call themselves “Islamic Human Rights Commission“?? What a load of bollocks.

    • Oh, Lauren Booth knows all about human rights, doesn’t she? She works for the Iranian government, after all.

      “And to us your nation does not exist, because it is a criminal injustice against humanity.”

      Not like hanging gays from cranes, eh Lauren?

      What a nasty little publicity seeker.

    • Would any of those people voting my post down so quickly care to express (assuming they can type) why they did so? How did I offend?

        • Despite our differences of opinion, I know that you at least are a man of principle. But otherwise you’d think there were a mass of Booth supporters descending on the site, furiously poo-pooing my post! Are we to conclude that?

      • I didn’t vote for you or against you.
        I hardly vote.
        But since you have asked I agree with your post as with most posts on this article.
        Ms Booth is a sad example of what bordom can do to you, and how far can attention seeking infantiles go in order to appease that ever growing need.

        I am still waiting for the Islamic organisations in Britain to publicaly denounce that demonstration and distance them selves from it and its racist, war mongering attitude.

      • Pretzel, I voted for you, but I suspect that some voted against you reflexively based on some of your other posts. Guilty until proven innocent, as it were.

        • Why would they do that? Have they not seen me defending Israel on CiF or indeed actively contributing (i.e. positively) to this website – something they don’t bother doing themselves?

  7. Lauren Booth (half-sister of Cherie Blair and sister-in-law of former PM Tony Blair) is actually Jewish. Her mother was a Jew. Therefore she is much worse than an ordinary gentile convert to Islam. What is more her two children have been photographed wearing Palestinian garb and (apparently) singing songs from the PLO songbook.

    Booth converted to Islam in Iran: I am therefore reasonably sure she is a Shiite, especially as she refuses to confirm which branch of Islam she converted to. Given her previous liking for alcoholic beverages I wonder if she still feels that she need never touch a drop again?

    I wonder too why she converted to Islam without being familiar with the Qu’ran, let alone the Haditha and Sunna? It’s a bit like someone converting to Judaism without knowing anything about the Torah, or someone converting to Christianity without knowing anything much about the Christian scriptures. Very odd…but then again, hundreds of thousands have adopted the ‘Palestinian’ cause without knowing much about the Israeli point of view.

    • The dictatorial nature of sharia, which governs every aspect of the Muslim prisoner’s life, also acts as a sort of psychological container I am told.

      Alcoholics need an external source of strength to lean on and by which to order their lives (hence the 12 Steps and its emphasis on a higher power to which the alcoholic can relinquish his will).

      Perhaps Islam should be advertised as a cure for alcoholism as a last resort. To realise that one will be whipped in the morning for having imbibed of the falling down water would focus the mind wonderfully and be as aversive as Antabuse.

    • Reading her account of how she came to convert, I suspect that this is mostly a story about a woman who wants to be thought incredibly special. As a result, I think, Middle Eastern hospitality affected her deeply, and realizing that being a Muslim would make her seem very exciting and daring to her circle of friends (and upset other people she didn’t mind upsetting) made it extremely appealing to her.

      I know people who’ve converted to Islam out of religious conviction, and I doubt that she is one of them. This seems like classic attention-seeking behavior, and it will be encouraged, because she is politically useful, and has a high media profile. (Which frankly baffles me. Is this just because she’s Cherie Blair’s sister?)

  8. Excellent analysis – Lauren Booth would make a good subject for the psychoanalyst’s couch, but I think you summed it up beautifully!

  9. You have to respect the Muslims for one thing: They make their intentions crystal clear.

    It is to the shame of the non-Muslims everywhere that they fail to take such signs seriously, instead opting to retreat to “pragmatism” (appeasement by another name).

  10. Watch out for opendemocracy, for the articles concerning Israel and the comments, especially by moderator bc. They like to be called “antizionists”.
    I know that this is not the issue, but maybe you want to take a look.

  11. How ironic.

    “The World Defeated Nazism” (No thanks to us!)

    “The World Defeat Apartheid” (No thanks to us!)

    “And now the World Can Defeat Zionism” (Thanks but not thanks)

  12. Re. the poster The world stopped Nazism … apartheid … Zionism

    What I always wonder is where these people get such a warped mindset. From the mosques? Their parents?

  13. Since her conversion, Lauren Booth seems to have caught the Islamic Rage bug.

    She was always a gobby woman, but has now become a rabid war-monger. That is what Islam does to people, and why it is a threat to this country and the wider world.

    It will take a clash of civilizations to put this evil ideology back in its box, and it can’t come too soon.

    • I certainly have my reservations about the modern Islamic world. But was this a problem a few decades ago? Why did Muslims emigrate to “infidel” Europe and the US back in the day? Part of some dastardly plan?

  14. Lauren Booth,Yvonne Ridley,George Galloway,these are the kind of scum that these Islamists attract,who else would accept these rejects……….

  15. This fat slob called Lauren Booth,who complained that there is no food in Gaza,yet this creep actually put on weight when she was in Gaza…………

  16. Has London gone to the dogs,or is the the dogs that have gone to London…………I guess both…….

  17. I have 55 years old; I´m Medicine Doctor. Notify me please, all comments about reunions for to acordate the extermine of all jewish. Clear is it, Israel must be destroyed.

  18. Remove Islam to hell .. burn in the deepest hell with their mad prophet Mr. SAW. The world will be peace without Islam, culture and prosperity will abound on the earth .. From Indonesia (the largest Muslim country in the world)

  19. Mr. Abdallah did not learn from history, every nation that wants to destroy Israel will be destroyed, german is not destroyed because most people rely on god sejati.Mr. Abdallah has much to learn from the Quran panacea of the prophet is crazy camel urine .. Mr. Abdallah brain no better than a camel.