Guardian issues ‘progressive in good standing’ card to Carlos Latuff: racist and anti-Semite

Associate a political activist with the bucolic imagery evoked by the term “Arab Spring” – a movement whose often decidedly illiberal aspects are routinely ignored by the Guardian and most of the MSM – and, no matter how compromised the person is by a quite reactionary ideological orientation, the halo effect is secured.

The Guardian’s Jack Shenker, writing in the Art and Culture section, Carlos Latuff: The voice of Tripoli – Live from Rio“, Aug. 22, bestows upon Latuff the honor of  “progressive” political cartoonist in service of the “democratic” ideals of the Arab revolution.

Shenker benignly characterizes Latuff, thusly:

“a Brazilian cartoonist who has become an unlikely star of the Arab spring – and, more recently, cartoonist to protests and conflicts around the world. A smiling, shaven-haired 42-year-old who still lives with his parents in Rio.”

Shenker, later in the piece, says:

“Latuff has become known for his support of the Palestinian cause; some campaigners claim his work is antisemitic. “Part of the supposed ‘evidence’ for my antisemitism is the fact that I’ve used the Star of David, which is a symbol of Judaism,” he says wearily.

Of course, Shenker, conventiently fails to note the extreme left activist’s well-documented record of not merely “using the Star of David”, but publishing cartoons which demonstrate an obsessive, visceral, and vicious hatred of Israel which, quite often, employ the Star of David to characterize the Jewish state as morally equivalent to Nazi Germany – imagery which often devolves into other expressions of outright anti-Semitism.

Indeed, Latuff appeared quite prominently in my essay for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, “Anti-Semitic Cartoons on Progressive Blogs.”

When he’s not using his “art” to promote the Arab Spring he can be seen advancing racist depicitions of Jews and, on at least one occasion, African Americans.

His body of work pertaining to Israel and the Palestinians evokes an immutably villainous Jewish state similar to what can be found in the most anti-Semitic Arab media – and include clear assertions that Israelis take pleaseure in murdering innocent Palestinian children.

Israel as Nazi Germany: Here’s one out of dozens of Latuff cartoons which portary Israel as the new Nazi Germany and Israeli Jews the new Nazis.

He’s also not beyond illustrations containing even more explicit anti-Semitism.

Dual Loyalty and conspiratorial notions of Jewish control: The Jewish lobby (and/or Israel) controls the U.S. government

Jewish supremacism: Mockery and distortion of Jews as the chosen people

As this blog continually documents, the greatest and most dangerous ideolgocial vice of Guardian commentators, reporters, and correspondents is not, per se, explicit expressions of anti-Semitism but, rather, anti-Semitic sins of omission: Their capacity to ignore those who advance clear and unambiguous Judeophobic narratives.

In this case, the Guardian’s Jack Shenker could have easily, with a few Google hits, uncovered Latuff’s record of using his political cartoons in the service of evoking hateful narratives of Jews and Israel.

Editors of a paper which truly championed liberal values would never have white washed such rank bigotry. 


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  1. Latuff can fuck off.

    The term “progressive” was always ridiculous. Just an hour or two ago I dismissed the term on another thread here. And that’s coming from a lefty.

    • Is this the same Jack Shenker that was beaten and brutalized by the progressive Egyptian state security service at that Arab spring cleaning….

      No surprises there,some of these Jews that work for the Guardian have no shame,no self esteem, ….When told to jump,they jump………

      • Ironic isn’t it,there is much nasty racist materiel that could be used in cartoons against these Muslims,yet we don’t use it………They make so many calamitous mistakes mostly deadly ones…………

        We don’t have Latufs,Martin Rowsons that is a raving lunatic,Steve Bells another loon,These are the kind of cartoonists that the Guardian employs and promotes….Hardly surprising………

        • Some of the best cartoonists in the world are Jews.Cartoons are meant to make you think,Latufs cartoon make you want to throw up,after you have strangled him of course……

          • Hr uses the same elements and pretty much has a Jazzy version to the protocols.

            The sad bit is that he refuses, don’t want to or unable to see it.

            There is a fourth option; He couldn’t care because he thinks the protocols are true.

      • “No surprises there,some of these Jews that work for the Guardian have no shame,no self esteem, ….When told to jump,they jump………”

        In my country, they are called “Uncle Toms”.

  2. Shenker’s attempted whitewash of Latuff’s ingrained antisemitic cartoonery got a hostile reception, as the comments section shows. The real question is whether the Guardian editors take note and realise that adulation for persons of dubious repute such as Latuff, has its limits.

    • LOL. Of course he lives with his fucking parents. What a loser. Drawing pictures showing Israel as Nazis (holocaust denial), total moral pervert.

      Why the guardian undermines its already ugly far-leftist platform beats me. Latuff is a social outcast beyond the walls of political insanity. It’s not even smart cartoons. What an idiot.