What the Guardian won’t report: “They were animals”

More details of the brutal attempts by a bloodthirsty Egyptian mob to lynch members of the Israeli embassy and their families emerge.

As CNN reports:

An angry crowd lingering near the Israeli embassy in Cairo after an attack on the building a day earlier turned on journalists reporting the incident Saturday, accusing at least one of being an Israeli spy.

As a CNN crew filmed the embassy from across the street, another crew from American public television — led by Egyptian television producer Dina Amer — approached the building.

The crew’s Russian cameraman was preparing to film the embassy when a woman in the crowd began hurling insults at the TV team, Amer said.

“There was this older lady who decided to follow me and rally people against me,” Amer recalled.

“She said ‘you’re a spy working with the Americans.’ Then they swarmed me and I was a target.”

A growing crowd surrounded Amer and her colleagues, as they tried to leave the scene.

Mohamed Fadel Fahmy, a producer working for CNN, rushed to help escort Amer through the angry crowd. But suddenly the two reporters were pinned against the railing of an overpass by young men who were accusing Amer of being an Israeli spy.

Yelling “I’m Egyptian,” Fahmy managed to pull Amer another 10 meters down the road, until the pressure from the mob overwhelmed the pair.

Amer screamed as she and Fahmy were knocked to the ground and the crowd started to trample them.

Other CNN journalists tried to reach in to help, but were pushed back by a wall of angry men.

Fahmy lay on top of Amer, shielding her with his body.

“I was thinking, how powerless I was because there was no police to save us,” Fahmy said. “I was worried that they were going to rape her.”

At that moment, a student bystander named Mohammed el Banna called out to the journalists and pointed out a nearby car.

Somehow, Fahmy managed to carry Amer to the open door of the public television crew’s car, where two of her female colleagues were waiting just a few feet away.

The mob pounded on the windows and tried to reach into the vehicle as the panicked reporters fumbled and struggled to get behind the steering wheel.

When Margaret Warner, a correspondent with the PBS program “Newshour” managed to get the vehicle moving away from the crowd, men threw stones at the departing vehicle.

Amer had few words to describe the terrifying ordeal.

They were animals,” she said.

Other Egyptian journalists told CNN they were also attacked Saturday while trying to report near the Israeli embassy. [emphasis added]

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    • “So do you think the Guardian should run a “They were animals” headline as you have?”

      To answer your question, Yes. But I will not hold my breath waiting for them to do so.

  1. Al Ahram doesn’t think it necessary to protect the Egyptians. It has a quite shockingly detailed account of the savagery and determination to destroy evidenced in the break-in. Read it. They really were animals Pretzelberg, whether it annoys your spinsterish soul or not.

    Apart from that the Elder of Ziyon has reported that the Jordanians regard this incident with admiration and intend to do the same to their local Israeli Embassy on Thursday. This should give the little king time to get some protection organised.

    • When people attach extreme descriptions fashioned for a particular occasion to another, criminal in itself, but so much less so than the original they show how eroded their souls are, and how little they comprehend the enormity of, for instance, behaving ‘like animals’.

      It’s like those who call Gaza the Warsaw Ghetto, when obviously the Warsaw Ghetto had no water-parks, horse-riding or luxury hotels. It just shows how shallow their understanding is.

        • Hamas is deplorable.

          However, analogies of Hamas to Nazis is not helpful to any discussion here.

          However despicable they are, they are not motivated by racial hatred which is the cornerstone of Nazis.

          They are motivated by religious hatred. Some Jews suffer from the same affliction.

      • Arabella, it also shows the contempt they have for their readers’ intelligence (although looking at some of the crackpot responses btl to CiF articles perhaps I am reading too much into that).

    • “Egyptians aren’t the only ones who can behave ‘like animals’.”

      Why mention Israelis when it is the English who have mastered the art of behaving like rabid dogs?

      South Africa
      The Holocaust
      Islas Malvinas

  2. sencrap, That’s the best you can do?

    I respond with the following:


    As great a proof of the inhuman, animalistic behaviour of your “heroes”.

    Eternal curses on your “heroes” and those who celebrated their Crimes Against Humanity..

  3. What if this had taken place in, say, Jerusalem? Would female journalists have had to worry about being raped? Particularly gang-raped? Never. Just as women don’t fear rape at the hands of the IDF. Someone else probably has the quote, but I have read accusations that the IDF is racist because they don’t use rape as a tool of war.

    • I had heard about that too, Irit. Some half-witted PhD thesis from, I believe, the Hebrew University and written by one Tal Nitzan actually won a prize because it claimed that the IDF NOT raping Palestinian women was “an alternate way of realising military goals” (!!???)

      I kid you not. There is more of such pseudo scientific nonsense from fevered imagination at

      Later on in the article we find that these flights of fancy were based on the findings from only 25 interviews, but the person interviewed proclaimed it to be a “serious paper.”

      But note the last paragraph – in short, the IDF was damned because it did not rape and doubtless would have been damned if it had raped.

      Plus ca change, really

      • SarahLeah, this seems like the sort of “science” that sencar would understand, him being a statistician and all that.

  4. We should stop maligning animals.Animals don’t lynch don’t rape,don’t murder,don’t do things that these so called human beings do…….There I almost called them animals myself……….

  5. Would the Guardian run a heading “They were animals”…… Yes if they were referring to Israelis…Definitely……

  6. This wishful Arab Spring has sprung a fatal leak…..It has turned into a disaster….It brought up to the surface evil forces that were lurking in the shadows…