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  1. Could it be because of your abusive comments contained within the post:
    >> The Guardian is on the side of Hamas and Hezbollah, and cannot bring itself to condem al-Qai’da unless ….

    Falls fairly and squarely foul of their comments policy. Compare for example clause 4 in such policy.

    • deezil, how is the truth abusive? How else would you define that the Guardian allows Hamas terrorists and their apologists to write articles for CiF (and when they are not doing that the Guardian writes sickening obituaries for suicide murderers) and rarely condemns Islamist terror without caveats galore? Add to that Chris Elliott’s contention that facts are tricky things, and we quickly descend into a parallel reality where we realise that this shower can rarely recognise facts if they stood up and said “boo!”

      I wasn’t aware that telling the truth about the CiF was against the comments policy, but I should know by now that the Groan is allergic to having a non-distorting mirror held up to it. That being the case, the truth must be very painful

  2. What do you mean, why was this deleted? It says on the deleted post: “…because it didn’t abide by our community standards.” Telling the gosh-darned truth is a flagrant violation of Guardian community standards.

  3. as much as I concur with most of what you write I do think that cifwatch has bigger fish to catch. Some of what you wrote is clearly not true and would fall into the slander drawer.

  4. Come on Clive, you know darn well why it was deleted! You start by pushing the Grauniad’s face in their own pig swill and then grind it in with your boot! What would YOU do if you were editing that blog?

    Congratulations – 10/10 for an excellent analysis of Grauniad mentality – but poor marks on your credulity in believing that your remark would last longer than a snowball in hell!

  5. It was deleted because it shone a light on the nasty GWV,it nailed them and it hurt them,they hate being exposed.BTW it was a great post,and to the point…..Good one Clive……Cheers…..

    That post might not have lasted in the Guardian,even better still it is here on CiF Watch and will stay here to give the Guardian heartburn….

  6. The “Ha Ha You American bastards, you deserve this…” coverage by The Guardian is why I will no longer post on CiF. It is futile. And no longer worth the effort.

    • PA, I suggest that someone start a BDS of Der Guardian and it’s advertisers.

      Ask advertisers if they wish to support a racist, one-sided, socialist rags like the Guardian.

      If so tell the advertiser that you will no longer deal with them and you will urge all your friends to also terminate any relationship with the advertiser.

  7. I loathe the Guardian,it’s GWV,it’s ignorant and insane anti-Israeli posters,but I will still post there,and try to stick it to them,as much as I can……

  8. We are getting under their skin,just read the negative posts about them in the media………..Keep hammering at them……Drip by drip………