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  1. It is remarkable to me how cifwatch has made its mark on the Guardian comment is free. Most of the commenters used to follow the Guardian line and bash away happily at the Jewish state which could do no right. Now, although the above the line theme is still the constant drip drip of poison enlivened by the occasional heavy clang of the hatred hammer, the theme below the line is predominantly pro-Israel.

    Outright liars, like B and mates, still are protected by mods, but they’re more often than not drowned out by those who know the facts and who are now presenting varied political pro-Israel lines. It’s a welcome change.

  2. Why don’t they just use the word(s) they use in private, and which they mean every time they say Israelis or Zionists? In the US it would be kikes, and I think in the UK it is yids. You know that is how they think of us. Not quite human.

  3. BigBanana is the kind of dumb specimen that this dirty rag attracts.
    I could suggest a few places where he could stick that bigbanana…..

    The Rustbucket comes to mind…….

  4. This was on the editorial “Turkish-Egyptian allegiance”

    From a poster called “ParaffinLamp”….”Israel the pariah state” it has 222 recommendations and despite numerous complains it is still there….

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong vis-a-vis post history with BigBanana, but it comes across as sarcasm i.e., he’s criticizing the Guardian for its bias.

  6. Like Michael I don’t know the poster’s comment history so maybe others know him as anti-Israel, but to me it looks like obvious sarcasm. Hilarious as well, I wonder if the Guardian will get it, and if they’ll remove it.

  7. Even the Third Reich tolerated a modicum of humour, if only to further legitimise its evil regime. The Guardian may be no different, but in this case the moderators may have been too stupid or too blind in their hatred to notice the sarcasm.

  8. The proper test case, of course, would be the following post.

    “Can we have an agreement to substitute “Palestine” “Palestinians” with “the Baddies” in all future Guardian articles and comments?

    I’m sure that would make things easier for everyone to understand.”