Melanie Phillips: Britain on the edge of the cliff

Melanie Phillips has a must read piece in the Daily Mail today on the media’s coverage of 9/11 in Britain.

Not surprisingly, Phillips highlighted the upside down thinking that we’ve become so accustomed in the Guardian.

In the Guardian the esteemed thinker Francis Fukuyama,whose earlier thesis that the global triumph of democracy had brought about the end of history was not altogether borne out by the events of 9/11, marked the anniversary by dismissing al Qaeda as ‘a mere blip or diversion’, with the US ‘overreaction’ to 9/11 turning anti-Americanism into ‘a self-fulfilling prophecy’ – the murder of almost 3000 Americans in the attacks on New York and Washington clearly being inspired by a ‘blip’ that had nothing to do with anti-Americanism.

Also in the Guardian, Mehdi Hasan identified the ‘preachers of hate and division’ — not as Islamist fanatics but as those who warn against them. The only victims mentioned in this article were not the murdered Americans on 9/11, nor the Muslim and other victims of Islamist terrorism across the world, but Muslims in Britain who were now apparently too terrified to speak in public for fear of being labelled an extremist (with the exception, it seems, of Mehdi Hasan).

There’s much more. Read the whole thing here.

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  1. Britian fell off the cliff a long time ago – it is stone-deader than the Norwegian Blue which fell off its perch.

    btw be sure to read Richard Landes in the Daily Telegraph – “By reacting to 9/11 with self-recrimination, the Western elites have strengthened the hand of brutal Islamism”

    for the helpful phrase – the BBC-Guardian nexus (oddly, Landes omits the adjective ‘evil’ here – the evil BBC-Guardian would have been far more satisfying to see in print).

    Full quote: “When David Marash resigned as editor in chief of Al-Jazeera English because it was so anti-American, he commented that it was the British, not the Arabs, who were the worst – and by that he meant the products of a media elite that clusters around a BBC-Guardian nexus.”


  2. Bridgette Gabriel has nailed it, her book titled ‘Because they Hate’ says it all. Instead of appeasing and playing servile lackeys the West needs journalists like Melanie Phillips who tell the truth with honest and meticulous analysis. I watched Question Time on Thursday and am surprised my television is still intact because the audience and the narrative was pure Arabist propaganda. As it is rightly said the British foreign office is the ‘camel corps’ so it can be said confidently BBC is Al BBC. As for the Guardian I woulld not even bother reading a free subscription, it is only fit for shredding and placing in the dustbin. Would not insult my rear by using it for loo roll.

  3. A similar, if not identical article by Melanie appears on her own blog. I am glad that you have cross posted this because unfortunately I cannot comment to Melanie herself online.

    This is a long post, and I apologise. Nevertheless it needs to be articulated:

    It appals me that the UK is trooping meekly into dhimmitude led by its useless and brainless leadership. I feel helpless because time after time successive governments fall for Islamist taqiyya and are terrified into silence about the inroads into our freedoms of Islamisation. I am disgusted by our leadership’s inane and frankly mad refusal to acknowledge the dangers to us from the encroachment of Islam, much less deal with them adequately by rooting out Islamists, deporting them in short order (anyone heard anything lately about Raed Salah?) if they are not born here, and slinging them into the chokey if they are British-born, because of the threat they present to their fellow-citizens.

    The BBC’s Reith lectures this year, by Eliza Manningham-Buller (ex head of MI5 and responsible for the security of the British people) are a case in point. In the first, she showed her abysmal ignorance of the agenda of Islamism and particularly of the Muslim Brotherhood when she declared that the “…modern Muslim Brotherhood does not subscribe to those non-democratic views and actually condemned 9/11.”

    Oh well, that’s all right then, but words, as the politically intelligent well know are cheap, and Islamists are good at using them to mislead the ignorant. Manningham-Buller seems really to be ignorant and stupid enough to believe that, and, worse, to repeat it. That alone is damaging. Does she never read reports about the malignant influence of the Muslim Brotherhood around the world, such as this one: and about the links to the Ikhwan of the Muslim Council of Britain which indeed mouthed its condemnation of 9/11 but with so many caveats that its blethering was just that!

    Manningham-Buller’s final Reith lecture contained this little gem, which was the final nail in the coffin of her credibility, when she said that Richard Reid, the would-be shoe bomber, had been “converted to terrorism”. Is “terrorism” some sort of religion? The man was a Muslim convert! Why could she not bring herself to say “converted to Islam”? She knows as well as we do that Reid was targeted and groomed as a “clean skin” by Islamists here in the UK so that his hoped for terror attack would not be suspected by the security authorities. This is part of a trend around the world and yet this ignorant, craven woman cannot bring herself to name, in public, the root cause of that terrorism, Islamist supremacism, because to do so would be to admit that it exists (when she and her masters would prefer to ignore it) and then they would have to act against it. Instead they prefer to cave in to it.

    Manningham-Buller’s wilful ignorance is typical of those who are in charge of running the UK. I suppose we should be glad that she has retired, but her successor may be even less equipped to deal with the challenges he will face from the same source, greater challenges because Manningham-Buller and successive governments have failed to grasp the nettle firmly.

    Well done Melanie for once again telling it like it is.

  4. “Would not insult my rear by using it for loo roll.”

    I wouldn’t even use Rusbridger as a bog brush or Bunting for that matter.

  5. I have a basic disagreement with Phillips here, and indeed with all neocons. She defends the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Unlike the left-wingers, I don’t think it was immoral; however, it shouldn’t have been done so early, if at all. It ended up being nothing but a waste of blood and treasure (and worse, considering the occupying powers assented to new constitutions in those countries that enshrine the superiority of Islamic law).

    My point is, the bulk of the war is on the home turfs of the non-Muslim states, and it is there that it needs to be fought first. No point in, figuratively, sending expeditions deep into Anatolia when the Ottoman troops are outside the gates of Vienna. And in our day and age, inside those gates.

    • While the Muslim population of Europe does indeed trouble me (i.e. the attitudes, not as such their numbers) – what about that in the US?

  6. Melanie Phillips is a hate-mongerer.

    Praising her likes seriously comprises this website’s stated mission about bigotry.

    Although it’s clear by now that CiFWatch is more than just about anti-Semitism.

  7. If Phillips is a hate-monger then let us have many more such.

    I think it is helpful for Muslims to let them know that their way of being is not met with universal approbation – how else would they ever receive a reality check?