Kath Viner Take Note! A serious suggestion for an article

Yesterday’s post your ideas thread elicited the following comment that I had a little chuckle at.

Does this poster seriously think that the Guardian would invite one of us to post on CiF Watch above the line.

Then again maybe we have done that already and the Guardian doesn’t realize this…

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  1. Perhaps not such a bad idea to try if CIF watch was to give it a go. It’s been a while. The last time was when Robin Shepherd was taking the Guardian to task (as he often did) on his blog on 24 March 2010, over an editorial the Guardian had published over Israel’s “arrogance” and also regarding the anti semite Oliver Miles, Matt Seaton of the Guardian’s Comment is Free unexpectedly joined the discussion, which resulted in an invitation by him for Shepherd to write an op-ed, which he did. Here’s the link to Robin Shepherd’s blog and the discussion that follows below the line…


    And here’s the op ed


    So there was some movement from the Guardian for just a short moment to allow another point of view. A reflection on what Robin Shepherd was referring to back in 2010 is now long overdue. If CIF agreed that would make it a handful of articles in 2 years I would have thought.

  2. Yup Cif Watch is getting under their skin,and it’s giving them a nasty itch…..

    CiF Watch gets mentioned more and more on CiF…..Viva La Revolucio’n…

    • benorr I agree. I am sure that the Guardian is reading this. It’s important to make clear, if, necessary, even on the front pages of the Guardian, that well meaning Jewish people and non-Jewish people are deeply offended by the way that paper continues (almost every other day) to propagate lies and fuel hatred and that they be reminded that they have a duty of care, as part of their press code, to present news as real news and not to mainly advance a political agenda. Observation of fact should inform their politics, not the other way round.