Durban 3 – Ring Circus (Video)

The following StandWithUs video was produced to highlight a major rally taking place in New York City protesting the Durban 3 conference (on Sept. 22), and to help expose the conference for what it really is: a 3-ring circus with dangerous clowns.

For those of you who live in or near New York City, the rally – sponsored by StandWithUs and many other Zionist organizations – will take place from noon to 2:00 p.m., on Sept. 22 at Dag Hammarskjold plaza. (See rally details here)

As StandWithUs stated on the rally’s Facebook page:

“The words ‘never again’ mean something to us. There are many nations worthy of sanctions; Israel is not one of them. And we will not stand idly by while atrocities are committed by hypocritical, despotic regimes and Israel is singled out for blame. Let the countries who hijacked the fight against racism be put on notice: We are ready for Durban III.”

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  1. They must be good, they’re the highest paid and the most famous clowns in the world and they take themselves so seriously

  2. Adam Levick forgets sometimes that foreign languages are not a strong suit for the British:

    three–ring circus – noun

    1: a circus with simultaneous performances in three rings

    2: something wild, confusing, engrossing, or entertaining


    dangerous clown



    “England and America are two countries separated by the same language” – Bernard Shaw (perhaps)