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The smiling baby killer: Fogels’ smiling killer tells us more about antisemitism than thousands of books

This is cross posted by Giulio Meotti and originally published at Ynet.

Fogel family murderer, Hakim Awad, smiles in court

Last week, we heard for the first time recordings of air-traffic communications during the 9/11 atrocities. The soundtracks include the voice of ringleader Mohammed Atta shortly before he crashed a jet into the World Trade Centre. “We have some planes”, Atta says. “Just stay quiet and we’ll be OK. We are returning to the airport.”

His voice sounds metallic, not human. Indeed, the tape reveals to us more about 9/11 than thousands of books and articles written on the attacks. It’s the same voice recorded in a video discovered in 2006 in Afghanistan: Atta is smiling, joking and laughing to the camera.

Last week, an Israeli court sentenced Hakim Awad to five life sentences for the murder of five members of the Fogel family in Itamar. Ruth Fogel was in the bathroom when Awad killed her husband Udi and their three-month-old daughter Hadas, slitting their throats as they lay in bed. Awad slaughtered Ruth as she came out of the bathroom. Then he moved into a bedroom where Ruth and Udi’s sons Yoav (11) and Elad (4) were sleeping. He then slit their throats.

In court, Awad always smiled at the camera, just like Atta did. Awad said he has “no regrets” and flashed the “V” sign for victory while he was leaving the courthouse. “I am a person like you, I have no mental condition, I never had a serious illness,” Awad said to the judges. His smile was sincere.

The Fogels’ massacre in Itamar, where two Palestinians murdered babies as deliberately and unabashedly as very few other than the Nazis and Khmer Rouge ever had, has not been deciphered by our writers and intellectuals. It’s because we have been told that “they hate us” is the language of xenophobes, the illiberal, the intolerant; that genocidal anti-Semitism was buried in the ashes of Auschwitz; that we have to be polite, sanitized and self-critical.

Smiling Nazis

A seductive combination of post-colonial white guilt mixed with liberal condescension has dulled our moral senses and made us blind to Awad’s smile; a smirk that conveys unleashed hatred, contempt, physical aggression, the desire to expel, to destroy, and to eliminate the Jews.

Just like the 9/11 tape, Awad’s smile tells us about the obscene level of current-day anti-Jewish hatred – comparable to the worst days of the Nazis in the early 1930s – more than all the shelves of books written on the Middle East.

Awad resembles other “smiling assassins.” For example, the mastermind of the Bali terrorist attacks, Amrozi bin Nurhasyim, who has been called “the laughing bomber.” In 2005, a video footage was released of the Beslan school siege, showing the terrorist leader laughing as hundreds of pupils, their families and teachers were herded at gunpoint into the school gym rigged with explosives.

Fogel family funeral

It’s also the smile of Klaus Barbie, the Gestapo chief in southeastern France from 1942 to 1944, who laughed all the time when the Jewish victims described the torture at court in 1997. In 2007, a photo album containing 116 rare photographs of senior Nazi officials at the Auschwitz concentration camp was made public by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. Josef Mengele, the camp doctor notorious for his medical experiments, is smiling while the gas chambers are operating in Birkenau.

Germany perpetrated the Holocaust not because it had the means to do so, but because its leaders engendered the will to do so. This totalitarian, robotic willingness also lies in Hakim Awad’s smile.

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  1. Brilliant analysis, spot on. These murderers are driven by hatred and are so consumed with hatred and the propaganda of thier evil leaders that they brutally murder without remorse or mercy. They have neither shame nor guilt and should duly be executed by Israel and not allowed to live in Israeli jails at cost to the Israelis. The UN, EU, etc should take note and stop interfering in Israel. Israel should have carte blanche to defend her citizens with strident force against those who hate. That is the only way to bring peace,not giving up territory and living with indefensible borders.

  2. Outstanding analysis and commentary. Strange how the Guardian manages to overlook this important trial. If it doesn’t fit their world view (GWV), it never happened, as far as they are concerned.

  3. Remember the numerous articles about Ezra Nawi, who was on trial for assaulting a police officer, and world wide protests to “save” him from the cruelty of Israeli justice?

    But for this mass murderer, not a peep out of them.

  4. Excellent piece, but I would argue with the use of ‘robotic’ in the last paragraph. Human behavior seems robotic when circumstances push people to do things they know are disturbing and wrong.

    This man doesn’t know that. He knows he’s a hero to people at home, he has no reason to second-guess anything he’s done. There is no conflict between his crime and his sense of social obligation. He’s not a sociopath. He’s functioning perfectly normally–according to the environment he was raised in.

    And that is much, much scarier than if he were an affectless robot.

    • I think you are absolutely wrong. To do what he did this creep is a sociopath – sociopaths are around four percent of any human population, and there is no reason not to believe that he is one of them. Yes, they think of us as Untermenschen, not really human, but even for them it takes a particular psychology to murder a baby and other small children.

      It is not like being a soldier, fighting other men in groups, nor is it like being a suicide bomber where a person can be brainwashed into doing something so evil. Most Moslems, even as vile and hateful as they can be towards us, could not have done this, anymore than you or I could have.

      They may try to believe that we are not human, but it behoves us to remember that they are. God told Miriam to stop singing as the Egyptian soldiers drowned because they were His children just as the Israelites were, so are the Arabs and the Nazis as well. In a way, it makes their crimes so much worse because they have the choice not to commit them.

  5. To justify in any way the deliberate murder of innocents, and especially the deliberate murder of children, and especially the deliberate murder of children in deliberately foul ways, requires that the crimes imputed to their parents must be a great abomination. The terror bombs of the Irgun followed the Holocaust. The terror bombs of the Palestinians followed their desire to repeat it.
    The moral gap is vast.

    • I agree with this completely. The Arabs, like the Nazis, have chosen, with great deliberation, evil. That is what free will is about. They are destroying themselves and their children. They can cause us the most devastating pain, intense anger, appalling horror, and they do, and they do it on purpose. But they cannot destroy us as people, or as a people.

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